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General GFX Discussion

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Popular Posts

Done I guess?

Hey guys, been a while! Been so busy this summer I've rarely had time to sit down.   Here's a few pieces I've done the past while.       Some Photomanipulations.    

Life size iPhone 4. Made from scratch in PS... The metalic frame around it should be thinner, i know

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Yeah i love the second one, thanks for explaining!





I actually really like how the city came out. Simple yet very effective.



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It's all the one font, it's by the same guy Zak told me, it's called Demon Breeze

I looked through his fonts, he has Illegal Curves and Demon Breeze which are basically the same font, and a few others that look extremely similar.


Nice use of the font though. icon14.gif

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Thanks man. smile.gif Yeah his fonts are awesome! I'm going to keep on working on it and see if i'm able to improve on it. biggrin.gif

Edited by Tommy-Vercetti19
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I'm completely out of ideas. I can't think of anything to do. It's like, I open up a new file in PS, then all my ideas are gone. You guys have any ideas how to get my motivation and inspiration back? sad.gif
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Go to abduzeedo, dA, wherever and just look at loads of inspiration, i mean loads. It will definitely help. Also if you have a clouded mind from something going on in life it's going to affect your concentration and ability to think. Clear your mind, look at some inspiration do some sketches and it will help lots. smile.gif



EDIT: Latest work, Pendulum Wallpaper, enjoy! smile.gif



Edited by Tommy-Vercetti19
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Thanks. smile.gif


Do any of you work with AI? I'm finding it very hard to work with and also very complicated. I've been reading soem tutorials but they all include steps where I get lost. mercie_blink.gif

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Thanks man, I digged this photo in abduzeedo and it gave me great inspiration. I have seen these skulls before and I loved them, just couldn't get what they are for. Only recently found out that it's like mexican all saints day called the day of the dead. Pretty cool.

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I think time will let us decide that one. But basically all I did for my first signature was use an old grain pattern for a robocop picture, convert it to grayscale and put the name of a group I'm in. Not really impressive for most of you guys, but I'll definitely be dreaming bigger real soon.






user posted image



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Yeah, I was trying to add a border earlier, but GIMP doesn't really have an easy way of doing that. I try using the select path tool, then I box shape the outline of the picture. From there, it makes it so you can't add any marks or such to the outside of the box, but if I could invert it then I'd be able to easily make borders.

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Just did a bit of searching and found

video. If you watch it until 0:50, you should be able to make a border, any size you want. Instead of applying the blur, just fill the selection with the color you want to sue for your border. I've never worked with GIMP so I wouldn't know if it's possible, but it's worth a try.
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I am ashamed of myself, for ten minutes I messed around with a border that just wouldn't change colours. It stayed Gray. Then I realised that the image was grayscaled, so I made a new layer, re-coloured it and the border was perfect on the first go. Anyway, I've yet to add the text, but here is the image with a pink border. Why pink? I felt it made the picture look older, like maybe eighties or fifties, since both those time periods had pink as a major theme.




user posted image

EDIT: I changed the borderline to two pixels instead of four, cause it looked a bit too big for me.


Any Ideas on a font that would look good?

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So was the video of any help? I just want to know if I ever have to use GIMP I'll remember the procedure.


Also, I like how there are two shades of pink in the border, nice little touch to it. And for the font, I suggest you use Celluloid Bliss and change the text size to 12. Then place it at the bottom left corner, right above the bottom border line, and between with the left side border and Robocop's arm. Then give the text layer 70% transparency for a good effect. I tested it out on photoshop and it looked pretty cool.

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What? What's not to like there? Well I am open to new ideas, any advice for a matching border?


Yeah Guru, that tutorial is amazing, actually. I'm going to subscribe to that chick, she has quite a bit of interesting videos, and that border one did help. As for the picture at hand, the transparency didn't work on the text layer, so I kept it at 12 and uploaded it like that. Thanks for the font by the way, it's awesome. It's a bit hard to read, so I might just make the text a little darker.


user posted image

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