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Picture Post & Commentary

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give that man...i dunno, something!!


plz make piccies smile.gif


Did you also make a steerwingwheel? i kept forgetting that smile.gif


edit: that would be a nice one, the first new pics in the ppc3 of my golf ingame smile.gif

Edited by bjiz
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Just looks like a normal Sunrise to me.


bjiz! It needs tons of work though I already know this will be a lot quicker to do than I first thought, very early wip images:


user posted image

user posted image

user posted image

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seaNorris: You're God!!


It is my little old golf and it needs tons of work, but the shape's there smile.gif


i'll pm you tomorrow about it (got a friend waiting to go to the pub right now)


small update on the mx-5/miatia:

user posted image


found metallic paintin max!!! smile.gif


front bumper not ready yet, wheelarches also need work....why the hell am i showing this anyway?

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In Your Nightmares

bjiz - Looking good so far.


Heres some new renderings of the Yota from the other topic.

I done a Two-Tone Paint job on it.


user posted image

user posted image


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That's... unique... What is the scale on it? Just thinking if it'll hold 20 some men, you may want to round out the edges some so it doesn't look like a wierd box up close ingame.. Nifty though, try to fix up that tail too tounge.gif

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can anyone give me a hand getting this in SA when i finish fixing up the lil uv map issues?





That would be a great coach replacement, sigh.gif


@ Bjiz, that is sexy, don't know why, but I have always loved the Mx-5.

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Interesting I guess, I never wondered what the VC infernus would look like with an SA bodykit...


Ingame screenies soon? smile.gif

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Hey guys,


Only posted in here once before i think (In version 2) so i might aswell.... first off id like to say this is 99% never going in any games....mainly due to the fact that i cant be arsed to model the door seperately and cut out the window......(actually that i might do). Also i am THE worst interior modeler ever..... But heres my Tie Fighter! smile.gif


user posted imageuser posted image


Its not amazing but the shape is near enoguh bang on...its going in my portfolio that i have to present at Solent University in Southampton on the 7th of march confused.gif Here i come games design degree tounge.gif


Kinky x

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just to refresh your memories, SeaNorris got the golf ingame adn the pics made ME very happy, but the model doesn't look that good. What you don't see on those pics are the full models with texes, it's already all there, it just doesn't work ingame. For instance, this is hidden underneath the bonnet:


user posted image


full 3D engine...same level of detail goes for the interior and was planned for the underbody (dind't make that yet).


It makes me very happy to see there still is a possibility to get it ingame...opens new doors for the Miata as well...

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