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The official complete girlfriend guide!


Recommended Posts

Girlfriends Guide


Girlfriends are not required for the 100%


Full guide courtesy and credit to bloodstorm


Also search the original version on: http://db.gamefaqs.com/console/ps2/file/gr..._girlfriend.txt


GTA: SA Girlfriend Guide Version 1.21

Last Updated: November 12, 2005


Game: Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

System: Sony PlayStation 2




* Table of Contents: *



1) Introduction


2) General Information

a) Overview

b) Dates in General

c) Date Types

e) Relationship Change Values


3) Potential Girlfriends

a) Denise Robinson

b) Helena Wankstein

c) Michelle Cannes

d) Katie Zhan

e) Barbara Schternvart

f) Millie Perkins


4) Appearance

a) Muscle

b) Fat

c) Sex Appeal


5) Gift Locations

a) Flowers

b) Dildos

c) Vibrators


6) Misc

a) Quick Reference

b) Oysters

c) Two-Player Dates

d) Phone Calls


7) Troubleshooting

a) Girl Never Home

b) Dumped

c) Dead Girlfriend


8) Frequently Asked Questions

a) Trouble

b) General

c) Misc


9) Revision History


10) Credits/Contact Information







* 1) Introduction: *



This is a guide to the girlfriends in the game Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.

The main reason to date a girl in this game is to get stuff from her. There

are six different girls to date, and each one has their own benefits and

rewards to offer.


You will get a benefit just for dating most of the girls, such as the very

useful ability to keep your weapons and money after being busted or wasted.

Then once you raise your relationship level with a girl to 50% you will get the

keys to her car, which will be available whenever the girl is at home.

Finally, if you raise your relationship level with a girl to 100% you'll be

given a special outfit (unless that girl is Millie). To see what specific

rewards each girl gives, see the Potential Girlfriends section.


In addition to specific information about each girlfriend, this FAQ will

provide information about how to change your appearance, as this is very

important for dating most of the girls. Also, there are gifts you can give to

a girl during a date, so I've included a list of some of the more convenient

locations to find these in the Gift Locations.


There is also a misc section that you might want to take a look at, since misc

sections are always good. Also, for answers to the most common questions

people seem to have about all of this, there is a troubleshooting section and a

section for frequently asked questions. If you have any other questions or

comments about this FAQ that you'd like to share, then take a look at the

contact information section at the bottom.


I should also mention that I can't guarantee that everything in this guide is

true for the Xbox and PC versions of the game since I have never played them.

However, I suspect that most of the information should be the same for all of

the versions, so everything will hopefully be at least close to accurate no

matter which version of the game you're using.







* 2) General Information *




= 2a) Overview: =





You will be able to recognize a girl that you can date because they will have a

blue marker above their head. There are a total of four girls that you can

find, and you will start dating two more automatically during missions. All of

these girls have a set place where they can be found once you start dating

them, which you can find in the Potential Girlfriends section. You can date

more than one girl at once, and as far as I know, your other girlfriends won't

mind if you pick up another.


You'll usually have to meet certain appearance preferences to get a girl to

date you. Once you meet these preferences, just approach them and they'll ask

you out. If you don't meet their appearance preferences, they will tell you

why, and you can try again later. However, with a high enough sex appeal, they

may be willing to forget about their other appearance preferences and go out

with you no matter how terrible they think your body is.


If you absolutely refuse to change for anyone, then you have an alternative to

all of this appearance maintenance that everyone keeps trying to force you into

worrying about. Collecting all 50 of the oysters negates all appearance

requirements (including sex appeal), which allows you to date any of the girls

no matter how you look. The oysters also provide other benefits, which you can

read about in the Misc section.





You have a relationship meter with every one of the datable girls that you've

met. You can find this meter in the "Achievements" menu of the stat screen

after you meet the girl (except Millie, whose meter doesn't appear until after

your first date with her). Your relationship level will be a percent value

between 0 and 100%, although if your relationship is at 0% the meter will not

be visible. The meter generally starts at about 10% when you first meet a

girl, and then usually goes to 15% when you start dating her.


You can raise a relationship value through successful dates and through certain

things you can do on a date, such as giving a gift. However, your relationship

can also go down for various reasons. See the Relationship Change Values

section for the specific values that your relationship can change by.





Once you are going out with a girl, she will move from where you found her to

her home, which will be indicated on the map by a red heart. The girls are

generally only home at certain times of the day, and you can only take a girl

out once per ingame day. If you are having a lot of trouble with a girl never

being home, see the Troubleshooting section for more information.






= 2b) Dates in General: =





To start a date with a girl, you have to go to her house while she's home.

You'll know she's home because her car, a two-player icon, and a red marker

will have appeared. To start a date, just walk or drive into the red marker.

If she's not there, there will be no marker or two-player icon, and a little

text box may pop up telling you all about her not home status.


Once you enter the marker, one of several types of dates will start. The type

of date is chosen automatically, and the girl will tell you what kind of date

it is. Each type of date has different requirements, and each girl has

slightly different needs for each type of date. The general information about

each type of date is listed in this section, while the specific information for

each girl is listed in the specific sections for each girl.





There are three base types of date outcomes. One is a successful date, which

is what you should be going for. This is when you drop your girlfriend off at

home after a date and she was satisfied with how the date went.


A failed date is when you drop the girl off at home after a date in which

something went wrong. This could be that you failed to meet the requirements

of the date, you took too much time on the date, or you didn't meet the girl's

appearance standards when you dropped her off.


