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Post your desktop/PC

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Got the cable management done on my setup, and a few other bits and bobs. Getting there.            

Iconic Formula 1 livery. JPS.               Matching custom keyboard       Still moving things around.  

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That's a pretty darn tidy setup. Did you sleeve your cables yourself or buy a set? I'm about to start making a custom sleeved set for my system.


Suppose I should post it in its updated form



Next steps checklist:


1) Custom braided PSU cables (the OTS Corsair ones are a bit crap)

2) PSU cover

3) Laser cut internal dividers

4) Custom loop

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Did you sleeve your cables yourself or buy a set?

They're a cable set from EVGA.


Next steps for me include a backplate (most likely from a third-party vendor as MSI doesn't sell any), a support bracket of sorts for my GPU, and maybe some lights. :D

Edited by 2281
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[shameless plug] http://mnpctech.com/gpu-support-bracket/ [/shameless plug]




I need to modify mine slightly to clear a rivet on my case, but I think Failure on here also bought one, as did my colleague whose got a reference GTX1080. They're really nicely made, laser cut and powder coated aluminium.

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Got my PC a while back. Love it so far and performance is a seriously humongous improvement from a mobile A6 chip.


Full Specs:


i7 6700K (stock so far, will probably OC in the future).

Astek 550LC, got it from a good friend of mine, thought to may aswell use it rather than putting down extra cash for another cooler. He only used it for 3 months but he figured that liquid cooling wasn't his style.

32GB of DDR4 HyperX RAM on craigslist for $40. Don't know why the heck you would wanna get rid of that much RAM for $40. Probably was desperate.

256GB SanDisk Z400s and a 3TB Toshiba hard drive

Gigabyte Z170 HD3P mostly because I heard marvelous things about Gigabyte

An MSI GTX 1070 Armor 2X for around $400. Heard it was in stock and it has a $20 mail-in-rebate so it was an impulse buy.

The "Smexy" S340 in black which looks so good. Cable management is very convenient as well.

An EVGA G2 650W given its quality and claims of customer support.



For peripherals I went with an Azio L70 and a CyberpowerPC mouse that same friend gave me. Also stuck with my Dualshock 3 for games that just work better with it. Lastly for my monitor I got a 1080P 24'' IPS panel from LG for $80. Colors look great and its way better than the 900P LCD panel that my laptop had. Can't ever go back to TN.


Want to keep things relatively clean. Have my start menu right now act as a miniature Steam Library that I just have to click on and the game will automatically launch. I replace the games there from time to time.



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I finally got round to changing my desktop, it only took about a month.



It's one of a few pictures that I've taken myself that I'm really happy with.

Edited by Andreaz1
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my first gaming pc pré-built g3258 + gtx750





and the one i put together i5-6600k + 1080 strix (loving the white look)

edit: this gpu is so big that the sag is almost fixed as it just sits on one of the Hdd's storage lmao




i was looking into some monitors for my next upgrade (budget around 500 - 600) what do you guys think its better ?

G-sync 1920x1080 180Hz or one with 2560x1440 with 140Hz but no G-sync??


one with 2560x1440, G-sync 144Hz is a bit above my budget at 720€ :/

Edited by HaRdSTyLe_83
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2560x1440 to get the most out of a 1080. G-Sync is a "nice to have" but it's hardly essential.




[shameless plug] http://mnpctech.com/gpu-support-bracket/ [/shameless plug]



I've never understood why the ASUS Strix series seem to suffer from sag so badly. They're all backplated, about the same size as my Zotac, and yet even my Strix 970 sagged in my current system whereas my 1080 is rod straight.
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I'm embracing my new Surface Pro 4 so...


*naturally the wallpaper is rotating a bunch of pug pics. :)

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So, as I wait for some more parts related to my build, I decided to try something custom. I could not stand the sight of the Corsair stickers on my power supply, especially since the blue accents of the HX series are not consistent with my green/black/chrome color scheme, so I peeled the stickers off (RIP in piece warranty), and decided to put my project build name on the side of it.




I bought some stickers from the arts & craft store, and spray painted them "chrome", but I'm not happy with the final look. It looks sloppy and out of place, so I've decided I might go on Ebay and see if I can buy some chrome letter decals and just put "K A M I N O" on the side instead.



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You could do what I'm planning on doing, which is making some inkjet stickers to replicate the original Corsair ones but in a colour scheme that matches your system.

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I actually tired printing something out from Photoshop on photo paper prior to what i did with the stencil stickers, but the quality of my printer was pretty bad, and it looked pixelated. Let me know how yours comes out.


I ended up getting some of those car letter decals for $6 total, but I'll have to wait a bit as they ship out from China.

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i just got these parts today. i haven't assembled them yet.




this is my first PC rig btw. i could have gotten an RX 480 but it was only a little bit faster than the 470.

Edited by Niobium
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Got the cable management done on my setup, and a few other bits and bobs. Getting there. :)













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Dat beautiful blue water-cooling loop, and you've got it hiding under your desk?! :panic:


Hehe, I did put it on the desk first, but it took up too much space I felt. And it looked weird with the slanted wall.


Also, I know it looks like it in the pictures, but the desk isn't bending that much. Think it's the lighting that makes it appear that way. It sags a little, like by a few millimeters, and is otherwise very sturdy. :)

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Well speaking of loops, I spent the entire Saturday finally attempting to put mine together. I still need to get rid of the brown Noctua's on top and buy some black ones. Also, getting rid of the "Project Kamino" on the bottom and replacing it with chrome beveled letters. Took me from 10AM this morning to about 11PM. I'm too tired to take some good pics, but here's what it looks like right now.


Edit: Updated with some better pictures. It's hard to do because I have such terrible lighting.










I haven't overclocked the video card yet, but the CPU is OC'd at 4.5GHz







Update: It took a good month, but my chrome lettering came in. Looks so much better on the PSU now.




Edited by X S
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  • 3 weeks later...

Got the cable management done on my setup, and a few other bits and bobs. Getting there. :)

Man your sense of design is amazing. That setup looks so good. It looks so plush and luxurious. I bet your whole house looks amazing. Great work!

Edited by Warlord.
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Got the cable management done on my setup, and a few other bits and bobs. Getting there. :)



Is that your avatar I see lurking in the corner, never mind on the desktop?


That looks too good :panic: It's so tidy *jealous*

Edited by Andreaz1
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so umm.




That's GNOME Desktop Environment , I use that mostly.

or sometimes




I also installed KDE Plasma once , didn't like it though.

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  • 2 weeks later...

finally got my swift :santa:


It has quite the presence on your desk, haha. Cool looking setup! How're you liking the monitor so far? Seems like a natural upgrade from my PG278Q, but I haven't had a 21:9 monitor before. Did you come from another widescreen, or from 16:9 like me? Easy to get used to?


Iconic Formula 1 livery. JPS.



Matching custom keyboard



Still moving things around.

Dude(ette), that's such a clean looking job. Love the theme, and really appreciate the straight brass/nickel tubing - very motor sport-esque!


Do you have a build log somewhere that I can nerdgasm all over? Really want to see where you stuffed all the cables, and how you mounted that EK bay res! :happy:


EDIT: The way you mounted the Scythe ram coolers looks very dashing as well. :D

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