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Grand Theft Auto: One Stunters Story

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Well i wanted to make a story so i finally did. Its about a stunter who has to get into USC(Underground Stunting Crew)

So read on.Our main character is Dave(Me)


11.35-Sunday morning. 1st of November:


Dave steps out of his flat and walks to his garage. He opens the garage and gets into his perrenial. He starts it up and drives out o the garage and onto the road outside claude speeds safehouse. He goes to the import export dock in hope there is a top secret bike shipment coming in. He loads his mp5 and pulls on his mask.

He walks to the dock and looks around. A open ship is coming in.

He jumps into a Speeder and goes to the ship and climbs in. He eliminates the guard and gets a keycard. He kciks down the door to the storage room and finds a black and gold pcj600. He hops on and speeds. He does a massive gap and lands in the water instead of the boat.



Hope you enjoy



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the sequel:


12.35-Sunday morning. 1st of November.


Dave uses his north face jacket as a floaty. he grabs the bike and float towards the speeder. he puts the bike on the boat and sails away. he puts the boat on the dock and gets on the bike. the police chase him. he loads his mp5 and shoots the police. pop pop pop watching f*ckers drop. he revs the bike and the wheels spin. smoke comes from the wheels. he flies down the street. He does a massive gap. the police cant keep up. he parks the bike in an alleyway and goes into mcdonalds.


Hope you enjoy



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aforementioned north face jacket



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