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Mr. Hym.

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It's gonna sound pretty bad, In fact i don't even like the sound quality of 128, i prefer compressed 192kbps, or the actual cd.


To answer your question though, you can use DB Power Amp And you just input a song and select the format and bit rate and then save it. I'm sure this program allows you to do that, i haven't used it in sometime myself.

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I converted about 500 of my songs to 64kbps .mp3 files and 500 more to 64kbps .wma files. The .mp3s are lower quality, but nothing to cry home about, while I couldn't tell the 64kbps .wmas from my 256kbps ones.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Yeah, I couldn't tell the difference. I'm about to try to compress them even further to see how they sound.

EDIT: Still sounds great at 32Kbps. If I keep this up I'll be able to fit my whole library onto my 1GB player.

Edited by Mr_Hym
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Thats probably because, either your mp3 doesnt have the proper hardware to play the music, the way it should sound, just like if you have the best sound card, cpu, ram, and a set of digital speakers, surround sound, with a proper bass and wattage, you will definetly hear the difference between the qualitys, the psp also lacks proper audio decoding software and hardware, thus making the 16kbps sound decent, also the speakers on it arent the greatest either. I try to keep all my music at the highest bit rates so I usually have my songs encoded to 320kbps or another high number. I am an audiophile, and if something doesnt sound right, I go out to the store and buy what is needed to fix the problem, sometimes quality>quantity, but when you have limited space and no money to upgrade, quantity may become more important to a certain exctent. Hopefully you dont start thinking that music sounds good at 32kbps or 16kbps, unless ofcourse the music you are listening to isnt complicated at all, like most rap songs, where the same beat is constant, the vocals not being complex, etc., In music where there are many different sounds that constantly change, its more complex for the sounds to sound good when there isnt enough storage to keep all the info.

Edited by Sixdust
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