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General GFX Discussion

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Popular Posts

Done I guess?

Hey guys, been a while! Been so busy this summer I've rarely had time to sit down.   Here's a few pieces I've done the past while.       Some Photomanipulations.    

Life size iPhone 4. Made from scratch in PS... The metalic frame around it should be thinner, i know

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I actually have a 2880 x 1800 version of it. I just downscale them to half size so I can add more detail. I give you the large one on steam now.

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Sorry, still don't understand. Feeling like a complete noob. How do I get the lines to move, step by step? I got the animation window, but I don't have the timeline thing.

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Sorry, I didn't understand your question.


First of all, in this case I used the frames mode. (You can switch between frame and timeline animation using the button in the bottom-right corner of the animation window):

user posted image


For this particular animation I set the time for each frame to 0sec. (no delay), and the loop to forever.


To create the moving lines you have to move the lines layer right for each frame you create:

Start with the original position of the lines in the first frame, press user posted image to create a new frame, and with the new frame selected move the lines layer 1 pixel to the right. Then create a new frame, and move the lines layer again. Do this until the lines pattern reaches its original position, thus creating a smooth loop.


Hope I helped.

Edited by Vasilyrud
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Okay Rokas, first write a black text on top of a white background, duplicate the text layer an set the fill to 0, add a 1 pixel white stroke, create a new layer and merge it with the stroke layer, hide the original text layer . Now create this pattern:

user posted image

On the layers pallet, right click this layer and select create clipping mask. Now you're ready for the animation, open the time line animation window and use the same principle as the animated text tutorial, move the pattern layer from left to right to the canvas. Transform to animation, delete unnecessary frames and that's all.


Hope you understand.

Edited by Rojo.
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I took

video and cropped some parts and used frames as layers and redrew them with one simple line. Here's the result


user posted image


user posted image


user posted image


I'm more than happy with the result and it got 20 notes in 5 minutes in tumblr, that's my blog record!

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Thank you! it got 235 notes in tumblr, that's a record!

Congratz! And well deserved, cause that's just awesome and very creative. icon14.gif


What does the text say that's in one of the frames?

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