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Universal Wrestling Topic

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HOLY SH*T:   HUGE BREAKING NEWS!!   I'll spoiler it just in case because I know some of you don't want to know these things ahead of time      

https://gfycat.com/DisastrousShinyKinkajou   Too good not to share.

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Loved the lucha dragons in nxt let's hope they don't mess them up. Looks like Adrian Neville is getting the call up?

I haven't watched much of NXT but the crowd does love them, perhaps the more matches they have on RAW the more I'll like them.. so far they're doing pretty great with Cesaro.


The "New Day Sucks" chants were pretty great.


Edit - You're right actually, these guys have some legit moves

You should definitely check out and watch nxt regularly. It's awesome

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Jericho will always say what Vince tells him to.


I do agree that he's shilled the company line lately. But I do think there's one thing Chris has done that the WWF (I SO want that name back) doesn't like is he's talked about Benoit repeatedly on his show. I wonder if that will stop now with this partnership.


That's like the only thing I like about him at this point.


Would be epic if he interviews HHH and mentions Benoit like he did the last time Hunter was on his podcast.

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Wasn't expecting the Lesnar match right now.. but they did show a hint of Adrian before the commercial break a while ago.

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I hope Lesnar isn't going away for awhile now. Damn. I wanted that rematch pretty bad. He cleared house though, poor camera guy lol.

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Well Lesner not a happy chappy, he just killed everything at ringside

Edited by Corndog93
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That was freaking awesome, though I hope this didn't get the fans to start disliking Rollins as champion or anything.


Booker T's face behind the table made me lol though, dude was trying to keep on character.


RIP to the cameraman who took 2 F5's

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Wow I knew with the timing of the match something was off....Brock went off, full beast mode....flying michael Cole awesome. Raw after wrestlemania is always great

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Knew once Brock came out for the match just an hour in, we wouldn't get the match. Awesome way to write him off of TV for a while though.

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Heel sheamus....yes. But the beard? Hair is fine but the beard? Really?


Other way round. Beard was awesome but the hair was ridiculous.

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I hope Brock creates more havoc before he leaves. Is it just me or does it seem like they may be pushing past the pg era, alot of strong language and violence. one can only hope.

Edited by jukebox
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Adrian has now moved up, the commentary is terrible though.


Sucks to be Curtis Axel at this point.

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WWE hates guys with names that have more than three syllables or some sh*t.


Also THANK YOU LESNAR! *clap clap clap clap clap*



This Raw has been so good so far that I actually thought JR might come out to call the rest of the show for a minute.

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Good thing Lawler's out there, can't believe I said that. Good match between Cena/Ambrose so far.

I disagree....may have been some good parts in that match but it was bad....so many botches...so sloppy

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Wow, the surprises with this Cena guy keep coming. Who would have guessed he'd win two matches in a row?

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6 divas tag, hopefully it's Charlotte and Sasha Banks


Edit: F*ck!

Edited by Corndog93
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