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Please be aware that this is not a tutorial request forum! Use the appropriate topic for the effect.
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[MAP] Getting VC map objects into other map mods

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So I needed to get some objects from Vice City and put them into the GTA:LC mod. I couldn't find a tutorial for this, so hopefully this will help someone. It sure could've helped me. wink.gif


Anyway, tools needed:


MapEditor (MEd) 0.32 beta

Spookies IMG tool (the built in tool with MEd refused to rebuild the archive properly for me. If it works for you, just use that then)

Steve M's Col Editor II

A copy of GTA Vice City installed

A copy of GTA:LC installed (I'm using the latest, Beta 2 v7), OR whatever other install you use for map mods (this tutorial uses the GTA:LC mod)



(NOTE: This guide assumes you know how to use the tools listed; for more detailed use of these tools, look for some tutorials here on GTAF, or see the developers homepages. Also, while this example uses VC to LC, it could easliy be adapted for any map mods that use the VC engine. DO NOT ASK HOW THIS WORKS FOR SAN ANDREAS. I believe it's mostly the same procedure, but I've never done it before. If I do, I'll add a section to this tutorial.)


What we're going to do here is import six props (objects) from the film studio - the wall backdrop, the small and large spotlights, a camera, a ladder, and the coffee table. What would a production be without a messy coffee depot?


Ok, the first thing to do is to set up profiles for MEd. Follow the on screen wizard to set up install profiles for both GTA:VC and LC.


When this is finished, load up the VC install. From the Scene tab. put a check in the cisland box and click render. You should now see (somewhere, you may have to move the camera) the film studio island.


Zoom into the lot until you are in the A Stage (where the porno cutscene occurs in game). Find the first object, the backdrop wall. To select this and NOT the shadow that is attached as well, double click on the door frame. If you did this right, the whole wall will highlight and the shadow dff will seemingly dissappear (it doesn't; the highlighted model is simply "covered" by the selection). Right click on the selected object a select "Properties". The line of code that shows up highlighted in the text box is what we want. Copy and paste this into a blank Notepad file. We'll need this information later, as it has some of the properties we'd like to keep for the objects.


Now, right-click on the highlighted object again, and select Extract Object. You will be prompted to choose a directory. Once you do, the program will extract the proper dff and txd files for that object.


Now we'll make sure we have the right files. Open the folder you just extracted the files to. Now look at your pasted line in Notepad: you should see an object instance (not important now) and two filenames, followed by some flags for the object. Do the filenames match up? If so, skip to the next step. If not, you might have accidentally extracted the wrong files by selecting the wrong object, or you grabbed the wrong IDE entry. In any event, your IDE entry should look like this:


2277, ci_pornset1, ci_pornset, 1, 45, 160


and the files extracted should be ci_pornset1.dff and ci_pornset.txd.


Now, still in Vice, lets grab the other objects. You should wind up with the following IDE entries in Notepad:


Porno Set Wall

2277, ci_pornset1, ci_pornset, 1, 45, 160


Mini Par Can Light on Stand

2338, ci_redhead1_01, ci_redhead, 1, 90, 128


Movie Camera

2275, ci_camera1_01, ci_filmstuff1, 1, 45, 160


Big Par Can with wire for Mini Par Can

2291, ci_lights1_01, ci_setstuff1, 1, 45, 160


Coffee Table with Debris

2279, ci_table1_01, ci_setstuff1, 1, 45, 160


Ladder (found in the stage next door)

2295, nt_ladder_01, ci_setstuff4, 1, 35, 160


and then you should have the following files extracted:




You'll notice that there is one less txd than dff's - this is because the Big Par Can and Coffee Table both have their textures in ci_setstuff1.txd (there are many files in the GTA games that share txd's, so don't be alarmed if the object you decide to use has the same txd as another object. )


Anyway, once you're done extracting files, close this install and open up Spookie's IMG tool (if the built-in IMG tool works and rebuilds properly for you, simply add the files with that program). Make sure your gta3.img in your LC install has the Read Only attribute UNCHECKED. Also, it'd be a good idea to backup your files before messing with them.


Open the LC gta3.img. Add the txd's and dff's you extracted from Vice and then rebuild. Close IMG Tool.


Go back to MEd and open your GTA:LC install. You can place the objects anywhere you like, but for this tutorial, we'll be putting them on the concrete deck near the entrance to the Portland tunnel (it's near 8-Ball's garage/junkyard). So on the Scene tab, put a checkbox in the first listing, which should be insdustNE, then press render. If all went well, you should have a scene of the area I just described.


