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Is it just me?

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Is it just me or is hollywood just running out of ideas. I have been seeing alot of (dead ) franchises getting dredged back up *Cough rockyCough*. I mean didnt get me wrong some movies should get seqeuls. But I think some movies should be left in the past. This has probaly been mentioned in the past so if it has please ignore it.

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You can only do the same thing in movies so many times...that's probably why they've been having a lot of remakes (mainly horror movies from what I've seen.) People are just running out of ideas.

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New Rocky movie looks top notch!


There is only so much to do and with almost 90 years of film, it's obviously gunna start repeating itself eventually.


There are always the odd one or two films (Borat, SAW series IMO) that have stood out over recent years, It's starting to become harder and harder to do something original so you just gotta live with the same old stuff over and over.

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Bah, stop bumming over the SAW films Kippers!


Of course there is going to be alot of repeated stuff, I mean look at every Steven Seagal film ever made, they're all the bloody same! But there are the gems to look out for that stand out from the rest. I think Donnie Darko being a good example.

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There is no way in hell, that hollywood could run out of ideas. The reason there are so many remakes and sequels to movies long forgotten, is because it's much easier to pump out a script for an already realized idea.


It's like taking a picture. You get the print, and you like it. You hang it on the wall for all to see. But you want more pictures. But instead of going out and taking more pictures of different things, you take another picture almost the same as the last. Or just get the negative. Either way, you know what to expect.[/metaphor]


It's been happening for years. Writers are getting lazier, and producers are wanting more money, more faster.

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It's been happening for years. Writers are getting lazier, and producers are wanting more money, more faster.

I'd have to disagree with writers being lazy, there are plenty of fantastic writers with ideas out there and they are all fantastic scripts, some producers are quite lame in that they want 'revisits' for a quick buck, but there are a lot of good producers out there procuding some fantistic films and TV programs.


I'd say the real problem is with Studio Execs as they are the ones wanting the fast buck, as for some reason 'the people' want to see remakes and yet another horror movie. There are still plenty of orginal ideas out there it's the Execs that aren't willing to gamble on something new or to even gamble on different styles of stories, Science Fiction being the notable one that Execs don't like... because Star Wars, Star Trek, The Matrix, Space Oddysey etc weren't popular were they mercie_blink.gif , yet they'll persist on yet another version of a Jane Austen novel or remake of horror movie that wasn't even that good in the first place, as it is even action movies are taking more a back seat than ever before.


But I agree that Hollywood won't run out of ideas, it's just that those 'in charge' of Hollywood have and until they get a slap around the head then it will be like this for a little while, but it will pick up, history is a good example as the tail-end of the 60's and early 70's weren't that great for Hollywood, oh and then Star Wars came along and changed that... mmm strange that was Science Fiction

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