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Liberty's Demise


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To be honest, I just lost my interest in my last fanfic. Since I already had a fanfic based on CJ and company, I figured what the hell just make up a whole new character. So after a couple hours to myself and warm Dr. Pepper, this is what I've come up with as, let's just refer to it as an "introduction."


Liberty's Demise


The years have not been kind to the people of Liberty City. Though the once-constant gang conflicts have dwindled in frequency, it has been replaced with the intimidating presence of the Cosa Nostra, fresh from Sicily, Italy. The Sicilians have wrestled the various gangs and families into submission, leaving the head of power, Stefano Torini, to rule without contention. Even the powerful Leones have either been eradicated or gone hiding, particularly Joey Leone, the Don of the Leone family. The freelance pay-for-hire, only known as Claude, has also disappeared since the events of the early 2000’s, rumored to be behind the rapid increase of crime in Carcer City, just north of Liberty City. It seems that the Sicilians are to rule with absolute power, though things are soon to change.


The year is 2012, a decade after the crippling of the Leone family. With Joey Leone hiding, Toni Cipriani, a once-trusted associate of Salvatore Leone, has decided to pursue the position of power stolen from him by Joey Leone. The death of Salvatore left the position of leading the Leone family open. Joey managed to land the position to succeed his father, even though Toni was the one who helped Salvatore rise to power and maintain the Leone position as the dominant power in Liberty City. As evident by the rapid decline of the Leone family, Joey proved to be a poor Don compared to his father. Toni is rumored to not only having ideas to take out Stefano, but also to hunt down and eliminate Joey, declaring him as a “traitor to the family”.


Not only that, but numerous sightings have been reported by Torini soldiers all across the city. The subject of these sightings, none other than Claude; the man who brought the Leone family to their knees only years ago. Many of Torini’s most trusted associates have gone missing, presumably dead by the hands of Claude. The only man said to know of his whereabouts in the city, 8-Ball, was found dead in his own trailer just north of the city dump days before the sightings.


Also, an unknown has found his way into Liberty City recently. A once-notorious gang member of the Vercetti Mafia, Luciano Diego has fled Vice City due to the suspicion that he was the one behind Vercetti’s death. Luciano never managed to get a chance to explain that it wasn’t him, but was actually Vercetti’s close associate, Cortez, who ordered the hit on him.


Stefano Torini continues to grow more discomforted, with him becoming more paranoid with each day. The clashing of these power are inevitable, the only unknown is who would be the victor.



NOTE: I'll have the first chapter hopefully by tomorrow, forgot to censor my language while I drafted. tounge.gif

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Not bad. But these kind of GTA gang related fanfics get a bit repetitive, no?

Yeah, matter of fact all fanfics tend to get repetitive, no matter the content. But, I didn't set out to make a fanfic like I did with my first one, it sort of just happened biggrin.gif . This is just one instant when I get bored and write. But I do intend to keep it going nonetheless.


Chapter 1: Dramatic Entrance


Saint Marco’s Bistro - Monday, November 12th


A lone man sits in the corner of the restaurant, sipping on his usual order; a small glass of straight-shot whiskey. No one dared to disturb him and his routine reading of the Liberty Tree. Not even thinking to steal a glance at him, he was left alone to do his reading before he left, only to be seen the same exact place the following day.


Only the barkeeper, Tom, ever had the balls to talk to him. Tom was the only person who he ever told his name to, Luciano. Tom was somewhat of a friend to him, sometimes he would ask Luciano to stay after hours after he closed the shop down to have company while he counted the money made in the day.



Tom walks over to Luciano, filling his glass of whiskey.


Luciano: Thank you, Tom.


Tom: No problem, Luciano. You catch the game last night?


Luciano(turning a page of his newspaper): No, I was up late last night working on my .357.


Tom: Oh, how’s that working out for you? That thing is a real ‘beaute.


Luciano: Pretty good, I got a buyer who’s interested in it so I might consider making a few bucks on the side.


Tom: Good for you, Luciano. People like you need a break here and there, you know what I mean?


Luciano(smiling): Thanks, Tom.


Tom(walking back to the bar): Anytime, kid.


A group of thugs burst through the front door, arguing loudly and interrupting the silence that blanketed the restaurant moments ago. Luciano immediately recognizes one, Mike Dubbs; a Torini soldier. Mike notices Luciano stealing a glance at him, and begins to walk over to his table.


