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The Official "Make A Mission" Topic™

Recommended Posts


try my mission

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pager:[lance]hey, pete's operation is about to begin....


mission specs:

name: angel of mercy


obtained by: going to the starting island hospital



[vic] how's pete?

[lance] vic, we have a huge problem. the ambulance that carries pete's equipment for his operaton is missing

[vic] i'll go look for it.

[lance] you better hurry, pete can't last much longer


mission start:

head towards the other hospital. get the equipment before the 4 hour mark you head down to the other hospital and you should see a ambulance. enter the ambulance to discover that the police have the equipment. get the police car find the nearset police car and try to jack it. kill the police and enter the car. then head back to the hospital with the car.

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claude lowe

missions specs:

Mission:Kill Jill


CUTSCENE:So Vic Some girl at the malibu wants to see you.Her name is jill.

Get in a car and drive to the malibu.Go to the MALIBU and see Jill.Go in side and see

Jill.Mr.Anonymous's men will kill her.Kill his [color=red]Men!After you kill them,Get in your car.Go burn down [color=red]Mr.Anonymous's House.Mission passed!


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Gantons Most Wanted

Pager[Lance]: Vic i need to see you i've gathered everybody drop by your Loan Shark Empire next to Louise's sisters house in Little Haiti]


Mission:The Game Is To Be Sold Not To Be Told




CUTSCENE:Lance has everyone up in the Office Phil Cassidy, Umberto Robina and some local Gang Leaders from The Little Havana and Little Haiti Neighbourhoods are present Lance tells them that somebody within there little union called "The Team" has either a snitch or and Undercover Agent within there ranks because some of there Empires mainly in the downtown Are have been facing heavy raids and that there drugs business had a big new shipment of new stuff they were about to distribute on the streets is now in a police lock up awaiting transport to the Narcotics division at Vice Beach after the meeting Lance tells Umberto and Phil thats hes put trackers on the gang leaders cars and has a car of guys tailing them and is constantly watching there every move until they find this rat you leave the High Roller Loan Shark business


Recruit 3 Gang members for the journey there


take The Admiral outside


follow the gang leaders that reside in the northern Haiti Neighbourhood to the Boatyard where they go to meet with some mysterious looking guys the black guy in the front of the Car Lenny says hes seen these guys before hanging around just a couple of hours before the shipment was raided inside the drug warehouse just located by the hotel construction site next objective is to take out the gang members and then beat the gang leader up and put him in the trunk of the car then head to the skumole shack where you'll interigate him


Mission Complete


Reward: $9000


new unlockable at the boatyard a bullet proof Violater will now be purchasable anytime


Mission: Sqweel Deal


Lance is interogating the leader the leader says the DEA had threatened him by saying his brothers who are serving a 20 year sentence would go down for longer with new evidence that would come to light if he didn;t co-oparate with them the leader says he knows a corrupt cop who could get access to them during transfer so you can attempt to jump the prison van


Take the Armadillo on the rooftop Phil has asked some of his old army buddys to do the gunning from the chopper to cover you while you lift the truck into the sky


head to the ocean beach police station


the brothers are being moved into the van


use the magent now!


then head to the pier and get them out the van and onto the boat and take them to the offshore houses and hide there for 24 hours


next part of the mission you must protect the area for 24 game hours from any police choppers or boat sqauds trying to retrieve there prisoners after that you must take them in the chopper to the lock ups behind the ammunation in the centre of downtown


Mission Passed $12,000


you can now buy high grade weaponary for low prices now from the lock ups since Phil has expanded his business


Whistlin Dixie


Phil shows up looking for Lance wanting to ask him about somthing important then Phil says why hes worried and says that the remaining trailer park Mafia is going to hit his gun shipment due to the fact one of the warehouses was broke into last night and alot of high grade gear which he knows they'd probably put to good use to try jack more of Phils gear


Take Phil to his shipment at his yard


enter the Barracks OL


take it to the lock up and take out any trouble on the way up there


on the way up you route gets blocked in Little Havana Phil takes a turn down an alley way and then the shipment gets jumped Phil gets knocked out while you just get thrown out the truck and beaten up


Next part is to find Phil they've taken him to the junkyard you have to take out the trailer park mafia goons that stand in your way or as they've renamed themselves The Dixie Defenders as you arrive at the junkyard the enterance is blocked by sabres so you have to get them out the way


as you progress through the junkyard you'll find the truck and phil in the warehouse at the far end of the junkyard as you leave you will be pursued by 6 Sabres


as you reach the downtown area an Armadillo will swoop down and take out any trouble from police or the Dixie Defenders then its plain sailing to the lock ups


Mission Passed $14,000


Armadillo now Availible at the compound safehouse


Snitch Glitch


now you did the leader a favour and now the DEA has nothing on "The Team" you have to go with him and set up one last deal but you will be there as protection and to make sure he dosen't give away any info on things you drive his Voodoo to the meet followed by other local gang members in Sabres and a Gang Rancher provided by Phil the deal is happening at the boat yard evertyhing goes well until the gang leader tells them how it is that he won't co-operate after this last piece of info the atmosphere erupts into a big shootout DEA vs local gang posses half of the gang members get taken down by the DEA chopper until it gets shot down by a gang member back up arrives so everyone decides its a good idea to leave on the DEA Boats and hide off shore for a few days since its dark by now you can make your escape while the DEA search the area and set up roadblocks


Mission Passed $20,000


the offshore docks safehouse has been unlocked you can now save here after a mission




with the false info given out at the deal Lance figurs that they'll probably act on the info thinking its genuine so Lance decides to get everyone together to take down a large amount of DEA and FBI Agents and get the drugs back since the boat will be leaving today your objective is to steal 4 FBI Ranchers and drop them at the lock up so you can slip past security at the docks empty the boats cargo hold and then take the drugs back to the Drug warehouse empire located next to the hotel construction site during the mission the nieghbourhoods will be in turmoil as the FBI face off against local gangs of thugs while it gives you Phil, Lance And Umberto Enough time to get to the stash on the boat once the mission is complete any troublw with the high level law departments will cease with all the bad press and you and half of little haiti and Havanna sueing them for brutallity and misuse of police conduct


Mission Passed reward $50,000


the Mendez's old mansion is availible for purchase after purchase in the back garden there will be a purchasable Armadillo and Maverick in the drive a purchasable Bulletproof Gang Rancher and FBI Rancher with an armoury of guns at the back of the house in the basement where you fought Armando

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is this for ps2

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Pager Message: [Tommy Vercetti] Victor Vance, Come down to Ocean Beach Hotel, now!!!…[END]



Mission: Drugs on My Mind

Contact: [Tommy Vercetti]

Obtained By:[going to Ocean Beach Hotel]



You enter the building and you are brought to the top, where Tommy is smoking a cigarette with a package beside him.

[Tommy][Well you should be the famous Victor Vance, Your brother Lance has told me a lot about you

[Vic][While holding a SMG at tommy] [Look, you wanted me to come here idiot, Now what do you want.]

[Tommy] [Well you know Ken Rosenberg.]

[Vic] [No] puts the gun down

[Tommy][ [Well mate, heres the thing, in the package beside me is a key to the 20 kilos of cocaine your brother was keeping]

[Vic] [Well Tommy, heres the thing, I don’t work with drugs]

[Tommy][ (Standing up) [i know Lance told me so all you need to do is take the package to him]

[Vic] [is that all]

[Tommy] [Yes now go]


[Go to the stadium downtown]

On the way you notice a car trailing you, but you keep driving.

Once arrived at the stadium, a cutscene occurs

you get out/off the vehicle you were in/on and tommy gets out of the car that was trailing you.

[Tommy][Hey Vic have you seen Ken yet]

[Vic] [No, Why]

[Tommy] [because he just paged me saying he has just been took toe the airport]

[Vic] [Oh sh*t, lets go]


[Get to the helicopter now] You drive to the airport and you will see ken hiding behind a parked car.

[kill the guys who kidnapped Ken]


After you have killed them , a message pops up: [someone has stolen the package from your helicopter and took it

you go and kill the thieves and follow the blip, which ends up at the mendez building. Once arrived: Take down the Hunter[Don’t worry it won’t shoot missiles] ,kill everyone marked with a red blip and get the package. Then give it to Ken.

