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'Havana Good Time'

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Hello everyone!


Obviously I'm stuck on the mission 'Havan Good Time'. I can't seem to get past the part where the Cabrones are loading the guns into the vans and the Cholos are attacking, I can't kill all the Cholos plus most of the Cabrones keep on getting killed.


Help appreciated, thanks! smile.gif

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Havana Good Time


Umberto is still trying to rally his henchmen. His men are going to collect a gift for the Cholo. You’re responsible for clearing the area--kill the warehouse guards. Drive to the marked location and eliminate the guards, either with your vehicle or with a weapon while on foot. After clearing the warehouse guards, Umberto’s men roll in.


You’re ordered to protect Umberto’s guys. Watch the mini-map for approaching Cholos. Use your targeting function carefully--you don’t want to target one of Umberto’s men! If you accidentally shoot and kill one of Umberto’s men, the mission ends in failure. The Cholos arrive with increasing numbers. Watch the mini-map closely to see where the Cholos are approaching from and intercept them. Umberto’s men must successfully load the guns (watch the onscreen meter) to complete the mission.


Near the end of the task, the Cholos arrive in pairs; a shotgun is great for taking out multiple Cholos. Watch the backdoor of the warehouse (back right side) because the Cholos may arrive from there and go after the closest henchman.


Now you must return the van to Umberto--of course the Cholos have different plans. To say the van is sluggish is putting it mildly. Cholo cars will force you off the road. Return fire but concentrate on staying on the road and reaching Umberto’s house. As soon as you reach the marked house, the mission concludes. Enjoy revenge on the Cholos. Completing this mission unlocks the Cuban style outfit at the safehouse as well as earns $1,500.




Thats probably the best help I can give you. I myself didn't find this mission hard. But I think the key is to load up on good weapons and armor before you start. That should make it a breeze.

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Thanks Greene, I completed the mission now.





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