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69 in San Andreas - New Theory


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Now I know the whole "69" in San Andreas has been discussed numerous times. I've heard people say that "69" is also a sexual reference to a certain position...


Well about a week ago I was watching a documentary on The History Channel, that had a part about the 69th Infantry Regiment, NY Army National guard that's been around for many years. They have a great history, and were one of the first to respond to the attacks on September 11, 2001. As Rockstar Games is situated in New York City, there's a chance they could have paid tribute to them by putting "69" on the military ship in San Feirro, Pier 69, and Area 69.

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Pretty interesting. The only thing that make people believe the opposite (69 is really a joke about sex in game) is that they're known for using it everywhere - mainly on the fully 3d series. Ok that the 1st fully 3d one (GTA3) were released after September 11th 2001, but they wouldn't change the whole billboards textures after the game was almost finished - the only thing they did was deleting terrorist-like missions from the game.


But still an interesting find. icon14.gif

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Interesting. But I think you're looking too far into it. I believe that 69 in SA is just typical Rockstar humour by referring to the sexual position.

Besides, Wouldn't it be Rockstar Norths job to implement that stuff into SA? (Rockstar Games in New York merely publish the game)

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You did your work I see. cookie.gif But it could mean either. There is no way to decide which, sadly. Being on a pier and all makes me choose the sex reference. 69696969 lol

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It's coincidental that they're located in NY.


69 is a humorous reference.


Sheesh, some people just don't get it. After I thought we dried that stupid rumor well, people are still making outlandish observations years later.




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