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how the f***ed up Thrashin' mission came to be


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So I'm struggling with Thrashin' round three. What a piece of c**p. Do a half-assed really bad design of radio-controlled car physics, put a collision bounding box around the cars that's TOO BIG, let the computer-controlled cars always win in collisions, and then instead of designing varied races, just make you race the same garbage for more laps.


I'm not alone:


"I absolutely HATE the RC Races. The vehicles are hypersensitive plus you tend to stick to walls if you scrape them. Smacking into anything either spins you out or flips you over. This is probably the single most frustrating side-mission in LCS."

-- from the Robert Allen Rusk FAQ


"The jackass that came up with these missions needs to be publicly tortured and I want to be the guy that does it."



So who at Rockstar came up with this steaming t**d? More importantly, why did QA Manager Craig Arbuthnott and Senior Lead Test Neil Corbett not say "This is unacceptable in the game and needs to be remade?" Why didn't they adjust it for the PS2 release? Rockstar has been so unfailingly excellent in play balancing throughout the GTA series that the most plausible explanation is one of the big wigs was having sex with the Thrashin' "designer" and the people who should have rejected this were too afraid to say anything. Damn office politics.


I'm serious. Like Eric Waechter, I want names and an explanation.


Oh, and if anyone has any tips for completing Thrashin' beyond what those FAQs say, thanks!

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I never really thought of the RC races as that bad, it didn't take too long to complete them.


Sure your car bounces and jumps around a lot, but all you need is to be focused and have a steady hand for them.

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I still haven't completed the RC Races. They're too hard for me and those RC Cars have the worst handling.

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Yeah i had one attempt at each one, coudnt do it, becuase it pissed me off so much with the crappy controlls and i still havent completed them now and im not going to biggrin.gif


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yes, they are quite hard to drive, but they aren't that hard

Those guys that said those thing sin the FAQ could do it, even though they say it's hard

Just keep on practicing, and you'll eventually finish it

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I finally completed the third race after about 25 tries. Tapping the PS2 D-pad to steer instead of the analog control helped. As well as going straight up the road toward the Red Light District as the FAQs recommend, I found I could steer a line quite far from the first few checkpoints at the start and still get credit for them. Also a handbrake tap at the end of the covered sidewalk helped tighten the second to last turn.


However, my point stands. This is the WORST piece of game controls and gameplay balance in the entire GTA series. What the hell were Rockstar thinking? At one point as I howled in frustration the dog hid, my partner threatened to leave, and Ma Cipriani kicked me out of the house!

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aww imo, PS2 is way easier to control, especially the Analog button, the PSP version is very hard to use, but that's good to hear that you finished it smile.gif

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I beat the RC races my first few tries.

Mighty helpful, that is.


I just cant be rooted doing these missions over and over again. I don't care that I wont get 100%

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  • 3 months later...

I never try to get 100%, which means i avoid missions that arent fun. RC is another way of saying "NOT FUN"


I think Rockstar deliberatley makes the RC missions annoying because people complain about how annoying they are. Just look at that helicopter bomb one in Vice City, and then after all the complaining in SA they gave us Supply Lines! luckily you didn't HAVE to do that one... i'd probably still be there now

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  • 2 weeks later...

I have a tip, if there is a person who wants to beat it but is struggling. The other cars go very slow if you're behind, but very fast if you're ahead. Go slowly, and follow them until the last lap (depending what level you're on) then speed past them on the last lap after you get through the tight buildings area. Also, if you accidentally can't make it into the construction sidewalk you can still drive closely by the markers on the outside of it and still get credit.



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  • 3 weeks later...
Snake Without a Tongue

It's not just the RC missions. Every mission that is challenging not because of the design but because of faults in the design are miserable. I like a difficult mission (think many of them are too easy) but bugs just spoil everything. Even if you beat them first try, the fun is sucked out of the effort. I don't pay twenty to fifty bucks to be irritated.

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The cars DO get squirrelly if you go balls out. I found that continuously TAPPING "X" gives enough speed, with control. The longer the race, the better chance of the AI cars getting stuck somewhere.

I'd also place a vehicle in a tight spot, to confuse 'em and hopefully hang them up.


BUT, if you think the RC race in Portland is hard... well, you'll find out soon enough.

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The cars DO get squirrelly if you go balls out.

Too true. Put any pressure on yourself and you're doomed to mess up. Take it calmly and don't put too much stock into the fact that X cars are ahead of you right NOW. This is true of all races in every GTA.


As for the RC, it's not that the handling sucks, it's that whomever is having difficulty adjusting. Once you aclimate yourself to making finer movements with your thumb, it's not too hard.


And since the opening post complained about the third round, I thought I'd mention that nothing requires you to play it that deep. Beating the first round accomplishes all you need in the game.

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  • 2 weeks later...

EVERYONE knows you only need to do the initial (one lap) RC races. Only an idiot would say otherwise.






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EVERYONE knows you only need to do the initial (one lap) RC races.

Actually, I thought I had to do all three levels! The Eric Waechter walkthrough says For 100% completion of the game, you're going to have to go through 3 levels of this. D'oh! Several hours of my life I'll never get back whatsthat.gif . RARusk's walkthrough gets it right: you only need to complete Level One to get closer to 100% Completion.



As for the RC, it's not that the handling sucks, it's that whomever is having difficulty adjusting.

I never complained about the handling; comically bizarre handling is fine and part of the GTA RC mission style. It's the bogus bounding box, bogus crash physics, and bogus behavior of the other vehicles that's inexcusable. Rockstar North got Thrashin' RC horribly wrong. GTA:SA's Supply Lines and GTA:VC's Demolition Man were hard as hell but I didn't hate Rockstar for them.

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I don't know exactly what you mean by that list. Are you talking about how if you're along the edge of something and accelerating, you get twisted into it? Sure, that's annoying, But knowing that, you adjust your steering as to not bump into edges so it won't happen. Simple. You could say that it's wrong that you can't swim. That's just one of the characteristics of the game and if you want to play it, you'll have to adjust. Luckily, the RC's aren't required for the storyline.
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I did all nine races too, thinking they were required.

Then I passed along this information, thinking it to be correct, to a poster on this board.


I got "shamed".


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Tommy Dickfingers

People, stop whinging. If you don't like them, don't do them, simple.


Me personally, I have done them, and as a lot of people I found them frustrating at times, but once completed you do get a sense of satisfaction and relief cool.gif


I am currently on 97%, only a couple of things left to do (Avenging Angels on SSV, 100 taxi missions, and a couple of races and i'm done)

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