[Ken] Thanks Mr.vance really appreciate it (Ken drives off in a Walton)


Mission completed Reward: $2500 and a hunter helicopter on Lance’s helipad


Hope u like it colgate.gifcolgate.gifcolgate.gif





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Pager Message: [Lance Vance] Victor Vance, Come down to Ocean Beach Hotel, now!!!…[END]


Mission: Pete Vance

Contact: [Lance Vance and Tommy Vercetti]

Obtained By:[Going to a House on Starfish island] [marked with a LT sign]



You enter the building and you see lance dancing with Tommy

[Lance] [Hiya bro, what’s popping]

[Vic] [Oh shut up, hey tommy how’s Ken]

[Tommy] [pretty well]

[Lance] [Hey Tommy, tell Vic about the thing]

[Tommy][ [Oh yeah,vic me and tommy have just been talking with this guy and… ]

[Vic] [what guy]

[Tommy][well it’s your brother Pete]

[Vic] [What!!!]

[Tommy] [that is why you are going to see him]


Mission: [Go to Lance’s old Hotel]


Once arrived , a cutscene occurs

you get out of the vehicle you were in and tommy and lance gets out of the car with you and enters the hotel.

You see Pete on the sofa

[Lance][Hey Pete, How’s it going]

[Pete] (in a squeaky voice)[Fine, thanks for the money Vic ]

[Vic] [its all right all because of me and Lance…]

Suddenly thought the window you see two little Willie helicopters with two policemen in them

[Policemen] [Lance Vance you are under arrest for caught drug dealing with the army]

[Vic and Tommy] [Lance you f*cker]

Mission part 2: Escape the hotel with Tommy, Lance and Pete.

Drive to Phil’s place then a cutscene occurs

Phil comes out of the shooting range and kills all the policemen.


Mission completed Reward: $1000


This Is my favourite tounge2.gif

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Pager Message: [Jezz Torrent][Oi Geezer, heard ya like a bit of rock, come and see me…[END]


Mission Specs:

Mission: Get the girl or die tryin’

Contact: Jezz Torrent

Obtained By: Going to Escobar Airport



Vic walks into the Airport and meets Jezz with his bodyguards.

[Jezz] So Geezer you must be Vic Vance

[Vic] Who the hell are you

[Jezz] I’m Jezz Torrent, Lead Singer of love fist, the Scottish rock band

[Vic] Oh… Who

[Jezz] Oh never mind (walks over to Vic) Well you see I have one of my birds down in ocean beach and she hasn’t been paying me and I’m really pissed off with it

[Vic] So you want me to kill her

[Jezz] yes me old cream cracker, now go

[Vic] What did you call me

[Jezz] Just…Go



[Kill the girl over at ocean beach hotel]


On the way you get a pager message [Hey Vic is Jezz, I have just been informed that she has about 5 guards outside her hotel, better be careful… [END]

When you get there, a cutscene occurs

You approach the hotel and a guard pushed you away

[Guard] you are not getting in mate, not without a pass

[Vic] I have, this gun

[Kill the guards]

after you kill them the girl comes out and gets into a stallion and drives off

[Destroy the car and get back to the airport]

when you destroy the car and get to the airport a cutscene occurs

[Vic] Jezz she is dead

[Jezz] Well done Vic Now I must go to my hotel, now leave…


Mission Completed Reward: $1500


Hope anyone likes it colgate.gifcolgate.gif












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Pager Message: ["Big" Mitch Baker] Hey Little Man come down to the greasy chopper to have a beer… [END]


Mission Specs:

Mission: Boomshine Error

Contact: ["Big" Mitch Baker]

Obtained By: [Going to the greasy chopper bar]


You enter the bar and Mitch grabs you and puts a pistol to your head.

[Mitch] Who the hell are you little man

[Vic] Victor Vance, you paged me

[Mitch] Oh (lets go off you and puts the gun down) sorry I’m Mitch

[Vic] Hi, so what do you want you f*cking prick

[Mitch] Well your Friend Phil has dumped a lot of his boomshine in my Biker hideout in the junkyard and he has lit a fuse that will blow it all up

[Vic] so what do you want me to do

[Mitch] take off of his boomshine back to his boomshine storage in little Havana.

[Vic] Ok

[Mitch] it is on a back of a flatbed



[Take the Boomshine to Phil’s boomshine storage] You only have 3 game hours [3 minutes] to get there and 4 game hours [4 Minutes] to get it to Phil’s Storage.

On the way you will be chased by some of Phil’s mates in waltons doing drive by so don’t get it too damaged.

When you get to the storage place a cutscene occurs

You get out of the van and you see a group of Phil’s mates.

[Phil’s mates 1] You mess with Phil now you should die

[Kill Phil’s mates]

Then a cutscene occurs

You park the boomshine into the storage place and run off

Then the whole storage gets blown up.


Mission completed Reward:$1250


[The storage is the one where you have to rescue the boomshine for phil in boomshine blowout]


Hope its alright confused.gif


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Mission: The gangs all here


The whole of Vice City has been placed on lockdown by order of congressman Alex Shrub and any crime is going to be delt with by using all resources availible by joining the Police,FBi and National gaurd.


However if crime is wiped out then what will happen to the gang. After hearing of this all Major crime familys organise a meeting. The spot held at none other than Tommy Vercettis Mansion.




Tommy Vercetti

Victor Vance

Umberto Robina

Phil Cassidy

Mitch Baker

Colnel Courtez

Ken Rosenberg


Mission Script


Victor Vance arrives


Victor: So this is the place of the guy who killed my brother huh. Guess well find out what will go down.


Ken Rosenberg arrives with Tommy and sees victor


Tommy: Ken you cant upload coke in your law office and not expect the cops to try to look for it or watch over you.


Victor: What the f*ck wheres ricardo? Oh so your the fool that killed my brother.


Before victor has a chance to take a crack at tommy Ken dives in and finally stands up for himself.


Ken: Hey listen jerk who are you? Another one of Sonny Forelis henchman.


Victor: What i aint no henchman your little friend here killed my brother.


Tommy: Your brother tried to kill me, Ken and other people while helping Sonny Foreli a guy that i did 15 years for in the slammer.


Victor: Thats a load of bullsh*t your mine boy.


Tommy: Pulls out a gun and a tense moment between vic and tommy begins.


Phil Cassidy: hey would you two put those away. Vic your brother always did stupid things you knew this would happen and you know how stupid he is.


Vic: He killed my brother what do you want me to do? Are you defending this scumbag.


Tommy: Whats wrong with you your brother worked for the Forelis isnt that reason enough for you to understand he was out of control.

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Vic: True, he did tell me diaz tried to kill him, but you still took my brother away and i can not forgive you.


Tommy: Look i know you dont like me and all but we have a problem that needs fixed and fast.


Victor: Alright ill play ball but once this is all done and over you and I we settle this.


Tommy and Vic Shake Hands


Cortez and Avery walk in along with Umberto and Mitch Baker for extra security and backup.


The scence cuts to inside the mansions room and the meeting begins.


Tommy: Alright normally i wouldnt be seen talking to large groups of crime familys but in this case ill make an execption.


All charicters nod there heads.


Ken: So what should we do with this situation.


Phil Cassidy: The goverment has its army right lets build ours


Vic appaulds


Tommy: Alright how are we going to fight off this threat.


Victor: Lets spilt up into different groups and scour the streets and take out personell.


Tommy: Good plan lets go


Umberto Its time to show your big cohones.


Mitch: lets crack some heads and show em what real business is


Mission begins and you decide who to play as Victor or Tommy


Object of the mission is to take out the whole goverment army and help all members survive.


Mission Ending will be worked on

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Cut scene : Announcement: Today only, free golf practice for all at Leafs Links!

Lance is strapped to a bouy and everyone gets to practice their swings, till everyone succeeds in hitting a golf ball right in Lance's annoying furkin mouth, and then, keep on hitting him on his useless "full of sh*tt" head, till he's dead.

Cut scene ending: Announcement: Tonight only, in celebration of a useless caracter's death, free drinks at the Malibu Club and free Hookers too! biggrin.gif


One thing is certain; if i ever hear the name Lance on a future GTA game, i won't be buying it! He's the most annoying caracter i've ever heard/seen ANYWHERE!! die.gifdie.gifdie.gif

Well, i gotta go, i'm in a hurry to get to the Malibu Club, in anticipation of the ---celebration!! biggrin.gif


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Hmmm nice bike

Pager Message: [sgt. Peppah]Get your ass down to Fort Baxter this instant, soldier![END]


Mission Specs:

Mission: Try Hard

Contact: Sgt. Peppah

Obtained By: Walking into pink marker at the main building at Fort Baxter


[Vic] Victor Vance reporting for duty, sir!

