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GTA4.NET Launched


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Even though we barely know anything about GTA4, we decided it would be a good idea to get a head start and put up a multi-page site and do away with the single-page information site we had before. The design and content is preliminary and will undoubtedly be undergoing many changes once the GTA4 release date rolls around and we find out more about the game. The content so far is comprised of what the media has been told so far with our own GTA4.NET spin on things.



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Wow, lots of information even at this early stage. I'm liking the design on the website smile.gif.


The multiplayer article in the features section is very interesting.

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Very nice, graphics and colors are very nice. However, I got to admit I've always loved the classic look GTA3.com and GTASanAndreas.net have. But since it's a new game, maybe a new design and overall look & feel is a good idea.


Nice job, may I ask, who programmed it? Thanks to who ever it was, and who ever helped out. You did a very good job icon14.gif.

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I was wondering when the old site would get a revamp. Looking nice so far and pretty good information for a game with barely anything released so far.

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The design looks extremely good. Had a fun time reading the part about the multiplayer, didn't know most of it.

The multiplayer information covers the hidden text in Grand Theft Auto 3's text files for multiplayer missions over the internet. Similar things we're found scattered in San Andreas I think too, but not as much. GTA3 also had menu screens already made and packed in the EXE to do it. Just the functionality of it was disabled.



Rating ~ Rating Pending (RP) (has been submitted to ESRB and awaiting final rating)


I didn't know about this though confused.gif.

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I am liking the scrollover buttons at the top of the page. It's bloody terrific!


A minor complaint though. On the "Overview" page, the release dates are wrong. (It says the game was released in 2006!)

Edited by PyroHazard
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Under the features page it states



GTA4 will be released in the USA on October 17th 2006, and in Europe on October 19th 2006.


Might wanna change that to 2007 wink.gif


Looking awesome so far though.

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GTA Advance isn't listed in the "The Grand Theft Auto Legacy" on the Overview page. rampage_ani.giftounge.gif

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