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Professor Greevur

Victor Vance dies?

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Well, I can't be 100% sure, but I'm sticking to the opinion, that Vic was not the one that got killed.


Before the deal, Rosie(from what I remember) says something like: 'There are two brothers. One is piloting the chopper, the other makes the deal(I'm quoting what I memorized, just to point out what Rosie meant.


Mind that in the whole VCS, Lance was only piloting the chopper in Last Stand mission. After Jive Drive, it was Vic, who was always the brother behind the wheel.


Besides, in the ending scene of VCS, Vic seems to mean that he is finishing with drug business.


I am not mentioning the fact, that the guy in the opening of VCS is neither similiar, nor dressed like Vic. But placing Pete in the game was made on purpose by R*. That's what they wanted - to confuse us and leave this plot not clearly ended. And you will agree that they confuse us well enough, won't you?

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From what I saw by you all

I guess, that the guy who died was Pete . Since Lance said he has or had a brother who always annoy him. You guys mentioned that Victor works with Lance, so why shall he annoy Lance??? Pete , I think persuades Lance not to be a criminal.


Good point from Ludo!

Cops don't even have the photo of Victor, WHY??? Becoz he never shows up, he controls behind the scenes.


Re: Professor Greevur

Clothing could be the same!!! You could go to a store and buy 1 piece of clothing, I could also go to that store and buy the same clothing!!! So... clothing doesn't matter!


I think MP5 made a very good point! Voice could be pretended! (Or it changes when you get a serious cold, thieves, bandits also get colds) AND voices could be similar! I think that guessing with the things that we see or hear that could be unreal comes last.


About Lance, I'm not sure about the annoying brother thing. If that speech was true, I believe that the guy who died was Pete. I THINK that Victor had no men to do the drug deal (although this is not a very good point), and he forced Pete to be the drug dealer.


Hot-devil did I good try! But... is it possible that it's a ped that was killed? I'm not sure about where that GUY had died... If he was running on the street, that might be ped, but how come a man with pretty good shooting skills miss that much !?!?!?!?!?


sleepy.gif The best way is to kill Lance before VCS, then there will be no such a debate!!! tounge2.gif But there will be no VCS neither VC... lol.gif

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Recently i'v read up about the myths on GTA and i read ur comments and i feel this proves it...

in my clip below Vince watches Victor go to the meeting where victor dies.

so surely Lance knows his own brother, and can tell it's not pete,

Look in my clip lance is in the helicopter, and later in the game lance says it's victor that dies, he knows that cos he saw it happen he wouldn't just say vic died wen it was pete theres no point.


i think Pete isn't involved in the Vance Crime thing, he's just a sick brother.


user posted image



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Lance never says it's Victor that dies, he just says a brother is dead. Never mentions any name, plus the name was never said outside of Vice City's official site. Plus it's a police report, so maybe Pete is not ill anymore and Vic has given his spot in the Vance Crime Family to Pete and the report thinks that it's Vic as he's the bigger criminal (around '84) in Vice City Stories.

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Woo hoo, 1.5 year bump.


Didja have to do that?


I think this discussion is a bit pointless because the GTA III canon is closed, with no more info coming out in the foreseeable time.

As it's not confirmed that it was Pete or Vic or just some stupid hired goon posing as Lance's bro who died in the ambush, and whether they died at all or are in hiding, the discussion has little point as there is no information confirming or denying any of those theories.


Warren, you don't have a point.

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Nico Bellic

my opinion about this question is that the Vance brothers are 3: Lance , Victor and Pete and the whole deal about this Vance bissnes is just between Lance and Victor and Pete stays out of everything in the whole story, it's more possibly that Victor dies in this short film whit the drug deal and so just because on that photo he really looks like Victor but he's accent......I'm not so sure there is no reason that this person who dies is really Pate ,he is just the 3-rd brother and nothing else

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THe world may never know-- pretty big bump.... really doesn't matter does it-- none of them were real-- I've killed Victor Vance at least 30 times myself.....


Niko is already catching up... wink.gif



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