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Universal Wrestling Topic

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HOLY SH*T:   HUGE BREAKING NEWS!!   I'll spoiler it just in case because I know some of you don't want to know these things ahead of time      

https://gfycat.com/DisastrousShinyKinkajou   Too good not to share.

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Enzo would have been out either way, he screwed himself. Vince didnt like him, a number of wrestlers have said he was a huge piece of sh*t, and he had a lot of heat on him back in the locker room. sh*t I dont think he was ever allowed back into the locker room all this time.


Vince probably would have fired him if he said anything back in October anyway so who knows, I mean if I was put in a similar situation and I was a huge asshole I probably would have kept my mouth shut to see how long I could keep getting paid. Of course Im not saying thats what he did.

As far as his case is concerned I have no idea whats going on.



I just resubscribed to the wwe network in time for the royal rumble weeeee

Edited by That Guy There
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Rumbles coming up so thats means https://www.google.com.au/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&url=https://www.random.org/&ved=2ahUKEwjLlrvXsffYAhUIzbwKHag9CFEQFjABegQIBhAB&usg=AOvVaw3pCMfB4Ma4UnuA-X3CiUyN

Just set it to 1 and the other 30 and pick 3 numbers and predict what those numbers hold


11 = Legend

8 = Roman Reigns

26 = winner



17 = Bella twin

20 = Winner

8 = Santina Marella

Edited by Corndawg93
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I'm a little drunk, but that was a pretty damn good Rumble Match. Not as many old school returns as I was expecting but Hurricane and Rey Mysterio are two guys I never would have thought would be coming back. Not sure if it's a long term thing but Rey Mysterio is pretty much exactly what the Cruiser Weight Division needs right now.

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If they don't use The House of the Rising Sun by The Animals as promo material for Wrestlemania, I'll be very disappointed.


I mean... "There is a house in New Orleans, they call the Rising Sun"... after Nakamura and Asuka from the land of the Rising Sun, both winning and headlining Wrestlemania in New Orleans... they just have to do it.

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I kind of wish they did something else with Ziggler. He was brought back for no apparent reason.

Should have had him troll the sh*t out the wwe universe and had Cm punks music played and cut off with ziggler walking out to no music.

But then again that would have pissed off a lot of people lol

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IDGAF about the Rumble. That Almas/Gargano Takeover match was the best NXT match ever, and the only WWE match that has a chance to come close this year will be AJ/Nak @ 'mania.

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I thought they were setting up for a rivalry between Daniel Bryan and Shane but looks like theyre backing away from it. I know DB has been trying to get cleared but maybe they shot him down again.

Also looks like they are setting up for another Owens/Zayn rivalry. I was hoping to see those two do more as a duo.

Unless theres some huge surprises in store I think Im done with Smackdown until wrestlemania.

I know the AJ/Nakamura match at wrestlemania is going to be awesome but the lead up to the match doesnt look like its going to be interesting.

Edited by That Guy There
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How come have i not been in this section b4!!

Anyways,Do any of you guys know if or when Samoa Joe or Dean Ambrose will turn?

Mania card not looking good this year hope they get recovered on time :(

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How come have i not been in this section b4!!

Anyways,Do any of you guys know if or when Samoa Joe or Dean Ambrose will turn?

Mania card not looking good this year hope they get recovered on time :(

Sam Joe should be back before Mania, as for Deany Boy, try Survivor Series
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Damn thats a long time!

He is pretty unlucky last year he was in preshow this year he wont be there.

On a side note: The final 6 in Elimination Chamber has been leaked mistakely on wwe website.

Not that it matters as we know roman is going to win it.

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Well that's interesting, because Seth and Finn won the 5 way, the elimination chamber is now a 7 way with John Cena, Finn Bàlor, BRAAAAAUUNNNNN Strowman, Elias, Miz, Seth Rollins, Roman Reigns, I look forward to seeing how WWE handle this situation

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This is a long ass match


Seth Rollins putting on a show tough. Hoping this is a sign of his resurgence

Edited by That Guy There
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I was on and off for many years and haven't watched since after Survivor Series 2014 after the Punk podcast came out and being appalled at how WWE treats their workers, and I saw not too long ago the company didn't pay Austin when he was away due to the injury he suffered from Owen.


I still do read up on what goes on once in a great while.



My take on Double J in the Hall of Fame is he doesn't have the WWE accomplishments for the WWE Hall of Fame, but the WWE doesn't limit achievements strictly to what they did in the company alone. Hence Sting. Hence Verne Gagne. Jarrett has done a lot for the business, and deserves to be honored for such.


Now, for the Chamber and the dirt sheets surrounding Roman and Brock at Mania.


I really don't care for Roman either way, but why is WWE pushing him to the moon with a rocket attached to him? I thought Cena was hated. Roman might be hated even more. Do the fans want Roman? Okay. Give him the belt and the main event push. You had him win the Rumble, beat Triple H for the belt at Mania, retire Undertaker at Mania and he's still being forced upon the fans, and it's not just IWC marks who don't like him either.


Imagine during 1996/1997 if they put the WWF Championship on baby face Rocky Maivia, before he turned heel and joined the Nation of Domination, before he became the Rock, when fans went so far as to chant him to die. Imagine giving him the winged eagle while WCW was white hot with the NWO angle and the Sting buildup before the very anticlimactic Starrcade 1997. WCW would absolutely have won the Monday Night Wars.


You have a face who is actually over in Braun Strowman, whom I read about before, as he debuted after I stopped watching. He seems to have appeal. He can flip cars and wreck stuff back stage. Why wouldn't that get over? That would be highly disappointing, unless we get a major swerve, that Roman is booked to win the chamber instead of Strowman. Plus he has history with Lesnar, too.


It's like de ja vu. Roman Reigns is what John Cena used to be. Braun Strowman is what CM Punk and Daniel Bryan used to be. Punk was white hot. They killed his momentum, even though he outsold Cena in merchandise. Bryan was so ridiculously over. He too rivaled Cena in popularity and WWE tried everything to squash his momentum and did so. SummerSlam 2013, Royal Rumble 2014. Even after he got his WrestleMania moment he got screwed over at the next Rumble.


That's what I see here. Roman is going to get the belt. Braun might get a run, but they'll probably drop the ball with timing and booking. The perfect time to push Ziggler was after Survivor Series 2014. If the fans want Roman, give them Roman, but if the fans want Braun and you keep shoving Roman, then no wonder the fans get alienated.


Also, I really like what I see from Elias, whom I had never heard of until I saw the video of him with Braun. He has a unique look, an entertaining gimmick and he seems to actually generate heel heat, something that people like Alberto Del Rio struggled to do. Of course I'm not confident in how Elias will be booked in the near future, but I like what I see.

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