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With This Laptop Run Games?

Escort mission

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I wanted to get a new computer, and I've been hearing people say how Alienware is the best for gaming. I was browsing the site and I came along the Area 51. To be honest, I have my eye on this one because it's only a cool grand, and that's a good price compared to the ones that I'd have to drop 5 G's to gtet my hands on. I'v figured out that I have to save like 4 months to get it. (Gimmie a break, I'm living off of allowance)


I'm not super technical, I just want to ask if the Area-51® m5550 will run games without lagging or crashing. I was big into OFPS's, but my computer fell off of the damn table and got so FUBAR. Will I be able to play like Morrowind, Counter Strike, Oblivion, ect. ?


It says's I can play movies, but I'm really focussed on the games! Will games run smoothly on the Area-51® m5550?


Peace and Chicken Grease,



EDIT: I've been browsing the "Customize" section, and I don't want to add anything extra, I wanna know If it will run games out of the box without adding anything new.

Edited by Escort mission
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If it doesn't have to be a laptop then you can do so much better with a desktop PC especially if you mainly have gaming in mind since even though some laptops are alright at gaming a desktop will be better at guaranteeing a smooth gaming experience.


Just so you know Alienware while great are extremely overpriced because for the most part you'll be able to build/buy the same spec PC for alot less. The basic specs of the 51 you mention are only just sufficient for gaming depending on the game, you'd need to spend more to guarantee you'd have smooth gaming experience. I'd suggest you look elsewhere for a desktop PC if you really don't need a laptop. Building your own or getting a place to build one for you would be a better way to go.

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Im quite sure you could get a better PC for that money...

While Alienware is one of the best PCs by performance... its got a fairly big price to come with it.

I suggest you to search a tad bit more...



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