Mike: Hey, buddy! This is Torini turf, you better get out of here.


Luciano(staring down at his newspaper): I’m not troubling anybody…


Mike: What was that?


Luciano looks up at his newfound adversary, face blank as a fresh sheet of notebook paper.


Mike: You got something to say?


Luciano(rising to his feet): Yeah, matter of fact I do. I’m sick and tired of watching you come in here and harassing the customers.


Mike(laughing): Oh, really? Just how are you going to go about solving this little dilemma of yours?


Luciano: Well, I could first start by jabbing you in the throat, the rest we can play by ear.


Mike: Listen, pal; you have no idea what you’re getting into.


Luciano: Oh, I think I do. What the fu*k are your punk-ass, cock-juggling, pussy-fearing goons going to do about it? You think they can take me on?


Tom rushes over from behind the bar and tries to separate the two warring parties. Pushing Mike aside, Tom stares back at his best customer.


Tom: I have no idea what’s gotten into you, Luciano, but I can’t have you two fighting in my establishment like this! Mike, take you and your friends outside my restaurant!


Mike: Listen, old man; one dial of this phone and I can have this place in flames by tonight. You better step off before your fine business is blown to hell.


Luciano(grabbing Mike’s collar): Alright, I’ve had enough of this!


Luciano tosses Mike onto his table, busting his spine across the hardened wood. The whiskey shoots up from the table, landing on top of him. At the sight of this, the other Torini soldiers unsheathe their blades and knuckle dusters.


Luciano(pulling up his fists): C’mon, bring it you pussies!


A gunshot is heard at the front of the restaurant, immediately followed by the screaming of innocent bystanders. Luciano grabs Tom as he dives behind the bar to avoid getting caught in the crossfire.


Tom: Sh*t, you catch the face on that guy?


Luciano: Sorry, didn’t catch his face since I was too busy saving your ass!


The entire dining area is lit up with machinegun fire, bullets tearing through the air as they hit windows, paintings, dishes, and other random objects scattered across the diner.


Tom: How many are there!?


Luciano can only shrug his shoulders; an attempt to peer over the bar’s edge would be suicide. Finally, after what seemed to be minutes, the last of the shells fall to the ground. After a brief pause of silence, footsteps are now heard drawing nearer to the bar.


Luciano(jumping from behind the bar): Who the fu*k are you?


Only one armed man is seen, toting a black leather jacket and what seemed to be ZIP-quality pants. Sensing Luciano is feels threatened, the gunmen drops his fresh-fired weapon onto the corpses scattered across the floor.

Gunmen: Doesn’t matter who I am, but I do know you.


Luciano: Oh, yeah?


Luciano scans the aftermath; everybody is cut down and is either dead or dying. Mike and his henchmen are sprawled across the floor, blood spilling from their wounds.


Gunmen: Follow me.


Luciano: Wait a minute, what makes you think I’m just going to follow you?


Tom taps Luciano on the shoulder, whispering in his ear.


Tom: If I were you, I’d listen to the guy. What else are you going to do except sleep in your apartment all day?


Luciano(getting angry): Who? Who the fu*k is this guy?


Gunmen: The name’s Claude, just follow me…How’re you doin’, Tom?


Tom(nervously laughing): Pretty good, Claude. Business sure has picked up since you left town!


Luciano: Claude…You mean the same Claude who killed Salvatore? The same Claude that nearly burnt this city to the ground ten years ago?


Claude(grinning): I’m afraid the real thing doesn’t live up to the legend.


Luciano: Bullsh*t, man. Anybody having enough balls to go against the Mafia is okay in my book.


Claude: Good, then follow me.


Luciano(heading for the door): Sorry, Tom; we can figure this out later. Let’s go.

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The theme reminds of the 1920s era more. Nice chapter.

lol, it's funny you said that because that was originally what I thought of when I first sat down. Maybe as a future project I could make an attempt at, but it'll be interesting to see where GTA IV takes the series.


I'll have Chapter 2 by tomorrow night. Thanks for the replies. icon14.gif

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I just got wind from someone else that my first chapter was too short wow.gif . I know some people who want to try to get into a fanfic, but just don't want to spend hours upon hours reading a three-page + post. So I'm really shooting for shorter chapters, easier for the reader to get into, ya know?



