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where is the haitan gang missions?

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where is the haitan gang missions located im on the level how you just finish

something engagement and then you go to the pink marker and it says come back when you have completed haitan gang missions rahkstar2.gif

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Heading north in the western island's main road, turn left when you see the bridge linking to the Leaf Links Golf Course. You should see some shacks with a Voodoo (haitian gang car, can by recognized by its sleek design and brown colour) parked near one. It's the Northmost shack, you should see the marker by now.

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Just follow the icon on the radar, isn’t it a black voodoo doll, or something along those lines? It leads to Auntie Poulet's home.

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Yes, the icon is a black voodoo doll, located in southeast Little Haiti. It'll lead to the said shack, where you can find Auntie Poulet, that strange character.


Edit - Looking at another thread, I found this. Take a good look at the radar. You should see a Skull icon north, which leads you to the Love Fist missions, a Spades symbol, which indicates the Biker missions, a face icon with a blue background, which you alredy know to be Café Robina, where you take missions from the Cubans and, finally, a black doll icon, very close to the Cubans' icon. That's what we're talking about.

Edited by Canoxa

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user posted image



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I want to know where is the VIRGO car !!!!!!

Where and How can I find it !!!

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No fixed location for that one.... You should be able to find it spawning down town or on the main drag that runs north south in the little haiti area...


user posted image


Please don't bump old threads for stuff like this.... I don't see how your post was related to this topic... it is ok to bump old threads to answer a non common question if the answer was finally discovered.... or add something pertinent to the thread....you should think real hard "is this necessary?" before randomly bumping a 4 year old thread.



Edited by Spuds725

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