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Ace Combat X

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I picked this up along with a new PSP (I had one before but it was damaged) and a 2gb stick. I'm an Ace Combat fan, I've played through 4, 5, and Zero multiple times. Ace Combat X happens to be the tenth Ace Combat game to be made like the pun for Ace Combat 04 which was released during 2004. I've just completed a few missions and I think it has decent graphics, sub-par sound, and good gameplay. Anyone like to comment on Ace Combat X?

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Rayo Puño

I found it to be a pretty damn good game myself. Great graphics and control, and the audio was good too.

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As usual, can't beat the series as a console fighter. Haven't played it fully myself, but being an avid AC fan myself, I've followed it, seen many videos, and even had a quick go at it at a local store. Another great one to add to the collection.


However I don't get how you say it's the 10th. Going since Air combat, It's the 8th.


Air Combat

Ace Combat 2

Ace Combat 3

Ace Combat 4

Ace Combat 5

Ace Combat Zero

Ace Combat Advance

Ace Combat X


I've played all bar the handhelds. 3 is probably my fave, followed by 4 then Zero.


EDIT: Unless you're counting "Ace Combat" which was identical to Air Combat, just the Jap version, and the Jap version of AC3.

Edited by GTAuron

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There were two arcade versions of Ace Combat.

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Air Combat and Air Combat 22 as you say, were only arcade machines, not buyable videogames so I personally wouldn't count them. For example I don't count the arcade versions of the Wipeout series to be outright console games as they are not.


Anyway, I can see where you're coming from, though it is believed that Air Combat and Air Combat 22 the 2 arcade machine games, and Air/Ace Combat on the PSone were not in the same universe as AC4. I don't get what you mean about "made like the pun" but i guess this is what you mean. Anyway, AC games rock regardless.




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