[sgt.] Vic, we have a big problem. We just received word that terrorists took over the DH Hotel in Washington Beach across from Rosenburg & Co. Lawyers. They have hidden a bomb on the top floor, and if that thing goes off, the whole building will go from hotel to junkyard!]

[Vic] Okay sir, what do you want me to do?]

[sgt.] First, I want you to gather up as many soldiers as you can. About 13 would be good. Then, I we will get into our Barracks OLs, and you will follow the Liutenant to the hotel. Now move!]

[Vic] Yes sir!

Mission: You are outside the building, and you have a 20-minute countdown. Walk up to any soldiers you see, target them, and press up to get them to join you . Hurry as you have 20 minutues, and you must get thirteen of these guys. Once you get thirteen, get into the Barracks OL with the pink arrow on top. The soldiers will follow, and get into the other barracks. You now must follow the Lieutenant's barracks to the hotel. You will fail the mission if you get too far behind, destroy your truck, destroy his truck, get outside the truck and stay out for 20 seconds, block the lieutenant's truck for more than 10 seconds, get wasted, or get a wanted level. Once you reach the hotel, you now must get out and walk into the pink marker. A cutscene kicks in

[Cutscene] As Vic and the soldiers walk up the steps of the building, a sniper kills 4 soldiers.


[sgt.] Here, take this sniper rifle , take cover in the Rosenburg building, and kill that motherf*cker!

You now walk into the yellow arrow at the frot of Ken Rosenburg's place. Once in, ignore Ken and climb the stairs to the vantage point. You fail the mission if you shoot Ken, shoot a soldier, shoot the Sgt. or Lietenant, run out of time, blow up a Barracks OL, or let the sniper kill all of the soldiers. The sniper is on the 6th floor and has body armor on, so zoom in, and fire at his head. A cutscene kicks in.


[Vic] Hey, take it easy, do you want the building across to be oblitherated?

[Ken] *Sigh* Can I help you?

[Vic] No, this is no job for a man like you!

[Ken] Oh please????? I swear, I'll defend you, I'll keep you safe, I'll kill, I'll mame, I'll-

[Vic] Okay, you can come, but you better shut up if you don't want my foot up your ass.


[sgt] Vic, what in God's name is this civillian doing with you out here?

[Vic] His name is Ken. He says he can help me and cover me.

[sgt.] Okay, soldier, but you better protect him or any tourists in the hotel for that matter. I don't want any civillian casualties. This goes for all of you!

[soldiers]SIR, YES, SIR!

*Just as everyone is about to go in, a helicopter flys in, and a guy with a rocket launcher is hanging on the side!*

[sgt.] What the-

*The man on the helicopter fires a rocket*

[Vic and Ken simultaneously]SH*IIIIIIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

*The rocket kills 8 more soldiers, leaving only two left*

[soldier1] Vic! Catch!

*Vic grabs hold of rocket lancher*

The new objective is to destroy the enemy chopper. You fail if you kill ken, sgt., lieutenant, both soldiers, get wasted, or run out of time. Once you take down the chopper, a cutscene triggers.

[Vic] Phew, glad that's over with. Come on men, lets move in!

You now must make your way up 13 floors to get to the top, while listening to Ken's hlarious remarks. On the first floor, terrorists with AK-47s and pistols attack you. The same enemies go for the second and third floors. The fourth floor enemes now have MP5s and M16s. One has a grenade, where a cutscene triggers.

*Terrorist hidden behind cart pulls pin on a grenade, throws it, and runs away. The Vic, Ken, and Soldier 1 dive out of the way, but Soldier 2 is caught off gaurd and is wounded in the explosion*

[Ken] Damn! Who does that guy think he is? Tommy Vercetti?

[soldier 2] Help me...I've been hit...ugh...

[soldier 1] Oh my god! Are you okay, Mike?

[Vic] John, we need to get out of here, that guy could come back!

[soldier1] I'm not leaving Mike behind. I'm taking him to the ground level to get an ambulace down here.

[Vic] Okay soldier, but be careful.

Now you must find the man that wounded John. Be sure to keep track of how much time you have left. Head into the rooms and hallways, and try throwing some grenades to take out a pack of guys that attack with M16s in room 69. Make your way through the halls, protecting Ken and shooting bad guys, and go into the storage closet. This is where the grenade-tossing guy is, so it is good that you found the health and armor in the rooms. This guy comes out with body armor, an Automatic Shotgun, and grenades, so protect Ken as he make even funnier remarks, and be sure to take cover behind carts and in rooms with health and armor. If you have an automatic shotgun, 5 shots should be enough to take him out. You can also free-aim and shoot him in the head, which kills him instantly. Once he is dead, pick up his grenades and auto-shotgun, and walk into the marker at the end of the floor, where a cutscene triggers.

[Vic] Dammit.

[Ken] What?

[Vic] There are no more stairs. Now we-

*payphone on wall starts ringing*

[Ken] Now that's weird. I've stayed here before and that phone was never there before.

*Vic carefully walks over and picks up the phone*

[Vic] Hello?

*In european accent*

[???] Hello, Victor. This is the head of the terrorists. We come from an Eastern European Country. We're targeting America because you people can be such annoying slobs. It's always your mother being your sister or selling children weapons, you guys are always up to something. You will have to take the elevator to the 12th floor, since there are no more stairs until then. There are no terrorists in those floors. You can locate me on the floor with the bomb. Sayanara, Victor Vance, sayonara Vice City.

[Vic] Bu-*click-beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

[Vic] Dammit. He hung up. We have to take the elevator if we want to find this guy.

[Ken] But wait, Vic! Haven't you ever seen an action movie. The bad guy always says to take the elevator, and it turns out to be an ambush. We're better off scaling the wall outside... just like like Spider Man! We can-

[Vic] Shut up, Ken. I'm the soldier, your the civilian, we take my order.

*The men walk in the elevator, and Vic pushes the button to floor 12. As they are going up, an explosion is heard, the elevator shakes, and gunshots and screams are going through the doors.*

[Ken] Oh sh*t! You see, Vic?!?! I was right!

[Vic] This thing is gonna be destroyesd if we don't get out.

[Ken] How about the hatch?

*Vic ignores Ken and sets an explosive device on wall.*

[Ken] Now, what did you do that for?! We had a chance to escape and now were gonna be blown all the way into oblivion!

[Vic] Exactly!

*Vic shoots open the hatch and he and Ken go through*

Now you must climb up the elevator walls, with Ken holding your back. Your new objective is to reach the 12th floor within 2 minutes. This should be easy, but watch out for falling debris from the small explosion, which can knock you down a few feet. Get hit more than ten times, and your dead meat. Once you reach the 12th floor, the view switches, and now you must keep hitting the X button so Vic can pust it open. Once the boys climb in, a cutscene triggers.

*Vic quickly shuts the doors tightly. Then, the explosion erupts the elevator shaft and the open elevator doors for the bad guys to shoot in flames! The explosion runs through, killing all the bad guys. A tall man emerge from one of the rooms, clapping slowly*

[???] *clap*...*clap*...*clap*... Well Victor, you and your idiot freind have made it through alive. I wasn't expecting this. My name is Vladmir Keshnohgan. I am an experienced terrorrist, responsible for the 1969 London bombings, the 1974 Liberty Memorial Stadium bombing, and the 1979 Carcer bombings.

[Vic] You wont be doing those things anymore, Vladmir.

[Vladmir] Hahahahaha. Slly American. After I am done with Vice City, I am moving on to Los Santos, San Fierro, Bogota, Tokyo, San Fierro, Las Venturas, Libe-

[Ken] Oh will you shut up? I've been through ma-

*Vladmir puts pistol in Ken's face*

[Ken] *Whimpers* Okay, Mr. Terrorist. Sorry!

[Vladmir] Catch me if you can, Victor and Kenny.

[Vic] He's getting away!

Now you must chase after Vladmir. There are some terrorists along the way that pop out of rooms and closets, so watch out for them (especially the one with the M16). Keep up with Vladmir, going up a small staircase and to the thirteenth floor.

[Vladmir] Here you go, Kenny.

*Vlad tosses Ken the bomb. Ken fumbles with it, but Vic catches it.

