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Big Slow

Double Standards in the Black Community

Recommended Posts

Big Slow


                                                        Equality: The state or quality of being equal.




                                                    Racism: Discrimination or prejudice based on race.


Has the world not become impartial to the inequalities bestowed upon us as a society? Have we all become so politically correct, that the tables have turned, and we are not only afraid to speak out, but are reprimanded for it, because of race or color? Is it not unequal for a specific race to be able to act, organize, speak out, unite, publish, or express their views, no matter how possibly unethical or hypocritical? This day in age, I believe that racism has found a new meaning.


This, in part, has to do with the now well-publicized outcry from Michael Richards' (AKA Kramer) outburst at the Laugh Factory recently.


Richards f*cked up. Plain and simple. There is no excuse.


However, why is there no backlash from the complete hypocritical outburst by a black audience member? Did I not distinctly hear someone cry out a reference to a "cracker"? Was that not caught on the very videotape which will forever haunt Richards? Maybe some proof:



user posted image



Alas, the plot thickens:


Two black men who say they were insulted by US comedian Michael Richards during his racist rant at a comedy club want a personal apology and perhaps some money, one of the men and their lawyer say.



Wow. Is there not a better example of our distorted sense of political correctness right in our faces? Where's the backlash? Where's the outcry of discrimination. Theoretically (my own opinion here) they believe since he is a Hollywood star, he must be loaded. I mean, he was on Seinfeld after all. Why not get a few bucks out of the deal? Is that not discriminating to think he has money? It's almost extortion to threaten him with a lawsuit if he doesn't give a little something something.


Tell me, when is the last time you saw the Reverend Jesse Jackson reprimand a man of color? When is the last time the NAACP has not come running, hollering, fists pumping when an African American is killed by a white person? What was the definition of a double standard again?:



A set of principles permitting greater opportunity or liberty to one than to another


Why is it ok to have a Black Entertainment Television? Black history month? The Black Nativity Story? When does that propose a problem? Maybe when someone makes a reference to a White Entertainment Television, and gets slapped as a racist, or at least an individual with racist undertones, that may need to seek counseling with a professional. How hard is it to see the hypocrisy?! Excuse the corny pun, but it's quite literally black and white. How can you have one, but not the other?


Now, I'm not crusading to get a magazine, television network, or publishing rights for a strictly caucasian network. I am however, quite pissed off when I see people in the black community insult, cry out, and berate people with such racist comments, then cry holy hell when someone calls them dark.


Let us also look at some recent hotbeds of controversy.


Teenager dies in Florida bootcamp.

He was such a good child, but somehow, perhaps by omniscience, or maybe a ripple in the fabric of the space time continuum, he ended up in a boot camp. Both parties f*cked up, but do you see anything negative about the kid? The poster boy of innocence perhaps?


92 year old dies in drug raid.

Granted, this is not (yet) a black vs white campaign, but I give it only a matter of days before the NAACP intervenes. Once again, the police may have botched the delivery on this (pending investigation), but she shot three police officers. Three. I guess since she's 92, they should have died in ignorance.


There was also another story where a black teen was in a crack house at an ungodly hour when police busted the door down. He did not comply with officers, and made his way toward a couch. Officers shot him, and he was killed. There was a gun in the couch. Now, the NAACP and the kids parents come crying wolf, that the child was murdered by the police.


Why is it that someone is considered "murdered" if they are black, but killed by a white in a controversial setting? Why even, are some of these incidents considered a hate crime?


It feels uniquely odd that at the end of my little talk here, I almost feel I need to explain myself, to give reference to a black friend, or some kind of proof I am not a racist. Is that not ironic that I, a free American man, has to explain myself, in fear I may be viewed as some sort of sheet wearing, white power supremacist? I am actually afraid of the responses I may receive after posting this. I've taken very careful steps to not let off a racial overtone toward any one race, but I'm hoping any negative reply that is unjust or simply an attack on my opinion would only serve to prove my remarks.


I believe that equality means that no one race gets provision over another, that we all have equal natural rights, but when does political correctness stop at being a shield, and used as a weapon?

Edited by Big Slow

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Don't forget the United White Persons College Fund.


