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Can't load game help!


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I have looked at the Bug list and I tried deleting the set file and then reinstalling. But it still didnt work. My cd rom just runs like its about to start and then it just stops and the game never opens. I can play vice city with the 1.11 patch but I cant use the 1.11 patch with the vice city multiplayer client program. It needs 1.0 version. Is there a fix to 1.0 or a patch? Or maybe my .exe is messed up, if so can someone send me a link to a working 1.0 .exe?

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If that's so, just copy and paste the entire install directory (default: C:\Program Files\Rockstar Games\Grand Theft Auto Vice City\), and rename the copy to something like "Vice City MULITPLAYER". Then, patch one for use with the usual single player VC, and use the original 1.0 version for use with VC:MP.


No links will be provided to executables.

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