[Vic] I have some plyers. We can disarm it!

[Ken] Don't do it! It can-

[Vic] Oh shut up. Haven't you ever seen an action movie?

You now move the plyers ove the wires, while cutting all the wires that don't have colors. You can only screw up once. Screw up twice, WASTED! Once the bomb has been disarmed, follow the seps up to the roof. A cutscene kicks in

*The boys reach the top, where Vlad stands there with a smile on his face*

[Vladmir] Well, Well, Vic. You have done good. Very good, indeed. I will be seeing you later.

*A helicopter appears and Vladmir steps into it. The chopper takes off towards the mainland*

[Vic] Well Ken, that was quite an adventure, wasn't it?

[Ken] Yeah, Vic! I'm pumped up, ready to kill, eye of the tiger, god of gods, men of-

[Vic] That's enough. Lets go back to Forst Baxter.

*There is a helicopter next to the hotel, so Vic and Ken take it, and fly away to Fort Baxter*



The DH Hotel is now your safehouse. You can use it to save your game for later. New puchaseable item: BP Infernus at Rosenburg and Co. You can now go for missions from Ken (the K on the radar leading to Rosenburg and Co.) or take more missions from Sgt. Peppah (following the SGT icon to the main building at Fort Baxter)


rampage_ani.gif Claude94 rampage_ani.gif




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Hmmm nice bike

Here's another mission.

Pager Message: [sgt. Peppah]Come down to Fort Baxter and meet me.[END]


Mission Specs:

Mission: Try Hard 2: Try Harder

Contact: Sgt. Peppah

Obtained By: Walking into pink marker at the main building at Fort Baxter


[Vic] Victor Vance repo-

[sgt.] Shut up, soldier. I am deciding to make Ken your new accomplice in our jobs.

*Ken comes running out the door*

[Ken] Hey, Vic! Did someone say my name?

[sgt.] You will need to protect ken in hard times. I f he is ever wounded and it's not your fault, stay with him there.

[Vic] Why, he isn't a soldier? He's just some lawyer.

*Ken holds up M16 to Vic]

[Ken] Hey, you want some of this? Huh? Huh?!

[Vic] Put it down, soldier!

[Ken] Come on! You know I was just kidding!

*There is an explosion heard, and the building shakes violently, while the three guys all duck down*

[sgt.] Holy sh*t!

[Vic] Hit the deck!

[Ken] I'm to pretty to die!

*The shaking stops, and everyone gets up*

[sgt.] What in God's name was that?

*Vic slowly walks over to the window and opens the blinds. He then looks out towards Escobar International*

[Vic] Oh f*ck...

[Ken] What?

[Vic] It's Vladmir. He bombed the airport.

[sgt.] Lets go, boys. I'll get some soldiers. Ken, Vic, you go out towards the terminal down the road. NOW MOVE!

For this mission, there is no time limit. Get into the patriot and start driving towards the left of the road to the second terminal. You fail if you get wasted, Ken dies, destroy the Patriot, or get a wanted level. Drive into the marker at front, where you now must fight terrorists outside the airport. Shoot all me dressed in black and red. Once they are done with, alk into the blue arrow at the terminal doors. You are now inside where the bad guy have M16s, MP5s, and automatic shotguns. Take cover behind something (luggage cart, cement pillar, counter, etc.) There are some civilians running out of the airport. You can only shoot them 3 times. Shoot one a fourth time, and Mission Failed. You do have backup fire from Ken, other soldiers, and cops. You only have to protect Ken, but do not shoot the others. Make your way through the terminal, shooting guys on ledges. One terrorist on al legde chucks grenades at you and Ken. Kill him quickly. Then make your way out where a cutscene triggers.

[Ken] Hey, Vic, did ya' ever wonder how planes can land on this runway? I mean-

[Vic] Shut up. The terrorists are gone in that terminal, so we have to check if everyone is okay.

*A black helicopter flies in. It lands on the runway, and Vladmir steps out.*

[Vladmir] Well, Victor, you have certainly done well. I just wanted to let you know I have hidden a bomb on Juank Air flight 69 coming in from Las Venturas.

*The chopper flies away*

[Vic] Come on, Ken. We're gonna find this plane.

[Ken] And disarm it in midair? That's crazy! But it'll work.

[Vic] Lets get in this Dodo. Don't worry, I've been trained to fly those sons of bitches.

[Ken] Good.

Now you must get in the Dodo with Ken and fly North towards a circle in the air. You must keep flying for about ten minutes until you reach it. You fail if you crash the plane or jump out in midair (Ken doesn't know how to fly, or swin!). Once you reach the marker, a cutscene kicks in.

*Victor and Ken see the plane (it's the AT-400 from San Andreas), which passes under them. They turn around, and Vic opens the door of the Dodo*

[Ken] Vic?!?! What the hell are you doing?!?! I can't fly this plane! I never got lessons! And I can't swim, either if it goes down!

[Vic] You're coming with. We're gonna land on the wind and get inside.

[Ken] You must be mental...

*Vic grabs Ken, and they count to three and make the jump. The Dodo falls out of the sky and into the water. Vic manages to open the door and hag on, and they get in*

Now you must kill the terrorists on the plane. Do not shoot any hostages, or it's mission failed. Shoot all the guys wielding Tec 9s and knives. Then go into the cockpit. There is the pilot being held hostage. Before the terrorist counts to ten, shoot him with the silenced pistol. If you let the terrorist count all the way up to ten, he kills the pilot, shoots you, and the plane goes own and eventally explodes (WASTED!). Let the pilot take control of the plane, and go into the bathroom to find the bomb. LIke the last mission, you cut colored wires, but this time, you can't screw up at all, or else- BOOM!!!!! WASTED! Once the bomb is disarmed, there are terorist in Dodos trying to shoot the plane. You no switch to first person and a minigun, where you must destroy six planes, three on each side. A plane health bar appears on screen. If you let the bar fill up, the plane catches on fire, falls out of the sky, and then- WASTED! Once you shoot the planes down, Vic says "Yippy-Ki-Yay, motherf*cker!" The mission ends and the plane lands safely on the ground.



You can now buy a Dodo at the second terminal. There is now an AT-400 at the main terminal.


rampage_ani.gif Claude94 rampage_ani.gif





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Cell phone: Vic! I am Cortez. I know you helped Gonzalez, but I am fine with that. He'll get his some day. Trust me. Meet me by the docks. I live in the crusie ship.


mission conact: Cortez

mission name: Ring of Fire

obtained by: collecting 100 hidden packages


Cortez: Vic!

Vic: Cortez...

Cortez: Why the long face?

Vic: I can't be dealign drugs no more!

Cortez: Who said anything about drugs? I sure didn't! Did you? *points to one of his men* *man nods head left to right*

Cortez: See, Vic?

Vic: What do you need then?

Cortez: After you killed the Mendez Brothers, their mansion was layed to waste. Destroy it. I have my good freind 8-ball down their with a rigged van. Go!


*vic leaves*



Get a car and head to prawn island. wait until a van crives to prawn island. steal it.



8-ball: the garage is out back. park it their and run out!



Drive the van to the back of prawn island


cutscene: it was a trap!


the van explodes as vic runs away.


Task: get your flamethrower and torch the mansion. weave aroudn the fire as you trie to escape. You only have 1 minute. when you escape kill 3 peds as Sharks. then throw grenades onto the mansion



Mansion explodes


mission passed (no reward since it was a trap.)

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1. Electrician: Location Diaz's Mansion

Diaz- Ah, Victor! Finally!

Victor- You needed to see me?

- Yes, actually the cops need to see me, if you know what I mean.

- Um, no.

- No what?

- I don’t know what you mean.

- Well, I want to send a message to Vice City, so I have Alex Shrub as a hostage and...

- Shrub? Congressman Shrub? Are you f*cking insane!?! Cops will be crawling all over this place in no time!

- Relax Vic. That is something I need you to take care of as…

- Forget it.

- Listen to me Vic! Goddamnit stop interrupting me you prick! You have to meddle with the police-stations antennas so that they can receive my video of my gang members kicking Shrub’s ass, and me giving a speech, where I tell every cop in this town to go f*ck them selves! And remember, if you ever want to live in peace in this piece-of-crap-town, I’d be nice to me.

- I get the point.