The third basic type of date outcome is an abandon date. This is when you

leave the girl behind (or abandon her, one might say). The easiest way to do

this is to get into a car, and then quickly drive away before your girlfriend

can get in. Then once you've driven far enough for the game to unload her, you

will have abandoned her and the date ends instantly. This is just like a

failed date, but faster.


The easiest way to make your relationship with a girl go down is to abuse her

during a date. This means hitting her or shooting her with any weapons. If

you just hit her once, the date might not immediately end. However, shooting

the girl or beating her repeatedly will instantly end the date. Either way,

your relationship will go down considerably. All of the girls can take quite a

few hits, including multiple headshots from most weapons. However, they can

die, and if you kill a girl through abuse, she will no longer be your






There are a few other things you can do on almost any type of date with a girl.

What you do may have a positive or negative impact on your relationship with

the girl.


One thing that you can do is to give her a gift. Gifts can be found all

throughout San Andreas, and you can find some of these locations in the Gift

Locations section. Once you have a gift, it will be a selectable weapon. You

can then give it to a girl by standing near her, selecting the gift as a

weapon, and then holding L1.


Another thing you can do is to kiss the girl. To do this, just stand near her

and hold L1 while you aren't holding a gift and you aren't aiming mode. If

your relationship value is somewhat low, she will probably push you away. If

not, she should kiss you back. I haven't noticed any differences in how these

two types of kisses affect your relationship, but I wouldn't be surprised if

there is one in some cases.


Kissing usually causes a negative change in relationship, whether it was a

successful kiss or not. However, it seems that if you give the girl a gift

first and then kiss her, you often get a positive relationship change. So if

you're going to kiss a girl, give her a gift first.


One more thing you can do is take the girl's picture. If you point a camera at

a girl, you might say something to her and she will wave. Taking her picture

doesn't seem to do anything, but it's still something you can do. It's just

more pointless than other possible actions.






= 2c) Date Types: =



These are the different types of dates that are available. Specific

information about these dates is available in each of the sections about the

girls you can date.



Food Date:


This is the type of date that you will always start with when you begin a

relationship with a girl. The girl will tell you that she's hungry and wants

to go out to eat. There are four types of eating places available: fast food,

diner, bar (drinking date), and restaurant. The locations of the nearby places

you can go to will be marked on the map during a food date, so you can locate

the closest one that your girl likes and take her there. Don't worry if you go

to the same place every time, she doesn't mind.


There are certain types of places to eat that each girl likes and dislikes, so

whether this date succeeds or fails depends on where you take her. Also, note

that you will gain fat during this date since you are eating. So keep that in

mind if you're watching your figure.



Dancing Date:


In this type of date, your girlfriend will want to go dancing, so you have to

go to one of the clubs. These will be marked on the map and they're all the

same, so just choose the closest one. Once you enter the club, go into the red

marker, and then you will have to do the dancing mini-game (like in the "Life's

a Beach" mission).


If you do well enough, which I'd assume is somewhere around a minimum of 3000

points, then you will have had a successful date and can take her home. If you

don't do well enough, the date is a failure.



Driving Date:


In these dates you'll have to drive your girlfriend through an area that she

likes at a certain speed. She'll let you know whether she likes an area

whenever she rides with you, so you can get an idea of the type of area she

likes during your first few eating dates. During this date she'll yell at you

if you go too fast or too slow, so you can use that to determine the speed she



There will be a fun bar on the screen that starts with just a little bit of

fun. A few seconds after you start driving, the fun bar will start to respond

to how you're driving. It will go up if you drive at the correct speed in an

area that your girlfriend likes. However, if you go too slow or too fast, the

fun bar will go down. Fill the fun bar all the way to the top and keep it

there for a few seconds to have a successful date. Let it go completely empty

and the date will fail.



Special Dates:


Some of the girls have their own unique types of dates. And by some of the

girls, I mean Michelle and Millie. A good way to remember this, in case

someone is quizzing you on your knowledge of GTA-based dating, is that all of

the girls who have a name that starts with "M" have special dates.


To find details about these special dates, see the sections of the girls who

have special dates. Quiz: see if you can remember which girls those are

without looking back at the previous paragraph. (Hint: remember the

memorization system we came up with.)





Coffee isn't really a type of date; it's more of an extension to the existing

dates. Every type of date can end with an invitation into the girl's house for

"coffee." You will only be invited in if your relationship level is at a

certain level with that girl, and the required level varies depending on which

girl it is.


During coffee time, you don't actually see the inside of the house or what is

really happening. The camera will be focused on the exterior of the girl's

house, and camera will shake around a bit. All the while, you'll hear yourself

and the girl make suggestive comments and other sounds while some encouraging

text is displayed at the bottom of the screen. Clearly you both enjoy coffee a



Some believe that "coffee" is actually some kind of code, and that what you are

actually doing during these sequences is having sex. Or maybe all of the girls

in this game really enjoy coffee, we don't know for sure. I've heard they have

exotic flavors like vanilla now, so it's easy to understand why a girl would

get excited about coffee.


It is always a good idea to have coffee at the end of a date, as this adds an

extra +5% bonus to your relationship. You can, however, choose not to have

coffee with her without any negative consequences.






= 2d) ???: =



There is no 2d. Maybe you've found the secret subsection?






= 2e) Relationship Change Values: =



These are the values that your relationship level with a girl will change for

the given situation.


I can't guarantee that these values hold for every given situation, but these

are the percent changes in relationships that I've observed so far. They

should at least be close to accurate most of the time.




