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Recommended Posts

Tested: (1.5 PSP, Devhook 0.46 with 2.7 Dump, VCS EU, ISO (dumped from the UMD, since I have a 2 GB ms))


Infinite Health & Armor: Works

Time: Works

Vehicle spawns: Works (some crashes, we need a garage version)

Display coordinates: Works

Power Jump: f*cked up

Screenshot: Works

Video Recorder: Works

Step Up/Down: Works


'Home' button: Works

Sound: Works

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It doesn't work. I installed it by installer, and than i see ore it was correct with hand.


But need i a special savegame ?(and yes, i use devhook+iso)

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boats dont freeze the game if you are standing in the water but the problem is that they spawn on the nearest road and i can never find them.

Edited by pphheerroonn
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i dont want to get on your nervs edison, but i have 2 questions:


1. can i use this PRX for GTA VCS as well as for GTA LCS?


2. I know,you dont want to hear that again and again, but will there ever be support for the German Version of GTA (VCS / LCS). With ths PRX thing it should not be so difficult!?


Thanks in advance




Edit: I could answer my first questiopn for myself! It supports both, GTA VCS and GTA LCS!

But i am not able to answer my second question, i hope you do it!

Edited by K1ngofK1ngz
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If you are having some trouble with home button (and you use custom firmware) upgrade to 2.71 SE-B'' works for me


Loading the two cheat devices (the one from waterbottle) works too biggrin.gif


It seems that it doesn't like loading the old cheat device and the new at the same time :s

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Works great for me except the first vehicle spawn cheat does nothing when you press Circle... The second one works fine when you press Triangle...

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Works great for me except the first vehicle spawn cheat does nothing when you press Circle... The second one works fine when you press Triangle...

The first spawn thingy, requires R1 to spawn a verhicle.

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The button HOME and the sound doesn't work with CWcheat and cheatdevice!

There is incompatibility for the moment between CWcheat and cheatdevice!


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Edison Carter... You're the Man... I flashed the Alpha on my 2.71 SE-B'' incl. CWCheat 1.6 I flashed the PRX (renamed to: GTALCSC.prx) with the LCS cheatdevice Installer on Flash0 (To the creator of this Installer: Write a new one that can flash both Cheatdevices (LCS and VCS) at the same time (You have to correct the pspbtcnf_game.txt).... and most features work perfectly... Except: PowerJump (weird...) and the spawn cheat is really buggy (for sure in this alpha)... I can't get any Helicopter or Plane to move... A Jetski is impossible to spawn (Shuts off the PSP... I can't explain it... But maybe, you have to load Drive/Fly Properties at the same Time as the Vehicle (Because if you dont do this, the Plane/Helicopter is just a static Object)... Can you maybe create a "Nasty Limbs-Cheat" for LCS and VCS like the Button-Cheat in GTA III (PS2)??


Home Button and Sound works for me...


No Wanted Cheat has to come next...!!!!

Edited by mcshortcut
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Anybody exeperiencing the problem that the game reports 0.0% done with the cheat device ?


PS : The two "cheat devices" (edison's and waterbottle's) likes each other tounge.gif Edison, is there anyway that we can have a retail screenshot/video capture prx ? The other one has a bright problem, makes all my videos too bright so it's useless



No sound and no home happens when i load both cheat devices at the same time (lcs one and vcs one) :s

Edited by DreamTeam
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Thanks to cheat device i can no longer get my iso of gtavcs to run, it crashes after the gameboot. i used the installer,thenmanual, to no success.

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I experienced the same Problem first... You have to disable any Cheats in CWCheat 1.6 during the Intro Hold Select for some Seconds at the Rockstar Logo and disable them (Save the Settings for Future use).... It's caused by some interferences if you use both Cheatdevices...

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Thanks to this, i can no longer f*cking load gta vcs, it crashes at the gameboot.

Don't panic, just comment out the cheatdevice.prx line in the following file on your memstick,




change the line that says,








Save the file and the CheatDevice will no longer load...


Easy eh...?

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Is anyone thinking of making a tutorial or FAQ on how to run VCS without updating?


Because im having so much goddamned trouble with this, and its frustrating the f*ck out of me!

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Hey, nobody was answering my questions!!!


1. Is this PRX for both GTAs (LCS and VCS)??


2. IS it usable with a German Copy of LCS or will there someday support for it??


Please, some answer my questions!!


thanks in advance

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aDePSP what do i do im using a mac when i downloaddevhook its just ablank file its not mac compatible :'(

It is mac compatible, maybe the site you are getting it from is giving you trouble... Use the my DevHook I uploaded to my site,




It has all the 2.71 files in it that you need...



Edited by ADePSP
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Well, cheatdevice has screwed up my MS and my progress on GTA VCS. My progress has gone to 0.0 and does not rise and now my PC can't read my MS any more after installing the cheatdevice.


I don't have a clue about the progress, i never used any cheats except spawning vehicles... Looks like I'll have to format my MS and loose all my save data etc.. sad.gif

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quote from frimwire announcement topic. post by me





You know what it’s all about by now… Another 2.71 SE-B update from Dark_AleX — this one primarily focuses on UMD/ISO stability resulting in better support for all your favourite ISOs and UMDs. So here it is, 2.71 SE-B'’ or SE-B3 as referred to by some.


Added SFO version bypass to real umd’s. (this should enable gta vcs umd to be played).

Fixed the problem of error 0×8002012D in certain games when plain modules are enabled. Because the problem is gone, the updater will reset the option of plain modules to enabled. If for some reason you still have that error, report it and disable the option, but it should be fixed now.

Found and corrected 3 bugs regarding no umd.


One of them affected Virtual Tennis and potentially a lot of other games.

The other two affected GTA LCS and GTA VCS.

Some games like Burnout Legend still don’t run in no-umd because of what seems a kernel stack problem.

Enjoy another fine Revision B release from Dark_AleX!


SE-B'' (or SE-B3)


read that again



(this should enable gta vcs umd to be played).


ok now i beg of someone to dump this new firmwire for 1.5 devhook users as i personally don't want to go through all this downgrading upgrading stuff.


thanks for the person that makes a FW dump of this using 2.81 firmwire dumper (not sure if it works with se-b3 but i can hope)


source: http://www.psp-hacks.com/2006/11/02/271-se-b-se-b3-released/

Edited by chrislawrance
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