Chapter 2: An Offer That You Very Well Could Refuse


Claude and Luciano continue to walk through the streets Portland, with Luciano continually questioning his newfound friend’s intentions. Finally, Claude gives up and begins to explain.


Claude: You and me, we have the same goal.


Luciano: Oh, yeah? What’s that?


Claude: The eradication of the Sicilian Mafia.


Luciano: What? What makes you think that?


Claude: I know who you are; I know your past.


Luciano: …


They stop in front of the city firehouse, with Claude looking around to avoid anybody possibly eavesdropping.


Claude: You worked with Vercetti, before he died. You were his right-hand man and loved him like a father, then you were blamed for his assassination and you wound up in Liberty City in order to avoid the same fate.


Luciano(after a long pause): I don’t want to live in the past.


Claude: We take down Stefano, we put the Leones back in power. Odds are, you’ll be the man of the hour and receive an honorary position in the family. After that, we’ll take our separate paths.


Luciano: The offer sure is tempting, but where the hell would you go?


Claude: Does it really matter? I’m interested in helping you out, I’d take up on this offer if I were you.


Luciano stares back at Claude, contemplating on whether or not to trust this man. After all, he killed Salvatore Leone himself, why would he want the same people in power again?


Claude: With the Sicilians gone, anybody else in control of the city is a good thing, if that’s what you’re thinking. I’m aware of my past, and you need to follow in my steps and learn from it.


Luciano: I’m gonna help you out, but I need some questions answered, now.


Claude: No, we have to meet someone, he can’t wait on us.


Luciano: Who’s that?


Claude: A friend, does it matter who?


Luciano: Fine, whatever, let’s just go.



The two find their way in front of an abandoned apartment complex across the street of an old, run-down bar. Luciano examines Claude, curious to see why he seems so paranoid.


Luciano: Something wrong?


Claude: No, I just can’t be seen heading in here.


Luciano: Right…Why not head through the back?


Claude: There is no back. Or I mean, it’s barricaded from the inside.


Luciano: Barricaded? Who the fu*k would be living in an abandoned, barricaded apartment building?


Claude: A friend.


Luciano: Where is he?


Claude(pointing up toward the top floor): Right there.


A hooded man is seen leaning out the only unboarded window at the top level, waving for them to come up. Then he hastily pulls his head back inside, as if avoiding detection as Claude implied.


Claude: Follow me.


They head through the front door, now only a splintered piece of wood barely hanging on its hinges. Claude shuts the door behind them as Luciano makes his way inside. Looking around, Luciano can tell that his friend isn’t the only tenant.


Luciano: A crack house.


Claude: Yep.


Luciano(speaking slowly): Your friend is taking refuge in a crack house?


Claude: Something wrong with that?


Luciano(softly laughing): No, I’d just imagine someone affiliated with the likes of you would be living a more, uh, luxurious life.


Claude(beginning to make his way up the stairs): Yeah, well, you have a lot to learn about me and my affiliates.


The two men make their way past two sleeping addicts and up the near-totaled set of stairs. Every step they take is followed by an audible squeak of the wood.


Luciano: You sure these are safe?


Claude: You scared?


Luciano: No, I’m just saying with crack heads running up and down the place you could easily get yourself killed.


Claude: Yeah, well I guess that’s a risk I have to take. What’s the matter, you scared of some harmless addicts?


Luciano: Well, I’ve had a long history with drugs, something I wouldn’t rather discuss.


Claude: Good, I’m not interested in your history neither.


Luciano: Weren’t you the one who bothered to look me up in the first place?


Claude(turning around): What the hell is wrong with you? Quit asking so many god damn questions.


Luciano(smiling): Looks like the famous Claude has a short fuse.


Claude(turning back around): Yeah, just ask Catalina.


Luciano: Who?


Claude: Nothing. Can we just drop this? You talk a lot for someone with a history like you.


Luciano: Well, you get lonely living in a sh*t-hole of an apartment, I think you can relate.


Claude: …


Luciano: Got it, stop talking.


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Update hopefully tomorrow, busy helping out my friend with his new apartment. Boy, paint fumes can be intoxicating. tounge.gif

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