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Cheat Device questions.


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Ok, I am running the 2.81 Firmwire and looking to use the CheatDevice on Vice City Stories.



CheatDevice for VCS runs as a PRX, so you need to run VCS through DevHook to use it. Install the PRX by running CheatDeviceInstall.exe or read the instructions in readme.txt if you prefer to do it by hand.

He does not state which Firmwire I need, so which do I need? Do I upgrade to 3.03 like the sticky thread above? Or stick with 2.81 and download DevHook?


Which version of DevHook do I need to run the PRX and how exactly do I use it?


Sorry for all these questions, I am trying to be as clear as possible, thank you.

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With 2.81 you will need to upgrade to the official Sony 3.03 firmware and then from there use the downgrader to go down to 1.5. Still with me? Once at 1.5 you have two options, get Devhook and follow the instructions you posted about or upgrade to the 3.03 OE C which is a custom firmware which allows you to run the Cheat Device as well as all other homebrew ever created which retaining the features of the real 3.03 Firmware.

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Thank you for the replies.


Where can I get the 3.03 firmware? I looked around google and I can only find 3.10. I need the Europe version.


Can the downgrader brick my PSP?


I see other versions of this OE firmware like OE-b, should I just use OE? And where can I get it? And is the number TN-82 something like that important, I have a european PSP which I got in 2004.


Sorry for all these questions, I don't know many good PSP sites.

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I downgraded to 1.50. Can I delete all the stuff the HEN downgrader put on my mem stick now?


UPDATE: I am running 3.03 OE-C and the cheat device! Are the PSone games any good? I would like to play MGS1 like the old days!


What is the best and safest homebrew to use with 3.03 OE-C?

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