Drive to Escobar International Airport and take Diaz’s private Sparrow

Land on a police stations rooftop and stand by an antenna (ventilation box) for 5 seconds and get yourself a five star wanted level

Then fly to another and stand for 5 seconds

Then fly to another and stand for 5 seconds

Then fly to Diaz’s mansion and land on the helipad

You fail if: You get busted, wasted, use cheats or blow up the Sparrow.




Message via pager: Diaz - That mission was a success Vic but now we have to take care of the evidence…


Rest of the missions posted down the page...

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After completeing Vigilante missions level 12 phil cassidy pages vic "Hey Vic Been fighting crime i see well looks in u took out an old Drug syndecatte stop bye soon


P appears on radar at your compound


Mision Name:Mediteranian Murder


Cutscene:Vic walks into the hanger at the compound shouting "hello hello Phil is that you" The camera turns to a patriot in the corner of the hanger phil jumps out the passanger seat holding an uzi in his left hand running up to vic wandering towards the patriot Phil screams "there hear there hear" vic replies "who phil your drunk" Phil replys No hahahaha (burp) im not drunk just worried its the hatians" vic says "who" phil yells "Hatians theyve come for our boomshine after you took out there couriers fighting crime we gotta stop them please vic not my babys(burp)" "okay whatever" vic replys they both climb into the patriot


The car spawns at the gates of your car pound with you and phil inside phil say"Man this a nice place and i got kicked out from the docks anyway ive lost my sister i aint about to loose my liquore okay" whatever phil where are these hatians"phil replys"o they have just got off a container ship and are cutting a deal with the cubans at a cafe in little havana your freinds i believe were gonna ambush it we take a hatian car and run over the cubans before they arrive that should ster something up (burp hahahaha weeehoooooo)


A mission object comes up "Find a voodoo and kill the cubans within five minutes"


A timer apears there is a blimp on the map in the alley across from the cafe a voodoo is parked when you get there phil shouts gogogo and reverses out and speads off vic replys "pathetic" red arrows apear over 4 cubans heads armed with uzis run them over with one clean drive two cuban cars will turn up and 4 more men will run out of the cafe run them all over but dont leave the car and dont blow it up afterwards before the timmer runs out escape the area to watch a cutsceen as a hatian car turns up but two cubans blow it up with shotguns outside the cafe


Mission Past:$2000


pretty lame and hard to understand but it would explain the hatian and cuban wars what you think???

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I know this is posted in VCS but what the hell:


[Phone call] Hey its Phil, remember me,huh?,swing by my place soldier!




[Phil]: Them "army" boys think they're so high n' mighty.....Why myself n' Vic, God rest his soul, could take 'em all on! I want you to go down there, steal the tank and show me that you're my brother-in-arms. Then blow that Garcia back to Alaska or Tenessee....(hick!)


1) Drive to Fort Baxter in a government vehicle (eg Cop car/FBI car/Barracks OL)


2) Find Rhino stealthly (If cover is blown you have around 1 min to escape before Hunter is called!) You get a level wanted of 6-stars (obviously!).


3) Go to Garcia's compound in Viceport and destroy his stock with the Rhino. He will escape during a Cutscreen and you will have to chase him. There will also be Cars drive-bying you! At the compound his men will have Rocket launchers and Rugers. Garcia will have a Minigun.


4) When he dies, take the Tank back to Phils in Little Haiti.


[Phil] You did good partner, now im the only Gun-runner north of Cuba n' south of Tallahassee! Yeehah! This calls for some Boomshine and Painkillers! You want some?


[Hilberto] No im alrite, just gimme my cut!


Mission Passed. $2500.


(This is after Vice City 86'! I dont really believe in recycling characters from other games such as Tenpenny/Ryder because if you were born in the hood why would you suddenly come to Vice City? btw Garcia is the other gun-runner Phil tells Tommy in VC!)

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M60 FREAK!!!!&#3

Pager Message:be at the bar in the Malibu at 12 sharp if you want to live


Mission Specs:

Mission:with a bucket a spade and a hand grenade

Contact:phil cassidy

Obtained By:destroying one of phils boomshine stashes



vic walks into the Malibu and sits down at the bar and orders a drink phil: oooooh so your the son of a bitch that took out my boomshine! vic: yeah i g...(phil holds an equalizer to vics stomach)phil: listen boy your gonna do exactly what i tell you to do or your gonna wake up dead! vic: why would i wake up dea....(phil pulls the hammer of the equalizer back and it clicks)phil:i dont like smart asses! i KILL smart asses! vic: thats great so what do you need me for? phil: theres a hotel nearby i want you to blow it to HELL!!!! vic:your kidding right? phil: if i was kidding would i be holding a gun to you right now? vic: ok so waht am i using to blow the joint up? phil: my car is rigged to go up only a 30 second timer so you better hurry once u push the button vic: ok phil:meet me on starfish island when your done





collect the car

drive the car inside and park it somewhere safe

phil has stashed an AK in the laundry go collect it

(after vic collects the AK a man comes inside) man: sir ill need to to put down the gun (vic breaks his neck) detonate the car!

meet up with phil on startfish island phil: thats was awsome boy meet same place next week!

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Contact: Big Mitch Baker

Mission: The Auto-Dealer

Obtained by: Killing 100 of the same ped.


Mitch: You Vic?

Vic: Whats it to you?

Mitch: You want money?

Vic: I'd appreciate it.

Mitch: Good, good.

Mitch: Go down to Sunshine Autos. Kill BJ Smith. He owes me, and I've waited too long.

Vic: You mean the famous football star?

Mitch: No, the guy in San Andreas. Of course, the football star.

Vic: *sigh*

Mitch: You bitch.

Vic: WHAT!?

Mitch: Hahaha! Prove you're not a bitch. Kill him for me.


Drive to Sunshine Autos and kill BJ Smith!


Find a ped that looks like BJ Smith and shoot him.


He escapes in his car and drives off.


Chase a random car in the street and smash it into the ocean.


Mission Passed!



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This is my series of Diaz extra-missions. I might post the Triad missions here...some day. biggrin.gif


Pager Message: Ricardo Diaz: Vic, you need to hear me out, meet me at my mansion...


Mission Specs:

Mission: The Cable Guy

Contact: Ricardo Diaz

Obtained By: Complete Diaz' missions in the game



- Ah, Victor! Finally!

- You needed to see me?

- Yes, actually the cops need to see me, if you know what I mean.

- Um, no.

- No what?

- I don’t know what you mean.

- Well, I want to send a message to Vice City, so I have Alex Shrub as a hostage and...

- Shrub? Congressman Shrub? Are you fu*king insane!?! Cops will be crawling all over this place in no time!

- Relax Vic. That is something I need you to take care of as…

- Forget it.

- Listen to me Vic! Goddamnit stop interrupting me you prick! You have to meddle with the police-stations antennas so that they can receive my video of my gang members kicking Shrub’s ass, and me giving a speech, where I tell every cop in this town to go fu*k them selves! And remember, if you ever want to live in peace in this piece-of-crap-town, I’d be nice to me.

- I get the point.



Drive to Escobar International Airport and take Diaz’s private Sparrow

Land on a police stations rooftop and stand by an antenna (ventilation box) for 5 seconds and get yourself a five star wanted level

Then fly to another and stand for 5 seconds

Then fly to another and stand for 5 seconds

Then fly to Diaz’s mansion and land on the helipad

You fail if: You get busted, wasted, use cheats or blow up the Sparrow.



Reward: 5,000$






Pager Message: Ricardo Diaz: That mission was a success Vic but now we have to take care of the evidence…


Mission Specs:

Mission: Car Over Board

Contact: Ricardo Diaz

Obtained By: Complete Diaz' missions in the game



- Vic this is vital to the survival of you and me! You have to get rid of the evidence and...

- I have to get rid of the evidence?

- For f*ck’s sake Vic stop interrupting me! You have to get rid of the evidence by driving the Cheetah we used to drive Shrub here to the docks and sink it!

- But…

-No buts Vic! Oh, and you also have to kill the witnesses here is the description. (Black and white males, white wearing a woolly hat and the black is wearing a beret. Usually hang around the mall.)



Take the Cheetah from Diaz’s mansion

Drive to the mall

Kill the eyewitnesses

Take the bodies with you

Drive to the docks

Push the car to the water

You fail if: You get busted, wasted, use cheats or blow up the Cheetah.



Reward: 2,500$






Pager Message: Ricardo Diaz: Get over here, pronto!


