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Universal Wrestling Topic

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1 hour ago, Keano said:

Started watching after Chapter 5 released and Undertaker announced his retirement. He's my all time favorite. I got into wrestling in 1999/2000 when The American Badass version of Undertaker was appearing and was hooked ever since. To say the man is my entire childhood may even be an understatement. To this day, the gong going still gets me jumping up and down in my living room. It's truly the end of an era for me as a fan, but I'm happy for him and at least Edge came back, my other favorite. 

I was one of the lucky ones that got to watch his debut and like you, was drawn in and hooked from day one, lol. I was about 10 when he first started with that Survivor Series match and was both in awe and a bit scared of the character, lol. But it's been an amazing ride mostly ever since.


Definitely contributed to my love of horror movies too, lol.


The way they brought Kane in was brilliant and probably the greatest debut that had a huge impact on me too. Just a perfect story with Paul Bearer doing his part of course.


Then the badass, a great turn and change of pace. Added much on the mic for the era and just had me drawn in more and more. The whole Brothers of Destruction thing was awesome to watch as I loved both characters. Some great storylines with the likes of Mankind and Stone Cold back then.


The 4 matches with Shawn and HHH were great storytelling and some awesome matches, and when he lost the streak to Brock, I was bowled over at the time too.


30 years I've been a huge fan and I know I'll miss his ring presence, but he'll never be forgotten and I don't think he'll ever be topped either. But this documentary was so good for me to watch and learn more about the man behind the character, along with the Stone Cold Broken Skull interview. It bought a nice end to a character I've been invested in for so long and definitely had an influence on me throughout the years.


What a legend! 

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Unpopular opinion : Seth Rollins' current theme > Burn it Down


In fact I think his overall look is the best it's ever been. Not following the shows that much apart from clips here and there but I hope they take to calling him the Black Hand, would be a sick name for current Seth. 

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Slamerversary is currently on, who's watching?, I'm not

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