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Two New VCS Screenshots


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I just got home and I saw the new US version of OPM in my mailbox! Theres some new info and two new screenshots.



EDIT: Got them in better quality.



user posted image



user posted image




They also go on to say VCS will be physically twice as big as LCS. So I think this clears up what others were thinking when they said VCS was going to be much bigger than LCS. But how would it be twice as big?



EDIT: I FINALLY got it to scan. Here's the link: http://img180.imageshack.us/img180/8954/topqq3.jpg

Edited by brandon6199
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wow thanks for posting mate, i love new photos inlove.gif


is there any more info than just the physical size of vice city stories


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Nah the rest is the same, but they do go on to say that



Victor Vance is the first GTA main character to not have a criminal backround


They say that they guess that Lance gets Vic into crime. tounge.gif

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Here actually I do have a scanner tounge2.gif Let me get it working and i'll scan the whole article.

yea ri cry.gif ght................

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Ugh my scanner is being gay. Im calling EPSON technical support lol. Ill probably get the scans up soon.

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New bike looks like an NRG now. I still think the green one is an FCR.

And yes, I do believe that green blur behind it is a faggio.


Cant wait for digital ones, those scans are good, but I love digitals inlove.gif



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Yeah. It does kinda look like an NRG. Its 8 years younger so who knows. It probably is. And the green thing in the back of the motorcycle does look like a faggio. Besides, we first saw the faggio in VC, so why wouldnt it be in VCS?

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Yeah it does remind me of tommy. But he's in jail.... or is he? Well find out come late october. biggrin.gif

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Well it looks like vcspsp.com is using your scan and they are not giving you credit. I would email them and ask them why. Here is there email address. [email protected]

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