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GTAVCS small delay in Germany (Maybe Europe too?)

Medalion Man

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gamefront.de got a new release list from Take-Two Germany.


The release date for GTA VCS in Germany is now 11/03/06 and not longer October 2006. Every retailer (like amazon, ebgames) said October till today.


Sure, it's only a small delay. But in Germany only? Anybody heard something about a similar delay in U.K. or France? Or is it still coming out in October as planed?


CLICK (Release List)

(If you can't see the image please visit their main page because they've a protected directory.

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No havn't heard anything about that in denmark at least... But I guess it will be delayed there too... cryani.gif


I hope it's just because germany is a very high populated country, and that it's hard to get enough copies for it...

and that the rest of europe will get their copies in time...But I doubt it...


This smells like last year, where LCS was delayed untill Nov 23rd or something like that...


Damn it Take2!!! you're the publishers... So publish right god damn it!!! *plants c4 charge in the Take2's HQ*

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although, Germany has much stricter game rating than most of Europe (C&C Generals having all references to people removed etc) and so it's possible germany needs more time than other nations for the censors to have a go...

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It has been confirmed some time ago on the Take2 games website:




IT is a Dutch website:

look under August 30:



Helaas helaas, iedereen moet nog wat langer wachten voordat ze met Victor Vance, Vice City onveilig kunnen maken. De game stond eerder gepland voor 20 oktober op de PSP.

De nieuwe release datum is 3 november geworden.


Short translation:

We will have to wait a little longer for VCS, they new release is not November 3rd.


So in The Netherlands it is officially delayed...


I will be buying it in the Future Zone though...just on October 20th!

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Nice find Keesie, I hoped that gamefront told us bullsh*t but now it's official. Hm, I need a US-version biggrin.gif .

Edited by LSD
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well im not bothered if they delay it in the rest Europe as long as it doesnt get delayed for the UK confused.gif


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How could this be bulls*it if it's an official release list directly from Take-Two Germany, Munich? sarcasm.gif

Yeah, you're absolutely right, but I just hoped. Now it has been established.

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i think its a europe delay now as on 2 websites i found it says it delayed while 3rd november over here in the uk but on another 2 websites it still says the 20th october


here is the link for the 2 website that say 3rd november


GTA [email protected]


GTA [email protected]


here are the 2 that say the 20th october still


GTA [email protected]


GTA [email protected]

Edited by wigglepuppy
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well im not bothered if they delay it in the rest Europe as long as it doesnt get delayed for the UK confused.gif

well it is slime bag

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It is delayed world wide. But is there a reason why?!?!

Sony hasn't been starting the month on the right foot.

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