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Post your desktop/PC

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Got the cable management done on my setup, and a few other bits and bobs. Getting there.            

Iconic Formula 1 livery. JPS.               Matching custom keyboard       Still moving things around.  

Recommended Posts

user posted image


He's the man. I'm glad all the bandwagoners are jumping off now. There's more room for people like me, who really enjoy Mr Norris, and his shortness.

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New pc so here goes tounge.gif


Case internals


user posted image




user posted image


And for the record Black Motherboard = teh sex.

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user posted image user posted image


I used to have the 2500+ I think, 1.8ghz, overclocked to 2.5ghz. Then it fried like a mofo.


Anyways, this one I've only seen 100% from both cores when doing running 2 folding apps at once.


Hardcore shiz huh?


Anyways, anyone recommend a decent Linux distro? As I've seen a few damn sweet linux environments posted here.

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mbows - Dude, I really like your icon set especially firefox. Where'd you get them?



Here's the macbook, I'll get around to posting my windows machine if I ever use it again.

user posted image

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user posted image


Heres my desktop, click for larger. (Its from DeviantArt, i just couldn't find it again)

Oh, thanks. I was trying to find, but I couldn't either.

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You guys totally aren't ready for this, but i don't care



user posted image



on, voila:

user posted image




What resolution is that then eh tounge.gif. How do you get all that stuff man, are you like a crack dealer or something? Anyways todays wallpaper:


user posted image


f*cking epic.

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