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Boondock Saints

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Well I was chilling at a friends house when he whipped out Boondock Saints on DVD. I have heard good things about it, but I have never seen it. So we are watching it, and I am thinking, "Wow, how good did this do in theatres?" I did some researching (Here), and found out this film did not have a fan following until released on DVD. Now a huge success, Fox Pictures has agreed to finance the sequal, "Boondock Saints: All Saints Day", although they have not begun to film. Every character is going to be back except the hilarious/sick Willem Dafoe.(But with that role I don't blame him) What are your impressions on the film? How do you think the sequal is going to end up doing in theatres?

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I really don't see the need for a sequal, and one without Dafoe just makes me think even less of it.

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i'm interested to see how they do this because rocco is killed in the first one if i remember correctly.


and without dafoe the movie loses a critical structure point.

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Watching the SE right now as a matter of fact. Awesome film, even cooler for me seeing as I live in Boston.

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"Boondock Saints: All Saints Day"

I never knew there was a sequel gonna be made. The first one was great.

Can't wait till the next


Doc: Why don't you make like a tree, and get the f*ck outta here?

Edited by Greene

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I hope troy duffy can really pull this off because after the release of boondock saints his newly fresh career went for a downfall thus making harvey weinstein drop him and ruining the chances of making a career. Boondock saints is a good movie but i hope troy can work a lot on the dialouge because it was very sloppy and so people can really get into the characters and make them seem more realistic.

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I didn't think the sequel got any further then talk due to some legal problems with the rights, having watched the video blog on the website it seems its finally getting the go-ahead. Not sure how a sequel will go but I am sure they will work out a way to make another great movie.

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