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Det Røde Kapel

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On the Danish channel, DR2, a show in four episodes called "Det Røde Kapel" (English: The Red Chapel) where five Danish/Korean comedians take to North Korea and "report" from the country.


In fact, it is very rare that Western medias is permitted within the close communist state. In fact, I just saw them at the annual Anti-US demonstration (which is on the year day for the beginning of the Korean War). It was very interesting to see.


One of the "comedians" was a guy in a wheel chair, who was mentally ill, but was Korean, and he could only speak Danish. He constantly discredited North Korea for its opinions of the World, but each time one other comedian was to translate what he said, he always lied. He feared seriously for saying something inappropriate.


And yes, they were in North Korea. The photos are not faked in any way. They could even be seen on North Korean TV.


But here is the debate. On the site for the show, a viewer raised a good point.


The viewer wither or not it was justified to do it. Accordingly a producer of the show says that at least 10 persons that appeared on the show (all North Koreans, introducing them and guiding around the country) were unable to be tracked. The viewer said it was likely that they had been caught and their lives may be history already.


So, is this merely speculation, or could it be likely? Is it good or bad comedy? At its most extreme.


The pictures from North Korea are quite interesting though. And the show tries to appear without judgement for North Korea, and let the viewers decide.


I was so amazed when I watched it, I had to share.

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In North Korea westerners are a deadly disease

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I found a video from the program here:



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Tom Toole

We are all proud of our clowns, fighting in their own way against communist regimes across the world, through their humor helping destroy the idols of their false religions.


Heil Clown!

Heil Clown!

Heil Clown!

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