Mission Specs:

Mission: The Squeky Voiced Chinaman

Contact: Ricardo Diaz

Obtained By: Complete Diaz' missions in the game



1st cutscene, at the mansion:

- Now that I’ve showed the cops who’s in charge here, I still have to get rid of the competition.

- How?

- What do you think asshole? Wiping out the other gangs, that’s how! I’m starting to move to smuggling business, so you need to take care of the competition a.k.a. the Triads.


2nd cutscene, at the hotel:

A Triad member starts running when he sees you. Vic runs after him and trips him.

- Please, please don’t kill me you black man!

- Give me one good reason.

- I can give you money?

- How much?

- How much do you get from your boss?

- Protection.

- I top that with 10,000 $!

- Ok, but who’s head do I take to my boss?

- I’ve got an idea…


3rd cutscene, at the hotel:

Vic puts the body in the trunk and then Vic and the Triad drive back to the hotel and the Triad gets out of the car.


- You have done us a great favour, and I, Kenji Cheng of the Triads, thank you.

- No problem Kenji.



1st cutscene

Drive to the hotel that is south-west from the Malibu Club.

2nd cutscene

Triad comes to your car and you go to a house next to the mall and there is a rebel Triad Underboss (pedestrian wearing a suit) walking out of the house. Kill him with a machete/katana because it is a trademark Triad weapon.

3rd cutscene



Reward: 10,000$ and the Triad missions are available

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Large bump, I know, but i've been wanting to post here for ages and I finally found it.



(No page is neccesary. This would be in his normal mission strand, after "Balls.")


Mission: Cholo Blowout

Mission Contact: Umberto Robina

Mission Unlocked At: Umberto Robina's house in Little Havana



(Vic walks into Umberto Robina's house, and sees Umberto with his head lying on a desk.)

Vic: Umberto. Yo, Umberto! Man, what's the matter with this guy...

Umberto: VIC! (lifts his head up.) Those stupid Cholo bastards came and raided my house! They took my money,

and stole my beautiful car!

Vic: Well, that's a tough day...

Umberto: You're damm right it is! And we need to teach those Cholo suckers to stay out of Little Havanna!

Vic: So, what should we do?

Umberto: (thinks for a second.) I want you to go down to the docks. My friend Pepe will be there, with a little surprise! (Vic stumbles for a second.)

Vic: Okay. Sure. (he walks out the door.)



Go and meet Pepe at the docks.

Go down to the docks, and acorss from the big frieght ship is Pepe, standing next to an all black Yankee.

Pepe: You must be Vic.

Vic: That would be me. So, where's this "surprise" Umberto was talking about?

Pepe: Well, the surprise isn't there yet. Take the Yankee I parked over there, and fit it with a bomb. Then, go down to the slumps where the Cholos live, and park this baby inbetween two of the houses. Then it goes KABOOM. Got it?

Vic: Seems simple enough. (Pepe drives away on a Streetfighter.)


Get in the Yankee.

Drive to 8 Ball's shop and rig it with a bomb.


After the Yankee is rigged...

Park the Yankee next to two houses in Little Haiti.

Drive to the place where you did missions for Aunt Poulet. Park the Yankee between two houses. Get out, and detonate the bomb.

After the explosion cools down, three Cholos armed with Scorpions come out of a nearby house. 'You mess up our houses, we mess up you!'

Kill the Cholos! Take out the measly gangbangers, and you get a page from Pepe. 'Vic, please, the Cholos have cornered me down down in Viceport! Come help, fast!'

Go and rescue Pepe. Head on down to the docks. Pepe is cornered by 8 Mac-holding Cholos behind a small cargo trailer, north of Phil's place. Kill all the Cholos, and take Pepe back to Cafe Robina.





(This mission is unlocked after "Cholo Blowout," and replaces 'Papi Don't Screech.")


Mission: The Runaway

Mission Contact: Umberto Robina

Mission Unlocked At: Umberto Robina's house in Little Havana



Umberto: Vic!

Vic: Yeah, Umberto?

Umberto: You did a good job on those Cholos yesterday. But there's only one problem.

Vic: What's that?

Umberto: Most of the Cholos have fled the area- little whimps- except one. He's gonna be leaving today, and we need to take him out!

Vic: Okay. I'll go check it out.

Umberto: But hurry! The sucker will be leaving in 1 hour!



Get to the slumps in Little Haiti. You have until 8:30 to get there.

Jack a car and head for the slumps (again, where you got missions frm Aunt Poulet.) You see a Cholo get into a Cholo Sabre and drive off. Chase after him. Shoot the car until the Cholo gets out. DO NOT destroy the car with the Cholo in it. Once the dead Cholo is lying on the ground, put the Cholo in the trunk of his car, and drive to the drop off. You get a ** wanted level.


Drive to the drop off point.

The drop off point is north of Umberto Robina's house. First, lose the wanted level at a pay n' spray. Then, Find the house north of his, and north of that house will be a small paved area. Park the car there, and get out.





(This mission is unlocked after "The Runaway." It replaces "Havana Good Time."


Mission: Cuban Revenge

Mission Contact: Umberto Robina

Unlocked At: Umberto Robina's house in Little Havana.



(Vic walks into Umberto's front yard, and sees him and three Cubans standing next to a pure white Landstalker.)

Vic: So, is it time?

Umberto: Yes it's time! It's time we showed those Cholo idiots what happens when you mess up the Cuban way of life! (the three Cubans all say "yeah!")

Vic: So what's the deal?

Umberto: The back of the Landstalker is filled with guns. Big guns, Vic! You'll need them for the job!

Vic: What's the job?

Umberto: We take out all the Cholos! You and my fellow Cubans will go and pay a visit to those stinking Cholos in Little Haiti! And this will be the last time! (the three Cubans again say "Yeah!"

Vic: Well then, there's no point in waiting here! (he gets into the Patriot with the 3 Cubans.)



Drive to the first house.

Drive to the most southwestren house in the row of houses in Little Haiti, southwest of the pay n' spray. If you can't find it, then just pick any house. Pull up next to the house, and get out. As soon as you do, your Cuban backup says they hear something. Just then, a Cholo Sabre does a drive by and kills them. It drives off, into the sunset. Now it's time for revenge.


Burn the house to the ground!

You'll need molotov cocktails for this next objective. Throw a few at the house. Then do the same with the next two houses, going north. 12 Cholos then come out of a nearby house, armed with Pistols and Macs. Take them out! You soon see a Cholo Sabre parked next to another house, and two Cholos with shotguns come out. Take them out! Take some molotovs and aim them at two other houses. You get a **** wanted level after you are done. Get into the Landstalker and lose the heat at a pay n' spray.


There is a news flash on the radio. The announcer says that Little Haiti is nearly empty of any people or gangs living there. Whenever you go to the section of houses you were just at, there will be no cars or peds, and the houses will be all shattered and burnt.

Umberto Robina's missions are now complete.

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(Yeah, I double posted, but I figured that I had enough missions on my last post.)




(Similar to the assasination missions in VC, these do not interfere with the storyline. First one is unlocked after Conduct Unbecoming.)


Mission: Auto Shock

Mission Contact: Dr. Alternus

Obtained By: After completion of "Conduct Unbecoming", you get a pager message-

"This is a great opportunity for someone who needs extra work. Get to the payphone in Little Havana."

The payphone is across from the hospital. Answer the call-



Dr. Alternus: Is this Victor Vance?

Vic: Yes. I got your page.

Dr. Alternus: Good. I would not want anyone else to be getting this call. I hear you just got discharged from the army?

Vic: So ya heard. Don't you have some work for me?

Dr. Alternus: First we must be aware of our the deal. My name is Dr. Alternus. If you manage to complete all the work I have for you, then you will be handsomely rewared. Do we understand each other?

Vic: Yes. So what's the job?

Dr. Alternus: Slow down, my boy. I have a few other things for you to do first. Then we can get down to the real job.

Vic: And what do I need to do?

Dr. Alternus: I used to be the owner of Crusher's Autos. I sold the company, and they started working on this new fancy car shop. It's all crap. Anyway, there were two cars I didn't sell- well, thought I didn't sell, before I gave up the business. I lent them out to some friends of mine. I soon learned they were property of someone else who had never picked them up! They threatened to call the cops! So now I am hiding in an old warehouse in... anyway, that's not important. I need you to recover the cars. Then take them to my lockup.

