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Welcome to the VC-MP directory. You'll find all the links to the important VC-MP related topics in here.
For all the latest news regarding VC-MP, please see our website, or go to our IRC channel at irc.gtanet.com.


If you notice any incorrect or missing submissions, then please PM me. Do not reply in this topic.

  1. Downloading the mod.
  2. Help & information.
  3. Other.
Earlier versions can be found at our website: http://www.vicecitymultiplayer.com


If you have any further questions, please visit our IRC, or post at the Help and Questions topic.

Do not ask your questions in this topic. And please don't make a new topic about it!

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I think this place was supposed to be open. And VG, you forgot to add some elements from the old directory. I'll seek in a sec wink.gif


Edit: Damn it! Did you ask to delete the old one? There was a lot of useful things in there confused.gif

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Vercetti Gangsta

No, I haven't asked anyone to delete the old directory as I can't ask the moderators to delete a post that's made by another author. wink.gif


Anyway, there's not any useful information in the old directory anymore. Most of the links are broke and useless.

And the links to the old FAQ are useless too, as the new Documentation should include any useful information for the current release.


If you don't believe me, then see the old directory here: http://www.gtaforums.com/index.php?showtopic=219073

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a slight problem.... ok, ive played vcmp loads of times, i know pretty much all a playa can. now, i had to reinstall my windows. i made a bakup of my C:\ and placed it on partition 2, so D:\ now, obviuosly my registry wasnt backed up, so i reinstalled gta vc and vcmp. i aplied the exe (fixed exe used at v03) and set the frame limiter to:ON now, when i choose a server (any server) i click connect as normal, vice starts up, the 2 vids, the first gta vc screen, then the vice city multiplayer logo comes up and in loading, it crashes (bout 2 cm done). whats worse, its always the same error. at adress 0x7C812A5B .now, i understand 03z had a beta. should i use that or..? Help apreciated.

Edited by matthiasvegh
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Vercetti Gangsta

First post updated with necessary download links to the newest versions of VCMP.


Hopefully this section shall be more updated from now on. smile.gif

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