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Lowrider Challenge on a PC...SO CONFUSED!



I can't seem to get any points at all on the lowrider challenge let alone pass it.


I've read previous posts, which must have been written by non PC users because they keep talking about analog sticks...which I don't have because I'm a PC user.


So, when the arrow goes into the circle what am I supposed to do?

Am I supposed to hit 2 (the key that makes the car bounce) in order to make the car bounce?

Am I supposed to hit an arrow key that is in the same direction as the arrow on the screen?

Am I supposed to hit 2 and hit the arrow at the same time?





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5 answers to this question

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Before entering the Low rider competition, you are advised to activate the "Jump" mode of the car by pressing the Horn button. Now you have to use the Num Keys which stand for different directions as well. So, when an arrow enters the circle, immediately press the corresponding directional button in the Num Pad.


Also if your PC 's specs are not too encouraging , try this mission in minimum resolution mode.

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imo, its easy on PC .


i too have a USB Gamepad, but dont use it in these missions.


when your car's in jump mode (press horn butoon once).-> do the following.


=>>to tilt the car forwards-> press num pad key 8

=>>to tilt the car backwards-> press 2


=>>Tilt Sideway-> right-> press 6

=>>Sideways -> left-> Press 4


=>>Combo Tilting


to tilt the car on "Left Front Wheel" , press 4 & 8 at Once..


to tilt the car on "Right Rear Wheel", press 6 & 2 at once.


i guess now you might have got an idea on this.

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thank you...based on your help I passed the mission with no problem.

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Nice to hear you finished that mission.

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Now before you get all upset, I know this thread is 11 years old.

All the others are locked, presumably in favor of this thread, and what I have to contribute is important.

Okay... :)


Most folks have figured out the NumPad controls and the timing, etc.

Some believe the diagonals don't work, but they do.

Like hitting 4+8 for a NW hop is correct. But...


IF you've swapped the up/down vehicle orientation, that is messing you up here.

Left/Right are fine.

But if you've swapped up/down, then up is down and so on.


I ran through the mission without remapping and just using mental notes as I moved along.

It was a sloppy win, but I got it on the first try.

Just wanted to share.

Thanks to Alistair Paxton on SteamCommunity.com for tipping me off.

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