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Universal Wrestling Topic


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HOLY SH*T:   HUGE BREAKING NEWS!!   I'll spoiler it just in case because I know some of you don't want to know these things ahead of time      

https://gfycat.com/DisastrousShinyKinkajou   Too good not to share.

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  • 3 weeks later...

I took the time to thoroughly scroll through the original Wrestling topic from 2003, and this topic up until early 2009/late 2008.



I can confidently say it was definitely around summer 2007 when users started complaining more and more about the quality of the show. Hating how John Cena kept retaining, wrestlers getting suspended or released, and weak finishes. Mid 2008 was when users started getting tired of the same old storylines. Once it went PG in July 2008, users stated this was the death of wrestling. Late 2008, they stated it wasn't the same as before, and early 2009 that's when most ruthless aggression fans stopped watching.

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Tangentially related to the above, here seems to be some complaints about WWE, back in 1999/2000




Some gems


I was sick and tired of Stone Cold, he isn'ta good wrestler anyway. He has just as much stamina as Chyna which alot. They both start out fast and end up slow, most of their of their matches are boring.



Raw was so damn boring. Is anybody else tired of HHH and the others coming at and talking the same boring **** every Monday night? Give me a break. And then Jericho comes out and says the same crap he has been saying for awhile.


I remember someone sharing a post on reddit of some hilarious criticism of the Rock on some web page back in the late 90s or something like that, can't remember or find it now though. Obviously the attitude era was a successful period for WWE but maybe there were corners of the internet back then slating off WWE even during this time lol, funny to think about. 


who do you all predict will win Money in the Bank this year, think it will be someone from Smackdown. 

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  • 2 weeks later...

Summerslam card is shaping up to be better than Mania lol


Reigns v Cena

Lashley v Goldberg (?) 

Charlotte v Becky (?) 

Edge v Rollins

Mcintyre v Mahal


Hope to see Cena close the show with the title raised like the old days. 

Edited by Wayne Kerr
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