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Please be aware that this is not a tutorial request forum! Use the appropriate topic for the effect.
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Creating a DFF and COL in 3DSMax 7

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Getting Sketchup models into DFF and COL files using 3DSMax 7 (Vice City)

Using KAMS scripts

By Grant


OK, first off I’m not going to show you how to model, light, get things ingame using Ked/Med/Moomapper or run KAMS scripts in 3DSMax etc. If you need help with aspects that were mentioned above, go back to the tutorial archive as there are others that explain those parts in great depth.


I will be showing how to export from sketchup, import to 3DSMax, and export as DFF and COL files using a fail safe method I’ve used for a long time now.


During this tutorial you will learn:


How to export models in the correct format from Sketchup for use in 3DSMax.


How to import models to 3DSMAX.


How some aspects of KAMS scripts function.


How to create DFF’s and COL’s using KAMS scripts in 3DSMax.



Exporting properly from sketchup:


Exporting seems easy, it’s actually a little more complicated than you would like to think. If a setting is incorrect when exporting, chances are you’re gonna have no textures, your model may seem strange in 3DSMax etc. The problems are endless when it comes to not exporting properly.


user posted image


Ensure your export options are EXACTLY same as the image above. Once you’ve selected the appropriate check boxes and drop-down menus and exported the model with it’s textures to the same folder, you can move on to the next step.



Importing the .3DS model into Max 7(maybe other builds of MAX too):


In order to get to this menu go to File>Import… then find the folder in which you saved the .3DS file that you exported from sketchup. Then click import.


user posted image


user posted image


user posted image


Once your object appears in the MAX windows, you can move on to the next step.



Renaming your Model and Converting it to Editable Mesh:


Don’t worry if the title baffles you, all will become clear as we go on. For the model work properly as a DFF and COL file it needs to be an Editable Mesh, by default MAX ‘should’ import the .3DS file and make it an editable mesh, encase your setting are a little different. This is how you convert your model to Editable Mesh.


Click on your model and rename it to the same name as the original .3DS file.


Once you have renamed your object, click on the modify tab at the right hand side of the screen, then right click the empty space and select Convert to>Editable Mesh.


user posted image


Now that we have our model converted to an editable mesh, it’s time to make the COL file.



Using KAMS scripts to create a COL file:


Click on the Utilities tab at the right hand side. Then, click on Collision IO and the following roll-out will appear.


user posted image


Type the name of the object into the text box as shown above, yours most likely will be different from mine. Then click on COLL. Then click on Collision Mesh, you then must click on your object so that where it said Collision Mesh, it now says the name of your object. As shown below.


user posted image


Now you can click Export. I would advise you save the COL file into the same folder as everything else at this stage, so you don’t start losing files here there and everywhere. Once you’ve completed those steps, you can move on to the next stage.


Using KAMS scripts to create a DFF file:


Now click on DFF IO in the Utilities menu at the right hand side. A new window will appear, select the following options and click Export DFF. Once again I would advise you save the file in the same folder as everything else as shown below.


user posted image



Well folks that’s it, simple I hope. If you do however have any problems at all don’t hesitate to ask me of anyone else for that matter, we’re here to help after all.


Either post your problems in here of Via PM, your choice.


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