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Posting Guidelines

Recommended Posts


Welcome to the rules and posting guidelines, to ensue your safety and the safety of those around you the following ball of text will explain what you need to do to ensue your survival.

Anuj will be around later with your complementary drink and if you may make your way to the back of the vessel at any time for the live dancing and comedy styling of raindancer.



As with every section of the forums the standard rules (Here) apply.


Usage of this section

This section should be used for posting of tools, scripts, file formats and questions / problems related to these topics


Posting Questions

If you are posting a question make sure you Search First


If you have a question about a tool check any readme or related documentation that came with the tool and where possible check the tools topic, another member or loved one may have been similarly afflicted and may have succeeded in casting out the daemons that currently haunt you.


If you are posting a question on how to use a tool, take a minute to check out the very large Tutorial Section available to you.


Looking for something specific

If you are looking for a tool check the Tools List or if you need to know what tools to use then Check this info out


Format questions

When it comes to file format related questions gtamodding.com should be consulted first.

If you cannot find the file format there then please post away.


Title Tags

•All post titles must be tagged properly. List below.

  • REL - Release
  • WIP - Work In Progress
  • SRC - Source Code
  • Q/P - Question and or Problem
Example: [REL] IPL Editor



If in doubt please use common sense or have a look at some of the posts other members have made.

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