This is very important to me. Do this, and then we get down to business.

Vic: Auto dealer, hey? So why are you "Dr." Alternus?

Dr. Alternus: We can discuss later. Just do the job, my boy.

(Vic hangs up the phone.)



Get to the first car.

Drive to the first car. It's a Banshee, parked Downtown. When you get in you get two stars, and the driver will suddenly come out of nowhere and attack the car with a shotgun.

Lost the heat!

Get to a pay n' spray or grab a bribe.

Get to the lockup.

Drive to the garage, across from Umberto's house in Little Havana. Park the car inside, and let the door close.

Get to the second car.

The next car is a Comet, being driven around Downtown. You need to steal it. You can't use your weapons or you will damage the car.

Drive to the lockup.

Pull inside, and get out. Just then you get a page from Dr. Alternus-

"Victor! The car is being watched by the FBI! Turns out I sold it to a drug dealer! Get it out of here, now!"

Dump the car.

Get back into the comet. Drive it to the docks, near Phil's place. Bail out, and dump the car in the ocean.






(You get a page, after completing "From Zero To Hero." - 'Get to the payphone in the amusement park...')

Mission: Psycho

Mission Contact: Dr. Alternus

Mission Obtained: Walk into the park. Turn right, and turn right again. There are two phones, backs to the streets. The left one has the call.



Dr. Alternus: Please, Vic. Do not talk. The cops are getting closer and closer to my whereabouts. They are not too happy about the previous situation. I have heard that the phones are being tracked, so I take no risks. My friend has parked a bike nearby. Your next job is taped under the seat.



Get to the bike.

South of the Mr. Whoopee spawn point, there is a row of green stands/huts. At the end of the huts there is a trash can, with a Wintergreen parked behind it. Get on it. There is a cutscene with Dr. A's voice reading the instructions-

It seems as though the Cubans have revealed the whereabouts of my location to the cops, I trsuted wrong. Take a Cuban gang car, and make a mess.

Go to the mainland, and get a Cuban gang car.

Kill 20 people in 1 minute! You'll need to stay in the car and run over/drive by 20 people in the time limit. If you leave the car, you blow your cover and get 3 stars. If you don't kill the people in under 1 minute, the cops will arrest you, andd you fail the mission. If all goes wel, you will be instructed to-

Lose the heat!

Dump the car!

Once the car is in the ocean-


There is a news report on the radio. The announcer says that Umberto Robina, leader of the Cuban gang, has been arrested from his residence in Little Havana after being accused of causing major deaths in the previous hour.



I won't be giving instructions for doing the missions yourselves anymore. I will also edit the past missions to make them more challenging...

(You get a page, after completing 'Blitzkreig Strikes Again.'- Get to the payphone on Starfish Island...)

Mission: The Final Drive

Mission Giver: Dr. Alternus

Obtained By: The phone is on a dock, near the Rio spawn point.



Dr. Alternus: I assume that Umberto Robina has been released from jail?

Vic: Yes. Listen, Dr. Alternus, it's just that...

Dr. A: Don't worry, Vic. The Cubans don't know that you started all this. And as it turns out, the Cubans didn't reveal my location to the cops.

Vic: They didn't?

Dr. Alternus: No. Another gang did. The so called 'Streetwannabes.' as they say, saw me walking outside of the

warehouse at night. And as it turns out, the drug dealer I sold the cars too was a member of the Streetwannabes.

He's currently at the bottom of the ocean, may I add. And now, I need you to do one last job for me.

Vic: What may that be?

Dr. Alternus: Last night, the cops saw me at the warehouse. I managed to escape, but they are getting closer and closer to me as I speak. I need you to escort me to the airport. I will move to Liberty City, where I shall continue my plans to build this new taxi firm, Mean Street Taxis.

Vic: So, where do I pick you up at?

Dr. Alternus: I'm hiding at the Blue Spring Waters Resort, in Vice Point. The place is rather run down, may I add. Pick me up, I need to be at the airport by 18:00!



Get to the hotel. It's across from the Malibu. When you arrive, Dr. Alternus, will run out, and hop in your car.

Dr. A: For the love of all thing sain, get me out of here!

You look at the parking lot of the Malibu, and see two black Sentinels pull out, full with armed gang bangers.

Get to the airport by 18:00! You'll have 6 gang bangers hooting at your car with SMGs, so let's hope you didn't use a bike. You may lose them by taking the ramp that was a USJ in the original VC across the bridge, and they will stay behind. However, once you get to the mainland, the action is always the same, more black Sentinels will pursue you and Dr. Alternus. You'll have to kill these guys before you get to the airport. If not, they will follow Dr. Alternus onto his plane and kill him. You also can't have a wanted level, or the cops will follow Dr. Alternus onto his plane and kill him. If all goes well, Dr. Alternus will make his plane, and take off into the sunset of Vice City. As you drive off, you remember Dr. Alternus' promise that you'd be handsomely rewared. You are rather mad that he lied, but since he's already gone there's nothing you can do.


Dr. Alternus' missions are now complete.

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Do I reaally have to triple post? Come on guys, where are you?




You get a pager message. 'Get to the payphone in the amusement park...'

Same one as the one you got Dr. Alternus' mission at. You answer the phone.


Mission: The Errand Boy

Mission Contact: Mickey 'The Pimp' Kimp



Vic: Hello? Who is this?

Mickey: Who is this? Who are you? I'm a master pimp, and I need a few jobs done. Now, are you a hitman, friend?

Vic: No.

Mickey: Are you a good driver? Because, to work for me, you need to be both of those.

Vic: Look, what do you want?

Mickey: Oh, sorry bro'! My name's Mickey KImp. I'm a pimp! I need someone to do a few jobs for me. You seem like a trustable person!

Vic: I wouldn't say that...

Mickey: Look, meet me at the Pole Position, okay?



Get to the Pole Position.\


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Sorry for this big ass three year old quadruple post bump. But I thought of some new mission ideas. I'm basically cutting the ties with the unfinished missions in my last post.


Mission: Fear the Reaper

Mission Contact: Jason Moore

Obtained By: You get a page from Jason, a "friend" of Lance, sometime after unlocking the second island. He tells you to meet him at his apartment, which is located here.



Vic walks into the apartment and sees Jason laying on a couch looking out of his window at the surrounding area.

Jason: Ah, you must be Vic?

Vic: Yeah, that's me. What do you want? Why did you page me?

Jason: Well, turns out your brother Lance has been getting into a little trouble behind your back. He and I were supposed to have a deal for a little drugs.

Vic: That stupid asshole! I told him to stop doing all of these drug deals! They only get us into more trouble!

Jason: Just hold on a sec Vic. Let me finish. Well, as I was saying, we had a deal set up, but the cops showed up and crashed the party. They took MY drugs, but your brother Lance escaped with the money. I called him up a few days ago, and he tells me he spent the money on something else.

Vic: What's this got to do with me?

Jason gets up and walks to his window. He pauses for a second.

Jason: See this? You see it? It's a big city. A big, bustling city. People think they are important, think they can control it. But they can't. I want to control it. I want this to be MY city. When people mess with me, steal my drugs, steal MY money, they are going to pay for it. Lance owes me some money or some drugs. He volunteered you to pay off his debts. I just want you to do a few jobs for me.

Vic: Great. Remind me to thank Lance later.

Jason: Sure. Now, I have my first job for you. Like I said earlier, I'm a drug dealer. It's my primary business. But another thing I do is take care of my enemies. By that, I mean I fit them with cement shoes. Or I turn them into dog food. Either way, I found out one of my old rivals got killed. His name was Rick. Turns out he joined the Sharks gang. Turns out I missed the funeral. What a shame. But today, they are moving the Hearse with the body in it to a graveyard in Little Haiti. There's a bunch of Sharks protecting it. I want you to head down to the film studio on Prawn Island. I have a friend there who will give you something- a bus. I want you to crash that funeral procession. Ram the Hearse off the road, destroy it, and kill every Shark bastard that comes after you. You got that?

Vic: Then will you and Lance be even?

Jason: Heh, that's funny kid. You tell some good jokes. Anyway, get moving.



Go and pick up the Coach on Prawn Island.

Drive to here on the map. When you get there, Jason's friend will be standing next to the Coach.

Friend: There you are. Get in this bus, and head Downtown. The Hearse should be driving south towards Little Haiti. Remember, ram those guys off the road, and kill them all!