Good date: +5%

Failed date: -5%

Abandon date: -5%




Flowers: +1%

Dildo: +1%

Vibrator: +1%




Coffee: +5%

Kiss: -1%

Kiss after giving a gift: +1%


Bad Things:


Abuse: -10%

Attempt to start date while below her standards: -1%

Finish a date while below her standards: -5%


Two-Player Dates:


After a successful date: +5%

After a failed date: -5%


Outside of Dates:


Missed phone call: -2%







* 3) Potential Girlfriends: *



In this section, you'll find information on all of the known girls that you can

date in this game. But first it might be helpful to explain what kind of

information you'll find.


The Appearance Preferences of a girl is the body type she would prefer that you

have. If you do not meet her appearance preferences, a girl may not start

going out with you or may refuse to go out on a date with you after you've

started dating. However, a very high sex appeal will often convince her to

overlook your flaws and go out with you no matter what body type you have. In

addition, if you've found all 50 Oysters you don't have to worry about any of

the appearance preferences, including sex appeal.


A girl's Home is the place where you can find her once you start dating. This

is usually different from where you first met her. When a girl is at her home

and available for a date there will be a red marker you can walk or drive into

to start a date.


The Usual Times are the times that a girl is usually at her home. However,

there may be days (or possibly even weeks) when a girl is never home, and a

girl may rarely be home at a time outside of her usual time (most likely after

a phone call).


Each girl has special needs for the different types of dates, so information

about these is listed for each girl.


Finally, the rewards you get through dating for each girl are listed at the

bottom of each of their sections.




= 3a) Denise Robinson =



Denise will be your first girlfriend, and she'll also be the easiest one to

please. You'll get her automatically after the "Burning Desire" mission, so

don't worry about doing anything special to go out with her. She doesn't care

about appearance, she lives very close to your house, and you never have to

take her very far from home. And she even has a date alternative that can let

you avoid the date types you don't like.



Appearance Preferences:


- none





Denise lives on the street right behind your initial house, next to the bridge.



Usual Times:


00:00 to 6:00

16:00 to 00:00



Food Date:


The easiest place to take Denise is to the bar a couple blocks away from her

house (marked as a "drinking date" on the map). You can also take her to fast

food restaurants if you'd prefer some variety.



Dancing Date:


Just take her to the only dance club in Los Santos, which is marked on the map.



Driving Date:


Denise likes the area all around her house, and there's no speed too slow for

her. So you can just barely move down the street and back to fill up her fun




Date Alternative:


With Denise, you have an alternative that you may be able to do during any of

the other types of dates. As you drive around, Denise might ask to do a drive-

by. If you just let her shoot people as you drive around, she will probably be

happy and the date will end successfully. So if there's a particular type of

date you don't like, you can often choose to do this instead.





Denise should start inviting you in for coffee after dates when your

relationship with her is at about 40%.





- You don't get anything just for dating Denise, since you didn't have to do

any work to start dating her.


- At 50% you get the keys to her car, which is a green Hustler.


- At 100% Denise will give you a Pimp Suit, which is a light blue suit.






= 3b) Helena Wankstein: =



Helena is a lawyer who is enthusiastic about firearms and lives on a farm. She

can first be found in the town of Blueberry in Red County. She is shooting at

targets on the Blueberry Ammunation's roof, which can be accessed using a

staircase right next to the Ammunation entrance. She doesn't seem to be there

every day, so if you can't find her, try coming back the next ingame day.

Also, you may have to have unlocked the San Fierro island before she will



There is a special (but pointless) thing you can do with Helena before you

start dating her. When you stand in front of Helena as she fires at the

target, she will shoot you. If you let her shoot you until you die, your

relationship with her will go up by 10%. However, you won't get any rewards

from her before you start dating even if you get your relationship to 100%.

And your relationship will reset to 15% when you start going out with her

anyway, so there's no real reason to do this.


Note: since Helena's home is so far from everywhere you need to go, you may

want to consider using a helicopter for dates. It's much faster for going to

restaurants and the dance club, and it works fine for driving dates too.



Appearance Preferences:


- Low muscle (less than 25%)

- Low fat

- High sex appeal





Helena lives on a farm in Flint Range. This is in between the cities of Los

Santos and San Fierro, and nothing is very close to her home.



Usual Times:


00:00 to 2:00

08:00 to 12:00

14:00 to 00:00



Food Date:


Helena likes restaurants. The closest restaurant to Helena's home is in the

Rodeo district of Los Santos.



Dancing Date:


This date is kind of a pain with Helena, as the dance clubs are all really far

away. I recommend the club in Los Santos since it seems to be a little closer,

but you can make it to the one in San Fierro as well.



Driving Date:


Helena likes you to drive fairly slowly, at about the speed that you naturally

coast down a gentle hill. She likes rural areas and some nice parts of town.

This includes the area all around her farm, so I recommend just driving in

circles through her fields until you get the fun bar up.





Helena probably won't let you come in for coffee until your relationship is at

about 70%.





- For dating Helena you will gain access to a tool shed on her farm that

contains a chainsaw, a flamethrower, Molotov cocktails, and a pistol. You will

also be able to use her Bandito car. You don't need the keys as it has no

doors to lock.


- At 50% the game says you get the keys to her Bandito. But since you could

already use her car, what you actually get is nothing.


- At 100% Helena will give you Rural Clothes, which you can access in the

special menu of your wardrobe. These are overalls and a sleeveless flannel







= 3c) Michelle Cannes: =



Michelle is a mechanic who lives in San Fierro. You can find her in the

driving school, which will be marked on the map after a storyline mission. She

will be standing next to the water cooler in the room with the TV that gives

you driving school missions.