I've never really understood the concept of the United Negro College Fund, and how it fits in (or at least how it's supposed to fit in) with the idea of equality. I mean, I can respect that there are many blacks out there who in fact don't have enough money to get through college, but I'm certain that there are plenty of white people that aren't very well off financially either; it's not exaclty equal if this assocation favors a certain race, is it? So, why not make it the "United College Fund for the Less Fortunate" or something?


I agree that this country has completely bastardized the idea of political correctness. There is a lot of emphasis put on racism, and how you should always worry about maybe hurting someone's feelings by what you say; which isn't necessarily a bad thing, but it's got to the point where it's like walking on eggshells. You have to call a certain people this, a certain people that, and never bring this up, etc, etc...


I call black people 'blacks' because white people are called 'whites'. Believe me, the second I get called an "Anglo-American" instead of a whitey/cracker/white person, then I'll gladly refer to the black community as African-American.


I guess this was just an add-on (because it clearly wasn't a rebuttal), but I wanted to chime in with my take as well, and of course say hi to you, Biggles. It's been awhile since we last talked. inlove.gif

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Cypress Hill

I definitely agree that emphasis on political correctness and the double standards created by affirmative action cause segregation and discrimination. It pisses me off when I see Al Sharpton saying its racist for the state to execute a black man for killing 4 people, but its just fine to execute a white man for killing 1 person. There are also numerous schools that are exclusively black, which I find ironic because ending segregation in school system was once a top priority for civil rights leaders, and now they're recreating it.


Looking back at the civil rights movement in the 1950's and 1960's and the works of people like Martin L. King and Malcom X, the purpose was to end segregation and racism and make African Americans equal. Apparently the motivations of some civil rights movements have changed since then.

Edited by Cypress Hill

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I do agree that people need to stop being racist but not everyone can comprehend the complexitys of the subject, search Amadou Diallo on any search engine and found out what happened to him because he was a black man, he was pulling out his wallet and because hes pegged a "gangsta" or a "thug" he go shot 18 times and he was even shot in the bottom of his feet, which means the police kept shooting after he had several bullets in him. So because he was Racially pegged he is dead and those police officer got booted from the force but no jail time cause he(amadou) cant speak. I think BET and the United negro college funds are obviously a good thing cause some african americans do not have the funds to go to college and thats not a knock on them at all, some people are just broke like me, the BET subject i see it like this, most networks dont wanna take on something that could get them into anykind of trouble no matter what it is!!!!



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the United negro college funds are obviously a good thing cause some african americans do not have the funds to go to college and thats not a knock on them at all, some people are just broke

I believe"some people" includes those of other racial minorities and caucasians. dozingoff.gif

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but what im saying is that if say i didnt get help and I became rich one day i would help some people that were of my race, im sure that there are places other people and minoritys could get help.

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Cypress Hill
but what im saying is that if say i didnt get help and I became rich one day i would help some people that were of my race, im sure that there are places other people and minoritys could get help.

I think it would make more sense to help underprivelaged people in general as opposed to just people of your race. When organizations like the United Negro College Fund attempt to provide benefits to people because they are of a certain race, they are sponsering segregation. The fair thing to do would be to provide college money to all underprivelaged people, regardless of race.


I read recently that in louisville, KY the supreme court is deciding whether or not race conscious integration program is constitutional. Basically the program mandates that the district's schools make the racial breakdown of their students proportionate to that of the district. This means that the school district assigns students to certain schools by their race. Most of the districts best schools are in suburban areas that are predominantly white, and these schools have the most demmand and the most applicants. But because these schools can only have a certain number of white students, many local students are rejected from their schools of choice because they are white. Somehow, people who suppeot this prejudicial program think its different than the school segregation that prohibited blacks from going to good schools in the 50's and 60's, but I don't see how.


In my opinion, laws, regulations, programs and such should be totally color-blind and not directed at a specific race.

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ya i totally agree man that the laws should be colour-blind but unfortunatly thats not how it is and how its gonna be for awhile until everyone can see that race doesnt matter cause we are all human beings!!!!

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Tom Toole

Shouldn't there also be a biracial fund? a black and latino mix fund? a caucasian- african mix fund?


shouldn't there be a fund for white rich millionaire folk?


and for black rich millionaire folk?


and for purple rich kajillionaire folk?


and for the starving amish?


and for the starving chinese?


and for the short australians?

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