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Please be aware that this is not a tutorial request forum! Use the appropriate topic for the effect.

Vertex Colors (3dMax)

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20/3/07 - Updating pics - JostVice


Removed ingame pics, examples and other stuff. sorry


original post:


Some days (or months) ago Paroxum teach me how to get the vertex colors in max and ingame correctly. (SA) This tutorial don't show to u how to do shadows and that things, but you can do some good things and get a good final model, basically, vertex colors paint your vertex with different colors. This tutorial was made from my personal tests.


You need:


Have the model working ingame (SA, VC and GTA3)

3dmax (version 6 to up I think)

Kams Script



Let's go...


Open 3dmax, then go to import a DFF model, using Kam's DFF IO.


Noobs: click on Import DFF and then search for the DFF


user posted image



I'll use a VC Model, from Liberty City Stories mod that need to be prelighted. TripleAs asked me if I can do it for he.




Some polys are dark, yes?



Well, click on the model and then go to the utilities menu, click on assign Vertex Colors


user posted image


Now we must see at the right a menu like this one... the options must be like the red boxes... then click on 'Assign to selected'


user posted image


Then click on the shortcut 'modifiers'


user posted image


you will see a large menu with some paint buckets, Okey, check if the options are like this one:


user posted image


Set all like on the red colors, the pink color is what you'll use to paint the model. (The paint bucket paint all the model, and the brush do it manually) the green box is the color, I have it black because I want to add some shadows to the model, but you can add all what you want (white vertex, for bright, black vertex that simulate the shadows....)


Now is time to paint the model... this is personal so I'll only post a pic of the process, with the brush selected you only click on the different parts of the model.


user posted image









The model can be a bit bright, so you can set the color to black and click on the paint bucket to get it more dark. As you see on the menu, I have the opacity in 20, if you set it to 100 you'll have all the model white or black, so I use 20. you can use 5 for the paint bucket if you only want it a bit more darked.



Be sure your model is in 0,0,0 and then go to the DFF IO.


Click on UV and Vcol ( you dont need the other options) click on skip col and then click export. Choose SA if the model is for SA and VC if its for VC. I set VC because my model is for VC, lol tounge2.gif


In game (VC)




this pic is from the old model. anyway you can see a example of VP



it a bit bright and I think we can dark it more.


I think you must try and try and see how it looks ingame, paint the grass surfaces with green, etc... get the interiors more darked, simply shadows, neons with a very bright color, etc... Also this is a easy prelight.


Some things that I get using vertex colors:






I hope you understand me, I'm not the best English speaker...



Edited by Jost_Vice

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Very nice tutorial Jost. Good work on the translation, I didn't understand anything on the older one tounge.gif

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007 RoadRunner

Nice tutorial but the pictures won't load cry.gif


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bump. Images updated with ones from other model... only that


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Awesome tutorial, this works for gta3 also so you should add that.

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This tut is great, it realy saved my life...

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nice tut,tried out and worked fine.thanks for that

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