Vic: Thanks.

Chase after the funeral procession.

Look at this map. The point in Downtown is where the Hearse starts out at, and the point in Little Haiti is where it is going. You will fail the mission if you don't kill everyone before it reaches the grave plot.

Once you get close to the Hearse:

Destroy the Hearse and kill all of the Sharks.

You see three Gang Ranchers and two Admirals protecting the Hearse. You can use the Coach to ram through all of the vehicles and try to flip them over. If you get out of the Coach, you will immediately get a four star wanted level, and more Sharks will arrive. Otherwise, if you kill everyone, and destroy all of the vehicles, you usually get a three star wanted level. At this point, you can ditch the Coach if you want, and you are told to-

Lose the police.

Upon doing that:

Mission Passed: $2000

Head to Jason's apartment for more missions.


Mission: What's in the Box?

Mission Contact: Jason Moore

Obtained By: Completing "Fear the Reaper" and going back to Jason's apartment.



Vic walks into the apartment. He sees Jason sitting on the couch with a hooker.

Vic: All in a day's activities huh?

Jason: More jokes from you? You ought to stop clowning around. Literally. Come on girl, get up, I'll see you later.

The hooker walks out, laughing at Vic and Jason bickering.

Vic: What do you want now?

Jason: Long story short, I'm transporting some stuff across town today. I need you to be an escort.

Vic: Let me guess, it's drugs isn't it?

Jason: How did you know? Anyway, like I said, I need you to be an escort. The drugs are being transported in the back of a van. Meet up with some of my friends down at the docks at Viceport. You'll be riding in one of the escort vehicles, providing assisting fire in case you get attacked.

Vic: Knowing my luck, I'm sure we will.

Jason: You must not have heard me, you, not we. Anyway, get going.

Vic walks out of the apartment, angry at Jason.



Drive to the docks at Viceport.

Get a car, or take Jason's parked Freeway out front, and drive over to the docks at Viceport. The exact location is the boatyard from the original VC. When you get there, you'll see two Yola boats by the jetties around back. Jason's friends are unloading packages of drugs.


This point of the mission is actually a choice- there are two tasks you can do before the actual transport segment. One of Jason's friends will ask you to help unload some of the drugs; you can hop onto a nearby Forklift, use it to lift the boxes of drugs by the boats, then move them around the side of the building, and sit them next to the Boxville that is being used to transport them. You have to do this for two packages of drugs (basically like two boxes of Boomshine from the mission Boomshine Blowout).


The other option is to retrieve of the escort vehicles from across town. You will be using two Mesa Grandes to protect the Boxville when it is being moved. A friend of Jason's is getting one, but the other one is parked here in Little Haiti. This is your second option, you can drive there and pick up the Mesa Grande. You are told to-

Pick up the escort vehicle, or get into the Forklift to help move the drugs.

Whichever one you pick, once the task is done, two guys will get into the Boxville, two will get into one Mesa Grande, and you and another guy will get in the second Mesa Grande.

Protect the Boxville as it moves towards Vice Point.

The Boxville is headed for here

You are in the passenger seat of the Mesa Grande. The concept is similar to Jive Drive, you have an MP5 with unlimited ammo, and you can rotate the aimer 360 degrees. After you ride a little ways, sure enough, your convoy gets attacked, and you have to use the MP5 to defend the Boxville and yourself. There's two health bars on screen, one for the Boxville, and one for your Mesa Grande. Neither can be destroyed or the mission is failed.


Eventually, once you get near Vice Point, the other Mesa Grande is destroyed (regardless of how well you protected it), your driver gets shot, and the people in the Boxville get shot. Your Mesa Grande quickly pulls over, and you have to get in the Boxville and drive to the final marker at the buyer's house. Most of the attackers (who were Sharks gang members) are gone by now. Once you deliver the Boxville to his house, he gives you the money; you need to drive back to Jason's apartment and give him the money. He tells you job well done, and tells you he'll have some more work later on.




Mission: Don't Doze, I Suppose

Mission Contact: Jason Moore

Obtained by:Later, after completing Kill Phil Part 1; you get a page from Jason telling you to meet him at his apartment.



Vic walks into the apartment. Jason quickly hangs up the phone.

Vic: Look here Jason. I'm tired of doing all of these errands for you! I've risked my life twice now. Why won't you just forget about me and my brother!

Jason: Wait a second Vic. It's not like that. To tell you the truth, I told Lance that I would ask you do help me with some things.

Vic: Why me then?

Jason: I hear you used to be in the army. And your Sergent was named Jerry Martinez?

Vic: Yeah, what's it to you?

Jason: Remember I said I took care of my enemies? Martinez is one of them. He's always been a hustler and a bad guy. Years ago, me and him were best friends, criminal partners at our prime! But he screwed me over in a drug deal. I got arrested, and I spent a year in jail. After that I swore I would kill him, to get revenge.

Vic: So you want me to help you?

Jason: Yes. Me and my friends could really use some help on this job. The jobs before were just tests to see if you were good enough. I didn't want to get screwed over again.

Vic: Well trust me, I'm a good guy. Whatever that means in this kind of business.

Jason: Good. Now here's the plan. We're gonna break into Fort Baxter one night. We're gonna take him down. The plan? We're gonna steal a Bulldozer, and use it to break into Fort Baxter. Then we'll rush into his office and kill him.

Vic: It sounds like it might work. But where are we gonna get a Bulldozer?

Jason: Ah, yeah, that's where I need you to do one last thing for me.

Vic: Not this again.

Jason: Just head to the hotel under construction in Downtown. It can't be any easier than to take it.

Vic walks out.


Get to the Bulldozer Downtown.

It's just you this time. Drive Downtown to the hotel under construction, the one you and Lance visited when killing Bikers in a previous mission. When you get there, however, you see police and paramedics surrounding the whole construction area- apparently a few workers were killed in a crane accident.


The bulldozer is past the guarded area, so you will have to kill the cops in order to reach it. You'll end up with a three star wanted level, and you have to-

Lose the heat!

Then you take it to Jason's lockup/garage. It is located here in Downtown. Once you do-


Mission Passed - $10000




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Sorry for five posts. I'll probably get banned. But that post above was getting way too long.


Mission: Breaking the Chains

Mission Contact: Jason Moore

Unlocked: Very late in the story, you get a page from Jason, he tells you to meet him at his lockup in Downtown. You need to wear your Robber's clothes to this mission.



You see Jason and his crew by the lockup.

Jason: Vic, it's time! We are going to work together to kill our old bastard friend Jerry!

Vic: It's about time. I hated that asshole.

Jason: My friends here will meet us outside the Fort Baxter. We'll drive down there in this baby. She's freshly painted, so we shouldn't have any problems. I see you got your mask?

Vic: Yep. Wait, did you say we?

Jason: Yeah. I've got to stop sitting on my lazy ass in my apartment all day.

The two laugh, and they get into the Bulldozer.



Drive to Fort Baxter.

You need to drive to the eastern wall of Fort Baxter. When you get there, you see Jason's other friends.

Jason: Now, let's do this!

Kill the guards in the watch towers.

Jason will give you a laser sniper. You need to use it to snipe the two guards in the watchtower so they won't notice you. Then you need to back the Bulldozer up, and line it up with the wall. Get enough speed, and ram into the wall- you break through it. However, as soon as everybody is in, a nearby soldier shoots the tires of the Bulldozer, so you have to get out.

Head to Martinez's office and kill him!

His office is located where it was in the first three missions of the game, on the other side of the base. There are guards everywhere with M4s. Use caution, and make your way to his office. Once you get there, you and Jason storm in. However, he is nowhere to be seen. Suddenly, you see a Maverick taking off in the sky- Martinez heard the Bulldozer breaking the wall, and he escaped before you could reach him.


Jason and his boys get taken down soon after. The gates are locked, so you have to go back through the hole in the wall. There are tanks after you, so watch out! Take any vehicle and lose your six star wanted level.




Jason's missions are over, but you lost a new friend, and your old enemy is still out there.



Fear the Reaper- Take a bus and use it to destroy a funeral procession for Jason's dead rival.

What's in the Box?- Help protect a Boxville full of drugs as it moves across Vice City.

Don't Doze, I Suppose- Steal a Bulldozer from a construction site Downtown, and lose the police.

Breaking the Chains- Use the Bulldozer to break into Fort Baxter, and try to kill your old enemy Jerry Martinez.

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