Note that Michelle will not be in the driving school all of the time. She

seems to randomly spawn when you enter through the front door, so if she isn't

there, just exit and enter the front door of the driving school until she is.

If she still doesn't appear, then you should leave the area and let some game

time pass, and then try again.



Appearance Preferences:


- High fat (around 50% or more)

- High sex appeal





Michelle lives in the far northern part of San Fierro at her garage.



Usual Times:


00:00 and 12:00



Food date:


She likes bars, so take her to one of those (bars are called "drinking date" on

the map). There's one by the gym in San Fierro that is pretty easy to get to,

and it isn't terribly far away.



Dancing Date:


Just take her to the only club in San Fierro. You may have seen the location

of this club in such places as on the map during a dancing date.



Driving Date:


Michelle likes you to drive fast, so basically just drive around at top speed

and try not to crash so you can keep your speed up. Don't worry about which

neighborhood you're in too much, as she doesn't seem to care much about where

you are as long as you're going fast.



Special Date:


This type of date seems to be unique to Michelle, and it is by far the easiest

date type of them all. For this date, Michelle wants to drive. If you were in

a car when you started the date, then you'll automatically get out of the car

and go over to the passenger side. If you were on foot, just get into a car

and you'll automatically switch seats when she gets in.


Now Michelle will drive around while the camera is in cinematic mode. All you

can do during this date is change the radio station and change the camera view

(with left and right on the right joystick on a PlayStation 2). After driving

around for about 2 or 3 ingame hours, she'll drive back to her place and the

date will end successfully.


However, it is still possible to fail this date. If you get out of the car (by

pressing triangle), Michelle will drive off and the game will tell you that she

stole your car. She'll disappear right after the little cutscene though, so

the car will just stop or crash into whatever is in front of it.



Note: There is a glitch with this date that happens some of the time when you

drive into the red marker to start a date instead of walking into it. In this

glitch Michelle will get into the car, but when you get out to switch to the

passenger side, Michelle will drive away without you.


The camera will follow Michelle in the car in cinematic mode as normal, but

after a few seconds the date will fail (probably because Michelle got too far

away from you), and the camera will stay stuck where it is. Then if you get

into a car, the camera will go back to cinematic mode on the car, but then will

get stuck again if you get out. This problem doesn't seem to save with the

game, but I still would not necessarily recommend saving just in case. If you

want to avoid this glitch, you should probably only enter Michelle's red marker

on foot.





Michelle will probably start letting you in at about 40% relationship.





- For dating: You can use Michelle's garage, located at her home. It works

just like a Pay 'n' Spray, but it's free.


- At 50%: She'll give you the keys to her Monster Truck.


- At 100%: She gives you a Racing Suit. This is basically a blue jumpsuit with

Michelle's Garage logo on the back.






= 3d) Katie Zhan: =



Katie is a nurse who lives in San Fierro. She can initially be found at the

edge of the Avispa Country Club in San Fierro. To find her, go to the

northeast corner of the Avispa Country Club (right across the street from the

gym). Here, you should be able to see her standing on a little grass hill by

some bushes.



Appearance Preferences:


- high muscle (around 75%)

- high sex appeal





Katie lives in the Paradise district of San Fierro, along the highway in the

far north of the city.



Usual Times:


12:00 to 0:00



Food Date:


She likes diners, so you can take her to the diner that's right next to her

house. Just go north towards the bridge and take the exit on the right.

Follow the road as it curves downward until you get to the bottom of the exit,

and then turn left into the parking lot of the little diner there.



Dancing Date:


Just a standard dance date, take her to the only club in San Fierro. It's

marked on the map.



Driving Date:


Note: ignore everything that Katie says during these dates; only listen to the

text that appears at the bottom of the screen. Don't believe her lies.


The speed for Katie's date is pretty easy, as she likes a fairly slow speed.

For location, Katie likes the Gant Bridge that is just north of her home. The

bridge is straight and pretty long, which makes it a great place for a driving

date. She doesn't like the areas on either side of the bridge, though, so if

you get to the end you'll need to turn around. The median is pretty low here,

so you should be able to turn around whenever you want without much difficulty.


There is one potential problem with this route. If you haven't unlocked the

third island yet, the bridge will be partially blocked off. You can drive

through the first set of barricades on the side unless you have an extra large

vehicle. This will get you onto a little section of the bridge, but then

there's another set of barricades.


The second set of barricades can't be passed by car, so you'll have to turn

around when you get to them. You should have enough bridge space to finish the

date pretty easily, though, as long as you aren't terrible at turning around.


If you haven't unlocked the third island and don't like bothering with all of

the barricades then Chinatown is a workable alternative. There's a nice little

square south of the Chinatown safehouse that you can just circle around in

until you fill up the fun bar. However, Chinatown is pretty far away, so the

bridge is probably your best bet. Chinatown is good for those pre-third-island

monster truck dates, though.





Katie should start inviting you in when your relationship with her is at about






- For dating: Katie will get you out of the hospital for free, and even better

is that you also get to keep all of your weapons after dying.


- At 50%: Katie will give you the keys to her white Romero (the hearse).


- At 100%: Katie will give you the Medic Uniform. This is a white shirt with

medical symbols on it, and dark blue pants.






= 3e) Barbara Schternvart: =



Barbara is a divorced cop with two kids, the perfect match for a criminal like

you. You never get to meet her kids though, so she could be lying about them.

Note that although Barbara is a law enforcement official, she won't care if you

commit crimes around her.


Barbara can be found in the town of El Quebrados, which in the northwest part

of the map (Las Venturas island). She will be in the parking lot of the police

station that is just north of the El Quebrados Pay n' Spray.



