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Cops in Multiplayer

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Is it possible to get more cops in multiplayer? At the moment I can only get up to level 4 (SWAT) on the Downtown map while every other map only goes up to level 1. Is there a way to get all maps to have level 4 or even level 6 police?

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Seeing as the maximum police level is declared in the script, it's only possible to increase it if you write a new one.

It's really not that difficult, but it can be quite time consuming. I find the hardest thing is choosing decent locations for weapon pickups. If you've got a lot of time and patience, you could have a go at recreating the original scripts from scratch. Cerbera has some excellent tutorials hosted on his site that'll get you started. smile.gif


Also note that setting the police level higher than 5 screws up multiplayer games after a while, maybe it has something to do with all the tanks being generated?

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Thanks for your help. It seems like an easy enough bit of code to change but I can't seem to find the coding for a particular level anywhere. I'm assuming that it's all contained within the .scr files but I can't find an editor for these files. Sorry to be a such a newb, but can you tell me how to access the script file I need to modify? Thanks.

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Only the .mis files for the singleplayer Industrial level were released. No .mis files were released for the multiplayer or any other scripts. No one has made a decompiler, so you have to create the script from scratch. The multiplayer scripts contain lighting, weapon/powerup locations, the players first starting location and parked vehicle locations. If you play with the noon setting then lighting wouldn't need to be recreated.


Army messes up multiplayer games, they cause the game to go out of sync.


If you have the .mis file, you just add:




downtown-2p.SCR has a policelevel of 4. There are many "04" bytes in that file but if you change the right one to a "05" then you would get FBI. If you change the wrong one then it may crash or change something unrelated to policelevel.


All the .scr files that only have 1 cop head, probably don't even have DECLARE_POLICELEVEL ( 1 ) because that is just the default if that line isn't added. That means you would have to change multiple bytes in the .scr file to change policelevel.

Edited by Sektor

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