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Wireless encryption help


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Well, after having my wireless network setup for a few weeks, I never really payed much attention to my encryption status, which wasn't even existent. So earlier today I decide to give my connection some security. I have a D-Link Rangebooster N (DIR-625) wireless router.


So I type in the IP address of my router, which brings up all the controls and such, I go down to the encryption, choose WPA2 (both my router and wi-fi PCMCIA card are compatible), set it all up, and then reconnect.


That went fine, up until the last part. I could still connect to the router via wireless, but I couldn't connect to the internet. I entered the correct key, all that sh*t, yet I still come up with nothing. I tried WPA2 and WPA, but I refuse to use WEP, as that would cut my connection down to 54Mbps, and I'm not going to deal with that. No dice.


Anyone able to help me? If you need more details, just ask.


I'm running XP home SP2. My computer specs have no relation to the issue.

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It's not that I absolutely want the 300Mbps (802.11n) tranfer rate, but I want to make the f*cker work. I forked out $200+ on the PC card wireless adapter and router together, and I want it to work properly.



Oh yeah, I kinda forgot this in all my frustration. My wireless connection won't work at all. It can only connect to the router settings page via wireless, regardless of encryption. Even without any encryption, nothing works.

Edited by -Kajun-
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Tried resetting your modem? After I make changes to my router (Linksys WRT54GL G-Router), I have to reset my modem before I get any internet connection, and since you can connect to your router I'm guessing that's your problem.

Edited by Fozzy Fozborne
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I rebooted the router after each config change.



Nevermind. I unchecked "Let Windows handle your wireless connection" and it worked fine, encryption and all. Typical Windows...

Edited by -Kajun-
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