Appearance Preferences:


- high fat (around 50% or more)

- high sex appeal





You never find out where Barbara actually lives. Instead, you'll pick her up

right where you first found her, at the police station is El Quebrados.



Usual Times:


00:00 to 6:00

16:00 to 00:00



Food Date:


Barbara likes diners, and fortunately for you there's a diner along the highway

just a short distance southwest of El Quebrados. If you have a vehicle that is

good for driving off-road, that can help you get there faster.



Dancing Date:


Dancing will be Barbara's most annoying type of date to do, since she lives a

long way from any cities. You can either go to the club in Las Venturas or the

one in San Fierro, but both are pretty far away. I usually go to the one in

San Fierro, since it seems to be a little closer.



Driving Date:


Barbara likes very slow speeds, but it is possible to go too slow. She likes

the area all around El Quebrados, so you can just drive her slowly down the

nearby roads until she asks you to take her home.





Barbara should start inviting you in at about 60% relationship.





- For dating: You get out of jail free after being arrested, and you get to

keep all of your weapons!


- At 50%: You'll get the keys to her Ranger (those police SUVs you always see

in rural areas).


- At 100%: You'll get a cop outfit, which is the standard blue uniform worn by

the police in the game.






= 3f) Millie Perkins: =



You will get Millie as a girlfriend automatically after the "Key To Her Heart"

mission in Las Venturas. Note that you do not have to wear the gimp suit from

that mission in order to date her normally; that was just necessary during that

one mission. However, it may be a good idea to wear it so that you can do her

special date.


Your main goal in dating Millie is to get her key card for an upcoming mission,

which she will give to you when you get your relationship with her high enough.

This will probably take at least 2 or 3 successful dates depending on what kind

of dates you do.



Appearance Preferences:


- none





Millie lives in the Prickle Pine district of northern Las Venturas.



Usual Times:


12:00 to 22:00



Food Date:


Millie likes restaurants, and fortunately there's a restaurant not too far

southwest of her house.



Dancing Date:


You'll want to take her to the Camel's Toe dance club way down in southeast Las




Driving Date:


Millie likes about an average speed, and has a pretty generous range of

approval, so you shouldn't have too much trouble keeping her happy. She also

likes the area she lives at, so you can just drive her in circles around her

neighborhood area.



Special Date:


Millie's special date is definitely her easiest date, and probably her best

since you can get a 10% relationship boost from this date even before Millie

starts inviting you in normally. To get this date, you have to wear the gimp

suit. Then when you show up for a date, you'll just go inside and have sex

instead of having to deal with going places or doing things.


Note that with this date, you won't be able to give her any gifts or follow it

up with coffee. Also, when you finish the date you won't be wearing your gimp

suit anymore, but it will still be available from your wardrobe.





You don't get to start having coffee after normal dates with Millie until you

get your relationship with her to about 40%.





- For dating: nothing, since you don't have to do anything to start dating her.


- At about 35%: After your date, Millie will call you on your cellphone and

tell you that you can go to her house to get her key card. Now you can enter

Millie's house just this once to get it.


- At 50%: You get the keys to her car, which is a pink Club.


- At 100%: You get absolutely nothing. I guess the gimp suit you got on the

mission was considered Millie's outfit gift.







* 4) Appearance *



To date most of the girls, you'll need to have an appearance that meets their

standards. You can find details about what you have to look like for each

specific girl in the Potential Girlfriends section. This section will just

tell you how to get the different appearances.


Also, keep in mind that most appearance requirements seem to be negated or

lessened with high enough sex appeal. So if you really don't want to change

your body type, you may be able to just work on sex appeal.


There is also an even better option for avoiding having to work on your

appearance. Collecting all of the oysters completely negates all appearance

requirements permanently. So if you have all three islands unlocked, you might

want to consider collecting the oysters instead of modifying your appearance

for each girl. For more information about oysters, see the Misc section.




= 4a) Muscle: =



To gain muscle, just go to the gym and use either of the weight sets. Note

that you can only gain about 20% muscle per day in the gym.


Losing muscle is a little more difficult. The first thing to do is to make

sure you have no body fat (see the section about losing fat below). As long as

you have fat, you can't lose any muscle.


Next, you have two options. One is to do a lot of exercise, like walking,

swimming, and/or biking. This takes a very long time, and is not a very good

way to lose muscle.


The best way to lose muscle is to starve yourself. Let the game sit unpaused

for a few ingame days and you'll start to lose muscle (or fat first if you have

any) as your body eats itself. Don't save, die, or get busted, because that

counts as eating. Then, when you get down to the level of muscle you want,

just go eat or save and your muscle loss will stop. This process goes somewhat

fast once it gets started and requires little to no effort on your part.






= 4b) Fat: =



Gaining fat is easy. Just go to the fast food restaurant of your choice, and

order up to 11 of the biggest meal they have. Don't have more than 11 meals in

a 6-hour period though, or you'll vomit and gain nothing.


To lose fat, you need to exercise. The best way to do this is to go to the gym

and use the exercise bike or the treadmill. The exercise bike is easy to use

if you have high bike skill, so in general I'd recommend that over the

treadmill, but use whichever one that you can operate at the highest level.

You can just run, swim, or bike around normally, too, although this will be



You can also use the starving method of not eating for several game days if

you'd like. However, it's pretty easy to lose fat through exercise at the gym,

so this method isn't necessarily as useful for fat loss as it is for muscle







= 4c) Sex Appeal: =



Sex appeal is the most important appearance quality to have. With a very high

sex appeal, you do not always have to meet a girl's appearance preferences.

