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High-Def Gears of War sig

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I'm having problems with getting transparencies, perhaps someone can tell me why? I'm using photoshop btw. anyways, here is what I would like for it to look like (use default forum skin to view)

High quality Jpeg (with background cuz of transparency problems)

user posted image


sh*tty quality gif

user posted image




some alternative ones I've made:

Alt 1



Photoshop 7.0

high Def GOW screenshot


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It's just the matte color. It doesn't match the default background.

and how do i go about fixing that? I've tried and it didn't do anything.

First, discard the BG assuming your image is still layered. Now go to file > Save for Web... (shift+ctrl+alt+s) and this will bring up the Save for Web window. On the right, you'll see the matte color box, click this and you'll get the color picker. On the bottom of the color picker, type the hex code for the GTA default BG color in the field preceded by a '#'. The code is 182741, click ok and save. Remember to save the color in your swatches palette so you don't forget the hex code in case you need it for future use.

Edited by tagamaynila
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using tagamaynila way...

user posted image


But isn't there a way for me to make it transparent throughout all websites? I wanted it to be able to be viewed by any skin or forum I posted it in without a background or matte color to have to blend it into the website.

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If you want it to blend into any skin, then saving as a.png with alpha transparency is the only way to go i'd imagine.


Saving as a .png through Phtoshop when the background is blue and white checkers will allow for alpha transparency once saved.

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