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Dr. Phil

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Sorry if this has been posted, but I just need to rant a bit.


Recently, I was messing around on the net a couple days ago while talking with some buddies on Team Speak when one of them sent me this link. Inside, as you may see or probably have seen, is a short video on the creator of series called Bum Fights and how he went about making millions on it. This post isn’t regarding him, no matter my feelings toward that separate issue. What I am talking about is Dr. Phil, and his hypocritical actions on refusing to talk with the man who was asked to be on the show. To me, this just adds fuel to the fire on people referring him as a douche, hypocrite, and an ignorant person to just name a few of the “nicer” names. I’ve always despised his show, among many other spin-offs, repeatedly exposing people of their personal lives on national television. Then he has the nerve to turn on another man and say exposing people is wrong? Not only that, but he makes himself seem as a higher being by refusing to talk to him and asking security to escort the man out, leaving the crowd to cheer.




I’ve lost what little respect I had for him, leaving me to rather watch Oprah, who by the way is the sole reason why he is still even on T.V. Then again, the majority of his audience are fattened soccer moms who have nothing better to do than watch his show and clean the house. I've seen his show cause huge fights out of nothing, simply because one person said this and the other said "Well, Dr. Phil said..." His ideas and thoughts on the matter probably aren't even his, instead wrote for him and personalized in order to make it seem realistic.


The reason why I posted in the debate and discussion section is I want to know if watching his show should even be considered anymore? I mean, with a man so ignorant, so hypocritical, how is he still on the air? Shouldn't other shows go down with him, like Maury, Ricki Lake (is she still even on anymore?), and other various shows alike them?

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Tom Toole

Do you know what Pop culture is? Do you know that there are other tv shows other than oprah, dr phil, and jay leno? I would suggest watching the Late Show with David Letterman, 6 Feet Under, Seinfeld. I would suggest watching old movies, movies by fellini, movies by Quentin Tarantino and Hiroshi Kitano.


If you don't like something, either get used to it or stop watching it.

Either way, feel free to complain.





As to the morality of Bumfights and Jackass, that's another issue I think should be looked at further, - is "bumfights" sofisticated? is it something you would want your family to look at all together?


If you were a bum would you fight for money?


Would you like to be a bum?

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Guybrush Threepwood

On the subject of Dr. Phil, it's really easy. Cause, as said above me, if you don't like it, don't watch it.

And I personally do like Dr. Phil. Not because it's a deeply therapeutic program that's really changed my life for the better (which it hasn't). But because often times, it provides great comic relief.

Wether it be kids who enjoy robbing cats of their virginity, or soccer moms with herpes. Let's face it, 99% of the episodes focus on menial problems and are in general pretty damn funny.


On the subject of bumfights: I watched it, and laughed at some parts. I wouldn't go as far as saying they provide a public service and employ these people. I'd even say some of the stuff they do should be illegal.

But Dr. Phil is hardly the authority to take on these guys. It's laughable how he reacts, because are you seriously telling me he didn't see that clip before the show? He's just playing the audience for a fool... just like the creator of bumfights coincidentally.

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