There are a number of ways to increase your sex appeal.




The easiest way to raise sex appeal is to get a nice car. Most sports cars,

lowriders, and luxury cars have pretty high boosts, so you might want to look

at these types first if you can find any. With a nice enough car, you should

be able to get your sex appeal to max no matter what your appearance is like.


To get the sex appeal bonus from the car, you have to first enter and then exit

the car. Then, as long as the car is intact and fairly close to you (within

about 30 steps away), you'll get a bonus in sex appeal from it.


One other thing to note is that the condition of the car matters. The more

beat up a car is, the less of a sex appeal boost it will give. So do be

careful with your car, just this once.


But while cars give a great boost to sex appeal, it's a temporary boost that is

easy to lose. Be careful if you're using a high sex appeal from a car to

negate a girl's appearance preferences, because you'll have to have the high

sex appeal both before you start a date and after you finish the date. If you

finish a date in a condition that wouldn't be good enough to get a date with

her, it will count as a failed date.





Everything you wear can increase your sex appeal. The worst possible boost

something can give is zero, so the more you wear the better. The best boosts

you can get comes from your torso clothing, and pants also give a decent boost.

All the other types of clothes tend to give relatively small boosts, but it

does add up.


The quality of clothes is even more important than quantity. The price of

clothes is very closely related to how much sex appeal they give. In general,

the more expensive an article of clothing is, the higher the sex appeal it will

provide. There are some exceptions to this rule, though, so be sure to try a

few different outfits to make sure you didn't pick a weird one.


Also, every tattoo you have gives a small boost to sex appeal, so if you really

want raise your sex appeal you can load up on tattoos.


A fancy haircut is also a pretty good way to increase your sex appeal. The

best haircuts for sex appeal are the cornrow, blonde cornrow, groove cut, and

detail cut. Haircuts that give no boost to sex appeal include pretty much any

that involve coloring (other than blonde) and the Elvis hair. Afros, mohawks,

and goatees tend to give pretty low boosts as well.







* 5) Gift Locations *



This is a list of some of the locations to find gifts that you can give to your

girlfriends. Gifts have their own weapon slot, and you can only hold one gift

at a time.


Also note that while the cane fills the same weapon slot as the gifts, it can't

be given to a girl. As such, I won't be listing any cane locations here.




= 5a) Flowers: =



Flowers are the most common and easiest to find gifts, so if you give a lot of

gifts, most of them will probably be flowers. There are flowers all over the

place in San Andreas, so I'll just list the flowers that are closest to each of

the girls. But there are plenty of other locations available, and you can

probably find all of the locations on the Weapon Location map on GameFAQs (it

is a very good map).



Near Denise:


There are some flowers at the gas station almost directly west of Denise's

house. All you have to do is follow the road that's right in front of her

house west until it ends (just after you cross the train tracks). Then turn

left onto the road that immediately curves to the west, and continue going west

until you get to the gas station (it will be on your left). The flowers are by

the pop machine.



Near Helena:


Of course there are no flowers that are very close to Helena's house, as

nothing is close to Helena's house. There are two somewhat nearby locations

you can go to, though. I won't give detailed directions since I never follow

the roads out by Helena's house, but here are the general locations:


- At the tip of the northern curve of the giant s-curve west of Helena's house.


- Between the highways east of Helena's house near where the two onramps join

with the highway (just before the tunnels). This is in the Flint Intersection




Near Michelle:


There is a very curvy road a couple blocks south and a little to the west of

Michelle's home (it is easy to spot on the map). At the first curve from the

bottom on the north side of this road are some flowers in the grass.



Near Katie:


These flowers are a little bit southeast of Katie's house near the Pay 'n'

Spray. Just south of the Pay 'n' Spray (in the same lot) is a Xoomer gas

station. The flowers are by the pop machines in front of the building of the

gas station (Note: the pop machines are mislabeled as "soda" machines).


To get there from Katie's place, turn left (east) onto the highway right in

from of her house, and then take the right turn just before the tunnel (so

you're now going south). Then the entrance to the gas station is right at the

bottom of the little hill.



Near Barbara:


You can find these flowers at the gas station just across the road to the

northeast of the Sherriff station that Barbara calls home. You can just cut

across the grass, cross the road, and you're there. The flowers are behind the

small building near the gas pumps.



Near Millie:


There are some flowers in a cul-de-sac almost directly west of Millie's house.

To get there, you basically just follow the road in front of Millie's house

west, and switch roads as necessary to keep going west until you get to the

cul-de-sac. The flowers are in the grass in the center of the cul-de-sac,

right in front of the sign.


In case you're having trouble finding them, here are some more specific (and

probably overly complex) instructions. Follow the road right in front of

Millie's house until the road ends, then continue west on the road that's just

south of the one you're on. Follow this road until it curves north, and then

turn left onto the road that continues west. When this road ends turn right,

and then take the first left to get to the cul-de-sac.


Note: There are also some flowers in a house northeast of the cul-de-sac that

are probably a little closer to Millie's house, but they also slightly more

work to give directions to.






= 5b) Dildos: =



Dildos are large, floppy, and pink. They are fun to hit people with, and they

make a great gift.


These can be found in the showers of the police stations of Los Santos. To get

to the showers within an LSPD station, go through the doorway in front of you

and then into the first room on the right. This takes you to the locker room,

and the showers are the white-tiled area that you can see from here.


Remember not to take out any guns while you're in a police station, or you'll

get a 2-star wanted level and all of the cops inside will start shooting you.