Now there's a couple of ways to setup your files here. You can import the objects directly with MEd (see the MEd tutorials floating around this forum) or, you can setup a folder in your DATA/MAPS directory and create two blank files, we'll call them Extras (so the folder name should be Extras). Create a blank notepad file called extras.ide and put the following in it.


DO NOT SAVE IT AS A TEXT FILE. When the save as dialog pops up, save it as extras.ide (make sure All Files is chosen in the drop down box). Here's my manually created IDE file:


objs4802, ci_pornset1, ci_pornset, 1, 45, 1604803, ci_camera1_01, ci_filmstuff1, 1, 45, 1604804, ci_lights1_01, ci_setstuff1, 1, 45, 1604805, ci_redhead1_01, ci_redhead, 1, 90, 1284806, nt_ladder_01, ci_setstuff4, 1, 35, 1604807, ci_table1_01, ci_setstuff1, 1, 45, 160endtobjend2dfxend


Do the same for the IPL file, Here's my IPL file (my coords are already there)


inst4802, ci_pornset1, 0, 740.072, 129.298, 16.261, 1, 1, 1, 0, 0, 0.446199838276, -0.8949333518894803, ci_camera1_01, 0, 739.66, 120.513, 14.93, 1, 1, 1, 0, 0, 0.382683125915, 0.9238796594474803, ci_camera1_01, 0, 742.76, 120.813, 14.93, 1, 1, 1, 0, 0, 0.1305260826, 0.9914448758064803, ci_camera1_01, 0, 736.36, 121.013, 14.93, 1, 1, 1, 0, 0, 0.570713146412, 0.8211495019254804, ci_lights1_01, 0, 742.285, 119.355, 16.6, 1, 1, 1, 0, 0, 0.62251419245, 0.7826085101754805, ci_redhead1_01, 0, 744.353, 119.319, 15.7104, 1, 1, 1, 0, 0, 0.499999616987, 0.8660256249174805, ci_redhead1_01, 0, 734.753, 120.919, 15.7104, 1, 1, 1, 1.8206348821e-06, 1.8206348821e-06, -0.857167536076, -0.5150376831764806, nt_ladder_01, 0, 743.342, 118.411, 15.76, 1, 1, 1, 0, 0, 0.974369809432, 0.2249521603974807, ci_table1_01, 0, 733.696, 117.041, 14.71, 1, 1, 1, 0, 0, 0.920505504356, -0.390729595052endcullend


Note that there are multiple instances of the mini par can and the cameras; this is so we can have more than one placed on the map.


If you are doing this via MEd, just make sure your object instance number (the ID, 4802, ect) isn't set too high (MEd should adjust for this and give you proper numbers) and that your adding the proper txd's to the dff's. No matter how you create and place the objects, we'll need to get them in game.


Here's what your MEd screen should look like if you've used my coords for placing the objects:

user posted image


From here, save all your changes and close the install. Now copy the cisland.col file from your GTA:Vice City DATA/MAPS/cisland to your GTA:LC install (DATA/MAPS/Extras/cisland.col). MAKE SURE READ ONLY IS UNCHECKED, or Col Editor II won't save your changes. Now open up Steve M's Col Editor II. We need the Col files for the objects in question, but we don't want the entire file. So we'll be deleting everything EXCEPT the references to the dff files you extracted earlier. So look at your Notepad file that has your IDE code and make sure the following COL's are the only one in the file:




Now, use the Order By IDE command. This will setup the col file so it loads the col's according to the list. It's also a handy error checking tool; it will tell you if cols or ide entries are missing. If everything is ok, save and close the Col program. If you get ANY errors, stop, close the active file and reopen to try again (you MAY have to recopy the file from your Vice directory).


Once this is all done, we now need to edit our gta_vc.dat file. If you imported your objects with MEd, most of this is done; you'll just need to add the col file. For manual install, here's the lines to add:


In the IDE section, just before the # STAUNTON line, add this:

IDE DATA\MAPS\Extras\extras.IDE


In the IPL section, just before the # STAUNTON line, add this:

IPL DATA\MAPS\Extras\extras.IPL


In the COL section, just after the seafloor line, add this:

COLFILE 0 DATA\MAPS\extras\cisland.COL


Save this file and close it.


If all went well, you should wind up with everything in game similar to this:

user posted image

(the porn wall is in front of Bill, so you can't see it, but it's there)


I'll probably add more screens and corrections as needed.


Happy modding! biggrin.gif

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This looks pretty well set out, and the end result is nothing short of cool. Nice tutorial ceedj.

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