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first you half to beat the mission "to vance the spoils' then go to a safehouse and save and then walk away from the save icon and save a gain until you skip to the time 16:00 and walk out and you have a pay day or you could stay in the safehouse and do it as meny times as you want i fond i a very easy and fast way to get lots of cash


PS:the more bissiness building you own and the biger they are th more cash rolls in


I am sorry about the spelling mistakes and if you replie can you tell me if this is a good tip

Edited by jak93
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What about other gangs attcking your property? Does this not occur when you just keep saving? Or will you save one time and find one of your businesses has been taken over?

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i think as long as you keep saving it does not get attacked but when you exit the safe houde it some times starts the attack about 10 secs after leave the safehouse but dont trust my word on that but i am pritty sure


ps i am not saying that if you are in the safehouse it camt get attacked but aslong as you keep on saving and not just sitting there i think it is alright

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or you can use my cheat i made, using cheatdevice for VCS. Press up to increase money by 1000, or down to decrease money by 1000:



#cheat Set Moneyif ((pressslow & CTRL_UP)) { setint(0x08bde55c, getint(0x08bde55c) + 1000); } if ((pressslow & CTRL_DOWN)) { setint(0x08bde55c, getint(0x08bde55c) - 1000); }



or if you want, edit the "1000"s to any number you want it to decrease or increase by

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There's a definite difference in lameness between the saving option and the out-and-out cheating method, but they are still both lame.


I'd raher spend all day mugging hookers than either of those options... Or just do the missions...

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I'm taking over all of them at the moment. I got $3500 last pay day. sad.gif I guess I need to do a lot more missions and take over the remaining properties. I'm still only on the first island though.

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