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GTA1 OpenSource Project


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Im new to this forum but I have been a fan of gta1 and gta2. I decdided a week ago that if Rockstar aren't gona give us a opensource version of GTA1 and GTA2 then maybe I should. I am going to construct a Replica of GTA1 by making an engine and making it completely open source. It will have minor changes like no single player as I think most of u's wanna play mutliplayer. I will have it client and server based and it will be free. biggrin.gif


If any one would like to help me please contact me here. If you have any talent what so ever and think you could help then go for it. I was also thinking of adding more weapons as well as Safe Houses and things that should have been there but never were. I may add the gang feature like GTA2 but it will be decided from the comunity.


So far im the only one on the team. And I can do Graphics and coding so I would really like to have a 2nd coder and maybe another gfx artist.


Thanks biggrin.gif

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I want to make an opensource mutliplayer version of GTA1 since rockstar wont give it to us. Im looking for people to help so please pm me ill be adding alota cool new features aswell but they will be decided by the team. so if you wanna help reply here

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ZeroXP is creating OpenGTA. He's doing a great job, it already loads the GTA1 maps and lets you scroll around. A preview and his source code have been released.

Edited by Sektor
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