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GameDaily Preview


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Thanks for posting it!


(Scans it for new screens...)


Edit: Aww. Nothing new that I saw.



Anyone else see anything?


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Thanks for posting the link, thatsoccerguy, and thanks to Jordan for informing him!


TC718 / <629 / CF5


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Thanks @ EmoPat, Vanilla Shake, & rashon125. I'll eat those cookies later. colgate.gif


I would've actually read that article and posted some stuff from it too, but I was hoping I could be the first to post this so I didn't bother.


But this is what GTAVCS.com says:



• In addition to the city being twice as large as Liberty City in size, the game also offers twice the amount of polygons, and twice as many vehicles and characters.

• The soundtrack of Vice City Stories features completely different 80s music than what's found in Vice City.

Edited by thatsoccerguy
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• The soundtrack of Vice City Stories features completely different 80s music than what's found in Vice City.

I think that's a load of crap. We've already heard Dio, Ratt, and Dokken, similar to VRock in '86. How is that different? Wave 103 sounds the same, and that song in the trailer sounds like something you'd here in Emotion. Why would they waste their time licensing music for a VC title if it's gonna be completely different than the VC OST, which many fans consider the best?


The preview was meh.. Same thing we've read a dozen times, and I think they made up that stuff about the soundtrack.

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I have to say... his build up.... is stupid.. he could not have sounded like more of an idiot...ok the game is massive , ok the game breaks new ground, but wtf is it wit hthe hamburger or what ever in the heck he was talking about?



but good to weed through the dribble and see a few glimpses of what he called "the tastiest friggin' candy you'll ever have the privilege of popping into your mouth"


Come on... get to the game already..

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Yeah a pretty boring preview.


When they said the new music thing. I think they meant none of the songs in Vice City will feature in VCS. Meaning complete new 80s music.

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Except those two news about polygons and soundtrack, there's nothing new in this preview like screenshots or informations.

After all, thanks.

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