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Home in the hills


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Practice makes perfect.


Remember, the more you have to work on a mission to get it right, the longer the game is "useful" to you.


Consider doing all of the car races and then come back to this mission. After you can place #1 in the races, you should be a pretty good driver.

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Well,i think problem is in car not in me.I passed all countryside races so the problem is definitely in car

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The car certainly isn't the easiest to handel. Keep a few things in mind. Don't steer to rappidly and keep your pace. Don't try to get Big Poppa in the middel of Vinewood, except when he has spinned out of control. If he goes down to the big road in Los Santos you are in luck. You can overtake him there pretty easy.


So remember to be patient and wait for the right opportunity to get him. I can't think of many other tips. Maybe to switch cars if you see the possibility, but this could take too much time. (not tested it)

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