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Using a game pad with Vice City?


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Is there any way to use a USB game pad with the PC version of Vice City? I saw this mod for San Andreas. Is there anything like that for Vice City? I did actually find this, but I'm not a member of GameSpy or IGN, so I can't download it. Maybe someone who is a member could help me out and upload it for me? That would be amazing. Any help is greatly appreciated!


Oh, and BTW, it seems like you guys have a nice, large community here. I like it. colgate.gif

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Yes, you can use a USB gamepad with VC, just switch to classic controlls.


Only problem is, it doesn't seem to let you define the controlls, so you have to use the controlls it already has, which are different from the PS2 version, if that's what you're hoping they're like.


Oh, and welcome to the forums.

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Okay, I figured it out. I configured the controls in Vice City to my controller, but the analog sticks weren't detected. All the buttons worked fine. So I needed the program I mentioned above for the analog sticks, and I found it here. I didn't have to join GameSpy or anything.


You can Lock this topic now. Thanks for the warm welcome!

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  • 9 years later...


so here is my problem,i use a mac to play the pc version(using wine) i have a Ucom usb gamepad,but i can only look around and walk.I cant sprint,get in a car,punch,kick,etc... so if u can help me it will be amazing. :lol:

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