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Gta New New York, revived


Recommended Posts

More good news,

TripleA's is currently working on the beta romeo

I dont have any pictures of the model but if he wants to show you he will


user posted image


i think it shood replace the infurnus


yeah so all's going well schools ending in a week witch is awesome coz once it does it never opens again xD

Edited by Futurama_Freak1
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Time for un update well here is a small section of the city

and it gives you an idea of what the whole things gonna look like


user posted image

This looks heaps better then i thought it would be! Thats why I wanted you to post screens!

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BUMP! When it's gonna be released tounge2.gif ? Ok, i know that will be late, but, any updates?

please, dont ask if i'm gonna relese somthing i'll say so


well this is a lousey update but i electrocuted myseflf wile trying to fix my modem it works now as you can see and i got a sharp pain in my head oh wait that wasnt gta nny related, sarcasm.gif

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Here's an update Bammagera i think it was i just call him rob

has almost finnshed Retexturing all of liberty city to make it cartoon like


also i saw trippleas ONCE then i havent seen him for a week its happening all over again ahh!

and also ms.cooldude signed into msn for 1 seccond then went offline


so yeah with rob's whole colored city all we need is more cars,


but i aint relseing anything without New missions wheres the fun in that


oh here's some screens of what bam did


user posted image

user posted image

user posted image

user posted image


they will look alot better when i convert it to gta lc

the grass and roads and ground will be the ones i made so it will make it look way better

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Flippin heck man, that looks sweet. The game looks like it is really cel-shaded.

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Are you gonna add those sewers where Leelas parents lived in? You also need planet express. My idea is adding an aero highway just above Bedford Point that leads to Chinatown, Fort Staunton, Portland Docks, FIA Airport, Dam.


Anyways, is there gonna be those remains of Little italy where Fry used to live? They are shown in a chapter. Maybe it could be Saint Marks.



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Dude, i did planet express AGES ago

and i say no the the highway and no to the place fry used to live because that is all Underground.


and vinny i like that rocket train idea

Edited by Futurama_Freak1
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Yeah, bam sent me all the .txd (over 400 of them) files that i have to put in one by one manualy, i made up a system of doing it so i can get 1 .txd in game in about 3 secconds they are in alphabetical order and i am up to f lemme see if i can dig up a screen


user posted image



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ohh man owsome updates cool.gif

keep it up ; )

the road texture where ppl walks need more details... imo smile.gif

Edited by harri1990
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u mean the sidewalk right?


well just now i finnished putting all the textures in yeah that was quick

and i'm encountering some crashes that might be broken txd's or somthing it seems to crash in portland

and things are starting to load like vcs bored.gif hmmmn


[EDIT]: Turns out it was the planet express building that was crashing the game... i'll figure somthing out

Edited by Futurama_Freak1
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You cant go in it or anything its just there maby a nice spot for a save point i removed it from the game and it stopped crashing i recompiled orsomthing the .img its a bit faster but the city still loads like vcs :S


i had an idea for the rampages, they would only be doable by bender they could be called like "kill all humans" mini missions nice idea there

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Are you making that robot brothel that Bender used to go?


I have an idea for gangs: Robot gang, Scientist gang and Robot-hater punks.

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Well, the gangs will be


The Robot Mafia, umm thats about the only gang on Futurama... and i have made "Electric Lady Land" Laptop Dances, place he goes to in the episode "The lesser of two evils"

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I don't come to GTAF a long time ago, and everything is getting updated! Your mod is driving me nuts. I wish I can kill you on real life for all that waiting time! tounge.gif J/K

I'll try to learn some coding skills so I can make teleporters to go to the Lines and to the interiors(I can do that, don't worry buddy!)



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@[email protected]!T:That would be ripping... Because it's from another producer...


UPDATES!! Actually, i've found out how to make a teleport code in GTAVC... Hope it works on LC! I'll try to get more knowledge in main.scm coding, then you will have a coder! For now, i can place weapons, cars, items and objects(will test if it works tonight) and i can make teleports.... Send the coords of where ya want to go to the tube and i'll make it to you

Edited by vinnygouveia



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