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File Formats

Recommended Posts


Below is a list of file formats that people have documented or posted information about, this is an ongoing list so if you have something that’s not on the list please post it below or pm me or another member of staff with the details so it can be added to the list, thanks.


gtamodding.com is the GTANet.com modding wikki

Excellent explanation of the various file types by Opius


This is a WIP list... just leaving it up like this on the 4th July, will return to it tomorrow...



File Type Details Link(s)
IDE Item Definition Entries, Used for maps IDE File Documentaion

Item Definition

Rain & Wastefree Zones

Paths Documentation

SA "anim" & "txdp" Documentation


IPL Item Placement Lists, Used for maps Item Placement

SA Ipl Documentation

Paths Documentation

SA LOD System Explanation

Vice City AI Paths


DFF 3D Model DFF Format Documentaion

KCow's DFF Format Documentation



IFP Animation file IFP file format for GTA3 / Vice


TXD Texture Archives TXD File Format

TXD Archive


COL Collision Files, Makes stuff solid COL File Format


IMG File Archive, Used to store majority of game files IMG File Format


DIR Used for VER1 IMG archives to list its contents DIR File Format



SCM Mission Script, Used to make missions Mission Scripting Overview

Mission Coding Directory

Generic SA SCM Documentation

Tutorial Links / Coding Information


ZON Defines the zones for the game world ZON Format Documentation


DAT Data files, see the list below -
DAT Files Only Below This Line
water.dat Used to place water in the game world SA Water.dat Documentation


nodes.dat Use for paths around map (peds, cars, boats...) GTA SA Paths

SA Compiled Path Nodes Documentation






Used to tell the game what files to load Map File Documentation & Troubleshooting

gta.dat Documentation


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