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Mid Air Collision in Brasil

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Recently there was a midair collision between a Brasilian 777 and an american learjet in brasilian airspace. It is suggested that perpahps the pilots of the learjet (who survived the collision) turned off their equipment. Several families are planning lawsuits against the Learjet pilots. Should they be held accountable for the deaths of 108 people?

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Yes they should be held responsible. Unless of course they can give a good reason why they turned their equipment off in midair notify.gif

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Tom Toole

Well... They should obviously be accountable for what they intended to do and then went along and did. But I think a few other people might also have some responsability in the matter. For example, who gave them a license? Did the person teaching them forget to tell them to never turn off equipement? Does the international, national (brazilian) community have strong standards for who is allowed to drive? The owner of the jet seems to me has some responsability - he allowed these two pilots to use a deadly weapon they do not (seem to) know how to handle, did he not?


Furthermore - what exactly would being held accountable mean? it could be death, some jailtime, a fine, a smear on their record, a loss of their licences, a slap on the wrist, a warning?



From what I understand they are accountable for bad piloting, not murder.

Fair would be to definitely lose their license, have a fine, but not jailtime nor anything on their record.



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Well, It cannot be entirely there fault, they say there were also blind spots in Brasils radar system



I didnt know we were that poor

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*gta star*

That is stupid, why would you turn off your equipment in mid air ? confused.gif


However, it could have been a fault in mid air and maybe the pilots reset the equipment, maybe the jet that they were flying could only do this by turning it off ?


Usually now jets have a reset button for most things, except the engines lol.

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Mister Pink
I saw something about this on T.V. That's really sad. My condolonces go out to the families. It's hard to tell what to think.

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