This also means that you shouldn't pick up any of the guns in the station, as

you'll automatically equip them. Melee weapons are fine to equip, though, so

you can pick up a dildo without getting hassled.


There is also a dildo inside Millie's house, but since you can only enter her

house once, this isn't very useful. Also, there's a huge police station that

you can enter in the Roca Escalante region of Las Venturas, but I couldn't find

any dildos in there.


Here are the general locations of the LSPD stations. If you're having a lot of

trouble finding them, you can always get busted while you're in the general

vicinity to have the police show you the way.


LSPD Station Locations:


- In the Pershing Square region of Los Santos.


- In the town of Dillimore, on the border between the Dillimore region and the

Red County region. This is north of the city portion of Los Santos.






= 5c) Vibrators =



The vibrator looks like a large silver bullet. You can stab people with it, or

you can give it to one of your girlfriends. As far as I know, there is only

one location where you can find a vibrator.




In the northwestern corner of the map there is a little town called Bayside

(it's on the north side of the bridge that's next to Katie's house). In

Bayside is a small bay next to a four-way intersection, and on the map you can

see a little white rectangle at a slight angle next to said intersection.

Right at this point is a little construction lot area with some cones at the

entrance, and just past the cones is a dumpster. Behind this dumpster is the








* 6) Misc: *



The Misc section is by far the best section of any FAQ, so you are in for a

real treat. Here in this misc section you will find a quick reference to

information about the girls, some information about oysters, two player date

details, and information about phone calls. And who knows, maybe there will be

more in the future? That's what makes Misc sections so great: you never know

what they're going to do.




= 6a) Quick Reference: =



It can be annoying to have to scroll through all of the information in the

potential girlfriends section, so I thought I'd put a quick summary of the

important information here for quick reference. If you need more information

then you'll have to get your scrolling finger ready and head on over to the

potential girlfriends section.






| Denise | 16:00 - 06:00 | Bar, Fast Food | Very Slow |


| Helena | 08:00 - 12:00 | Restaurant | Slow |

| | 14:00 - 02:00 | | |


| Michelle | 00:00 - 12:00 | Bar | Fast |


| Katie | 12:00 - 00:00 | Diner | Slow |


| Barbara | 16:00 - 06:00 | Diner | Slow |


| Millie | 12:00 - 22:00 | Restaurant | Medium |






| NAME | DATING REWARD | CAR (50%) | OUTFIT (100%) |


| Denise | - | Hustler | Pimp Suit |


| Helena | Weapons, Bandito (Car) | - | Rural Clothes |


| Michelle | A free Pay 'n' Spray | Monster | Racing Suit |


| Katie | Keep weapons/money when wasted | Romero | Medic Uniform |


| Barbara | Keep weapons/money when busted | Ranger | Cop Outfit |


| Millie | - | Club | - |







= 6b) Oysters: =



Collecting all 50 oysters can make dating in Grand Theft Auto much easier.

Unfortunately, they are virtually worthless outside of dating. But they are

required for 100%, so if you're going for that you might as well get the

oysters before you work on dating (which is not required for 100%, by the way).





If you have all 50 of the oysters, you don't need to worry about appearance

requirements at all. Every girl will be willing to go out with you no matter

how terrible you look or how low your sex appeal is. In addition, you will

always be invited in for coffee after a successful date if you have all of the

oysters, no matter what your relationship level is at.


And most significantly, oysters seem to be the key to getting a girl to

reappear after you've been dumped or after one of your girlfriends met with an

unfortunate accident during a date. Without oysters, I've never been able to

get a girl to reappear, but with all of the oysters I've been able to get all

but Denise and Millie to come back. If you want more information about this,

see the Troubleshooting section.





Unfortunately, the oysters are spread all over San Andreas. This means that

not only is it annoying to go around collecting them all, but you also can't

get them all until after you've opened up all three of the islands.


The oysters are all located in water. They tend to be found under bridges or

near the coast, but there are some inland in pools and small lakes.


I'm not going to list all of the oyster locations in this guide, since there

are already guide and maps that do a better job of that than I'd be able to.

So I recommend using the Oyster map and/or the Oyster FAQ on GameFAQs to help

you find the oysters.


I can offer you one piece of advice for collecting oysters, though. If you use

a map to help you find the oysters, then I recommend using a Sea Sparrow for

your vehicle. Since the Sea Sparrow is a helicopter you can easily access the

inland oysters, and you can take more direct routes to the ones in the ocean as

well. And since it can land on water, you don't have to worry about finding

your way back to land for all of those under bridge oysters. It also has a

minigun in case you get bored (and you will).


Sometimes a Sea Sparrow spawns on the helicopter pad right next to the boat

school, although I've also had Mavericks or nothing spawn there instead. If

you can't find one here, then I'm sure that the vehicle location map on

GameFAQs has alternate locations.






= 6c) Two-Player Dates: =



It is possible to do a two-player date with every girl. At the times when a

girl is home, there will be a two-player free-roam icon in addition to the red

marker you would enter to start a normal date. To start a two-player date, you

just need to go into this marker and press any button on controller two.


This date isn't really a date; it's actually a standard two-player free roam

except that the second player will have the character model of the girl instead

of being able to choose from a selection of character models. A two-player

date will change your relationship with the girl, but it does this at the start

of the date. This means that nothing you do during the date will change your

relationship with the girl, so you can feel free to let player 2 die or do

whatever you want to her.


As the date is a standard free roam, all you really have to do is go around

killing people and causing mayhem until one of you dies. In fact, you don't

even have to kill anyone or destroy anything, you just have to die. You can

just use one player to shoot/beat/explode the other player to death right at

the start, and then you're done.


