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importing .DFF files not working in Zmod


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When ever I try to import any kind of dff file in Zmodeler (gta3, vc or SA) nothing happens! when I import a 3ds model it works fine. what am I doing wrong?

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Are they rockstar .dff's or custom .dff's?


If its custom, then its probably locked to prevent mod theft.


If its rockstar, im not sure what the problem could be. Unless your trying to open San Andreas .dff's with Zmod 1.7? To open SA .dff's you need Zmod 2.0.

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I'm just importing different dffs from an original and unaltered gta3.img file for vice city.


When I select import, then import the dff file (in this case I am importing a Virgo to use as size scale for my object) nothing happens.


Please anyone help?

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Are you using Zmod 1.7?


Because if your not and your using Zmod 2.0, you can only import SA .dff's.

ZMod2 imports all stock Rockstar meshes from 3/VC/SA no problem in my experiances.

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