As far as I know, there's no way to actually pass this mission, so you will

probably get a mission failed and a wasted or busted in your stats. Failing

the mission does not mean that you failed the date though, and it won't affect

your relationship with the girl.


Also note that the relationship change value seems to be based on whether the

last date you had with a girl was successful or not. If your last date was

successful, you'll get a 5% relationship boost. If your last date was a

failure, your relationship will go down by 5%. Also note that sometimes you'll

be able to do a two-player date right after you get back from a regular date,

so this is can be a good way to increase (or decrease) your relationship with a

girl more quickly.






= 6d) Phone Calls: =



Whenever you're in the general area that one of your girlfriends lives in,

there's a possibility that she may try to call you. There's no real way to

predict when calls are going to happen (that I know of), other than that they

seem to occur more often when you're near a girl's home.


It might be that some kind of event triggers phone calls, as you can often

stand outside a girl's house for weeks without getting one. One possibility is

that you only get calls when you return to an area near a girl's house after

having been away for a while.


If you're in a vehicle of some kind or are indoors when a girl tries to call,

you will just get a message that your relationship went down. Don't worry too

much about missing phone calls though, as they are quite unpredictable and only

cost 2% to your relationship.


If you are on foot and outside, then your phone will ring and you should answer

it. The girl will tell you to come pick her up, so you should do this. She

should be home even if it's not during her normal hours. If you don't show up,

then your relationship will go down slightly. If you do show up, then it's

just a normal date.







* 7) Troubleshooting: *



There are a few things that a lot of people have had trouble with, so now

there's this troubleshooting section just for providing possible answers these

problems. You may think of it as a spin-off of frequently asked questions, if

you'd like.




= 7a) Girl Never Home: =



This is by far the most common problem that people seem to have, and it will

probably happen to most everyone at some point. For seemingly no reason, a

girl may just stop being home. Millie seems to be especially prone to doing

this, which is extra annoying if you are just dating her to get her keycard for

the storyline mission.


First you should make sure there is actually a problem. Remember that you can

only go out with a girl once per day, based on when the date ended. If you

just went out with the girl, then you might have an easy fix. All you have to

wait until the next ingame day to go on another date.


If you haven't been out on a date with the girl in the last 24 hours, then the

problem doesn't have as nice of a solution. I don't know the exact cause of

this problem, and I don't think that there's a nice instant fix. However, if

you wait long enough, they always come back.


The usual wait time seems to be somewhere around three ingame days, although

I've had it take over an ingame week. If there's anything else you can do in

the game, I recommend that you go do that for a while and then come back.

Otherwise if you're really set on going out on a date immediately you could

always save, die, or get busted a few times in a row to speed things up.




Verification Method:


If you don't believe that time alone will make the girl come back, there's an

easy way to check. First, make sure you've saved the game if you've done

anything important, since you won't want to save after doing this. Then there

are some cheat codes you can enter to speed up time, which will allow you to

quickly see if the girl ever comes back. You need two codes to do this

correctly. You need to speed up the ingame clock, and you will probably want a

code to not starve to death since time is going by so fast.


I highly recommend that you don't save with these codes activated, as I don't

believe it is possible to disable them. And even if you don't mind using

codes, I would imagine that having the ingame clock going by so fast would make

some missions that depend on the clock impossible, such as Burglary and some of

the RS Haul Trucking missions.


Here are the codes to use for this method. You must press these buttons during

gameplay without pausing (so you may want to switch to unarmed and move away

from vehicles that you don't want to enter). Also, the "Up" for the never

starve code is to be entered with the D-Pad. Upon entering the codes

successfully, you should get a prompt that says "Cheat Code Entered."


Speed up the ingame clock:


Circle, Circle, L1, Square, L1, Square, Square, Square, L1, Triangle, Circle,


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Better than the one we already had. If you got this from somewhere else, you might want to credit the source or you'll risk banning. Also, as long as the list is, you could benefit from color coded text to help people find different sections easier.
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If you got this from somewhere else, you might want to credit the source or you'll risk banning.

Indeed. Please credit the original source as it looks to me to be simply excerpts from bloodstorm's Girlfriend FAQ as posted on GameFAQs It's probably also wise to actually get permission from the FAQ author before reposting his work since GTANet is not on his list of authorized sites.

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the King of San Andreas

Ever wondered why I stopped doing that?And this is the LAST time I'm going to tell you to stop trying to get at me before I start reporting you.

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I keep seeing in different girlfriend guides that there is no point in dating Denise, since you get the pimp suit later on anyway. I've already played through the game once, and I never got it. How is it unlocked?

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I keep seeing in different girlfriend guides that there is no point in dating Denise, since you get the pimp suit later on anyway. I've already played through the game once, and I never got it. How is it unlocked?

I don't know what girlfriend guides you are reading, but dating Denise is the only method of obtaining the Pimp suit I've ever seen. Perhaps you (or they) are confusing it with the Gimp suit from Millie.



Where do the white boxer shorts come from with the red hearts?

I have had them in previous games, and thought they were a gift......?

They aren't a gift. You can buy them from Binco.

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ABOUT TIME there's actually a real, and a good, girlfriend guide.


The other one, HERE is garbage.


No one wants to read through 45+ pages of little petty remarks, and other infos that dont get edited into the main post.

Long story short, that whole thread is trash.




THIS one needs to get pinned, not the other.



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Yeah this is a really good guide considering im about to try to complete barbara and michelle. This is a really good guide, it should be pinned

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